You know what Shire parties are like?

Shire parties are raves x100.

Dwarves space their parties out for days at a time and yeah they’re pretty cool but I’m pretty sure one night at a Shire party is just as if not more intense.

Hobbits in a corner getting super high on Longbottom Leaf

Tweenagers going off to do it in a flowerbed

Drinking contests, dancing, possibly an orgy or two if you really, really look.

Come on guys, you don’t seriously think Hobbits are prim and proper all the time, do you?

brie is 100% an angel she is so beautiful and creative and sweet and artistic and a brilliant singer and intelligent and witty etcetc and i would be jealous except she honestly deserves to be so amazing because she is so kind and wonderful and i love her and am so lucky to have her as a best friend

boogerbrie asked:

:((( i think i unfollowed you by accident and i almost weeped, dropping by to say i love you to bits and pieces (✿ ♥‿♥)

oh no haha aww love u 2!!!!! :—-) ifeel so special when u like my selfies

LG says “last night” for yesterday. It’s so freaking cute.

Emma looks like a tweenager overnight. It’s so freaking scary.

The baby is so attached to me. Can’t be out of her sight now. It’s so freaking tiring (and secretly amazing, I love being her person).


I fINALLY got the will to name these kids and also play with them again.
Thanx for support :,D
Top image from left to right: Violet, Chesnea, Sylvia 
Violet (She/They) is Shadow’s Ex and pushy and selfish.
Chesnea (He) is like Violets little brother and really like a loud bratty tweenage boy who’s kind of a maniac.
Sylvia (She) is really calm and quiet but will whoop your ass without breaking a sweat and is quite the bookworm. She likes factual books mostly. 

Please Stop Assuming That Sam Heughan Thinks Like a 12 Year-Old Girl!!!

Sam Heughan may have his hair (photoshopped) in braids here but don’t mistake him for a girl!

picture source

Oh for crying out loud!  Certain fans are at it again. Why on earth they would be fascinated with a man whom they believe thinks like a 12 year-old girl is beyond me.  Below is the latest evidence that they are touting that Sam thinks like a tweenage girl when it comes to romance:

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So I was thinking about SBaHJ.

We know that Dave was is a pretty emotionally fucked-up kid, credit to Bro Strider. We know that SBaHJ was part of his desperate tweenage trying-too-hard-to-look-cool ““irony”“ (read: futile efforts to get more out of Bro than random ass-kickings).

But what about alpha Dave? He wasn’t raised by Bro. He didn’t have that particular shitty childhood (though the chances that he had a decent one in any world are… let’s just say really low). He didn’t grow up in the boom of the Internet age. Alpha Dave and Rose would have been in the same generation as Mom Lalonde and Bro Strider. Webcomics weren’t a thing yet.

But newsletters were a thing, so…

A Moive-Maker’s Tale (alpha build)

Picture this:

A whateverteen-year-old Dave, bored and angry and bitter too young, fresh off a meeting with Rose. He’s got nothing to do, nothing but time and no way to use it, sick and tired of beating himself up in twenty different ways at once. He wants to do something, and hey didnt lalonde mention something about extra douchey tween me having an internet comic what the fuck was that about anyway

So he digs up his old drawings (because time moves in cycles, personal histories repeating as endlessly as the expansion and contraction of worlds) and spends some time facepalming because holy fuck this is such a piece of shit who am i kidding a piece this is a whole glorious lady liberty of shit just reaching on up to the skyline waving hi and

He gets it.

