steve will apparently fight nazis & 117 countries on my behalf but when he saw a group of screaming fangirls coming at us this morning he yelled ‘every man for himself!!!’ and started running

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Little Jason Grace coming to Camp Jupiter led by Juno and without even knowing this kid, he’s already being hailed Champion of Juno because yes he’s a toddler with a scar on his lip and watery eyes and he’s crying out “Lia!” though no one knows who that is but Juno brought him here and so he’s not just Jason anymore, he’s Jason Grace, Champion of Juno.

Don’t imagine Child Jason Grace being claimed, lightning striking the earth and thunder booming the minute he picks up a gold sword and marks being burned into his skin because he may be only a child that doesn’t know how to put on armour properly and wears baggy hand me downs but it is Jupiter who claimed him hello, King of the fucking universe, and so now he’s not just Jason, he’s Jason Grace, Champion of Juno, and son of Jupiter.

Don’t imagine Tweenage Jason Grace wondering who he belongs to, what his parents are like, if they would like him, and asking everyone what Jupiter’s like if they know anything, anything at all about his mother, but all anyone tells him is you are a Child of Rome, Jason Grace, and that is all you need to know because it doesn’t matter if he’s not done growing yet and has no idea what his place in the world is yet because he’s not just Jason, he’s Jason Grace, Champion of Juno, Son of Jupiter, and Child of Rome.

Don’t imagine Teenage Jason Grace going on a quest to save the fucking world, not to make  himself seem like a hero, but to prove to himself that he is hero that everyone says he is even if he’s lost his fucking memory and when he comes back expecting a “Hey, look, he’s a person” all there is pontifex maximus, he’s the pontifex maximus, because it doesn’t matter that he’s gone through pain and heartache and blood, so much blood, he’s not just Jason, he’s Jason Grace, Champion of Juno, Son of Jupiter, Child of Rome, and Pontifex Maximus.

Don’t imagine Older Jason Grace walking down a street and hearing Hero of Olympus, he’s a Hero of Olympus whispered behind him, because it doesn’t matter that he’s tired of only a few select people really knowing him and that there’s always going to be a breaking point, he doesn’t have those, of course not, after all, he’s not just Jason, he’s Jason Grace, Champion of Juno, Son of Jupiter, Child of Rome, Pontifex Maximus, and Hero of Olympus.

Instead, just imagine a member of one of the many lares calling Jason in the streets but he’s not calling Jason, he’s calling “Jason Grace, Champion of Juno, Son of Jupiter, Child of Rome, Pontifex Maximus, Hero of Olympus” and Jason, just Jason, breaks down in the middle of the streets-

I’m not just a fucking title!”

Soooo I don’t really know what I’m doing here but these thoughts have been rolling around in my brain for the longest time and I need a place to let them fly free. 

Why is it still considered a “creepy” and “invasive” thing to ship celebrities together?

I mean, I sort of get it. When you think of the word ship, you immediately get war flashbacks to twitter wars and hateful anonymous asks sent to you for not supporting the same ship as one other person and the crazed fangirls/fanboys who become full fledged obsessed. Like, I get that aspect. 

But aren’t we forgetting where ‘ship’ even comes from? It’s just a shortened version of relationship. When I think of ship, my first thought is “This means I appreciate/admire/respect the relationship between these two people. It means I support it.” 

I creep a lot on the Sprousehart and Lilicole tags for my roleplaying page, and I’ve seen so much. I’ve seen the mild shippers who express an interest in these two as a pairing but can’t really be bothered to see past Bughead. I’ve seen moderate shippers who get excited about “breadcrumbs” but seem to leave it at that, and I’ve seen extreme shippers who dissect every little tweet and Insta like (I have a soft spot for you guys. I’m analytical trash and think there’s a meaning behind everything). And mostly everybody stays in their own zone and respects each others opinion and it’s just like, a super chill and happy tag where we gush about Lili, Cole, and their adorable chemistry on and off screen.