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okay so what if...

 so ,suppose Meg and cas did hook up. Cas prob wouldn’t have used protection, because he doesn’t even know what protection is. So, if that did happen, I would imagine meg wouldb’t have told Cas, for a plethora of reasons. so it’s much later in the series , (think season 13) and a tweenage girl shows up on the doorstep of the bunker, with like, her stuff and shit, claiming to be Cas’ daughter. So, because she and Cas had never met before, she was raised by demons, but Crowley didnt know about her, because if the king of hell knew they had a demon/ angel hybrid in their hands, he’d probably just use it as a war weapon against the angels. So, Cas and the boys are left to raise her,  and all that jazz, give her a childhood. she and dean become pretty good friends, and so  Sam’s kinda the uncle, and Dan and Cas are raising  her “platonic-ally”, all the while becoming more open with their fellings for eachother, until one day, Dean just goes and says that he loves Dean. by season 14, their hapily married, with another kid,  and generally loving life. the series ends witha shot of dean asleep, rather restlessly, and then blood spatters on his head. he wakes up, the screen goes dark, and we hear him shout, ‘CASSIE!” idk, just kinda an idea.  

the-righteous-girl asked:

I'm so sorry this is my second ask tonight, but if it's not too much trouble, and you're still doing the little/middle asks thing, would you please answer Doris? Also, what is a middle (if you don't mind my asking)?

Don’t be sorry! I love getting asks so much :)

Doris - Do you think of yourself of a bratty little/middle or and pretty good one?
I’m a total brat I can’t even lie about it haha I’m very fussy and needy.

And middle is like.. Child aged or tweenaged but not a toddler/baby age. Im not a Middle so im not 100% sure but I think it’s like 7-12 age range.

pi-chart and I were watching Goosebumps (because we CAN), and we had the conversation of “Imagine one of these tweenagers as Lord Hater. Not him as a tween. Just Hater how he normally is. Hater is here and scared with corny dialogue” 

Later, we decided he would be one of the stereotypical 90s school bullies in lots of the eps, that bad things always happen to.  Just him. Not as a young teen. Just him. 

I discovered feminism when I was 17. It was during this period that I had discovered safe spaces on the Internet for teen girls that fostered creativity and confidence. I was able to connect with aware, inclusive girls who created art without apologies. My presence online helped me understand what girls could accomplish, and that they in fact owed nothing but support and love for each other. Although I didn’t find any specific person to share a long distance friendship with online, it made me believe in the possibility of cultivating a friendship I didn’t feel the need to tear apart for self-satisfaction.


I just can’t help but feel like a tweenage fan girl over this new track from One Direction. What a great comeback after all the boy band drama they got into this year. 

And yes, I am a Directioner on a moderate intensity level. 

A Dozen Summers (2015) Review

Quirky fun is just a finger click away. A Dozen Summers (2015) #Review

Opening at selected UK cinemas today, microbudget indie comedy “A Dozen Summers” offers a quirky, sweet and ambitiously off-the-wall coming of age story of two 12 year old girls, Maisie (Scarlett Hall) and Daisy McCormack (Hero Hall) who hijack a passing film crew and use the tools and tricks of cinema to explore and make sense of the trials and tribulations of tweenage life. Written, directed by…

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Boy howdy do I have a weird dream for you. I once had a Transformers/Narnia crossover that took place in Narnia. But everything was dark and gritty and had fire and explosions everywhere. And Mr. Tumnus lead an army of fawns against the White Which. But they were all battle scared, wore bandanas, sunglasses, and bullet sashes, carried AK-47s and rode on Optimis Prime and the Autobots into battle. It was like Michael Bay had a wet dream all over The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe.

OMG incredible. Sometimes I have weird crossover dreams, and one of the more memorable ones was when I was a dweeby tweenager, I had a Twilight and Mysterious Benedict Society dream where I was running away from both Twilight characters and 10 Men.

It’s so weird that I didn’t mention my therapists at all in any of those journals since they were such a big part of my life during that period? I know that I very consciously hid the fact that I was seeing therapists from almost everyone I knew but…

If you read those journals they really read like a tweenage girl opening up her skull and pouring it all over the internet with reckless abandon, but I know for a fact that almost every one of them is very heavily censored to exclude the things that I was really having trouble with at the time.

It’s just so weird because they really seem so thoughtless! (They’re definitely offensive too, I hope nobody ever wants to pull up receipts on me… People grow a lot during their teenage years…)