And then you come across blogs who act as if the idea of Sprousehart getting together would be great but don’t understand why people wish for it to happen/talk about it happening.


Have you never had a pair of friends before and noticed the sparks flying between them before they did? Real talk, my cousin and her husband were slow burn for YEARS. It was obvious how in love with her he was and she was so oblivious to it. I stood back and watched and you bet your ass I was the first one clapping when they finally announced they were dating. I supported them. I appreciated what they did for each other. I admired the love between them and watching it grow.

I shipped them. Does that make me creepy? If you wanna say that, sure, but it’s literally just another word for saying I was rooting for my two of my favorite people to be happy.

Let’s get rid of this taboo thing that shipping implicates that we don’t understand they’re real people. I get it. They’re individuals. They have their own things going on, their own history, their own friendships with other people. They’re not a brand and they’re not conjoined twins. When Cole does amazing stuff with his photography, we shouldn’t bombard him with “omg you’re shooting another girl this must mean you don’t appreciate lili anymore”. When Lili hangs out with male friends or gets another project with another love interest, don’t spam her with “you’re cheating on cole!!/you must like this person more”. Obviously not. Have common sense. What I’ve seen from most of this fandom is that a good majority of Sprousehart shippers get that. There’s crazies in every family, though. (Also, some tweenagers should NOT be allowed social media privileges.)

I love Lili. I love Cole. As separate people. I love Lili’s goofy sense of humor, and her ‘no fucks given’ attitude. I love Cole’s intelligence and compassion towards total strangers. I love them together. Heart eyes galore, teasing banter, complete respect is my couple goals aesthetic and they give it to me in spades. 

So yeah. I fucking ship Sprousehart because I respect/admire/appreciate how good these two seem to be together. Whether that ends up being just completely shipping their friendship, or shipping them as a couple if they ever go public, I just support the two of them wholly. In every aspect.

I guess that makes me a creepy motherfucker.

I’m really glad I wrote this lengthy ramble instead of getting dressed. I spend my days productively. 

Ok but this would be a cute SU episode

And by cute, I mean SEVERE EMOTIONAL TRAUMA and shipping.

Steven and the gang bring the Homeworld Rubies back to Earth, and as revenge for the months they spent alone in space, they shatter our Ruby’s gem.

A devastated Sapphire bubbles her and carries the bubble everywhere she goes. She can’t “send the bubble home” like she’s supposed to, since Ruby was her home. She can’t get two words out without crying anymore. She misses Ruby too much.

Steven, a master of getting shattered plates to fix themselves, decides to try his luck at fixing Ruby. Surprisingly, it works- except Ruby has no memories of the war, of the other gems… or of Sapphire.

Cue a montage of Sapphire trying to flirt with a confused Ruby, and Ruby’s all like “dis is 2 homo 4 me”

Finally, Sapphire just gives up. They should have known better than to play God- er, Diamond? Who created the gems? She goes back to her room, full of old photographs and paintings of her and Ruby. Her metaphorical heart feels so heavy. She needs to be close to Ruby again… but there’s just no way. She finds an old weapon she used during the war, and she thinks it might shatter her. She wants to do it.

“Don’t do this,” Ruby says from the doorway, and Sapphire drops it. Ruby runs to her, wrapping her arms around the blue gem tightly. She still doesn’t remember, but she can’t stand to see another living thing hurt itself.

She rocks Sapphire and sings a song Steven taught her that same day. It’s her only memory, and it just happens to be a love song.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey…” cue duet and all that jazz.

Sapphire pulls Ruby down in to a kiss. Ruby, not much for kissing strangers, just sits there wide eyed for a second before pulling away. It seems there are gears turning in her head after the kiss, because she looks lost in thought.

“Sapphire?” She asks, and suddenly it all comes back to her. It feels like a rush of futurevision- she sees everything all at once for a moment, and then she’s back. She doesn’t even say anything before she pulls her wife in to the most romantic and gayest kiss ever, their lips locked for all the homophobes and their secretly gay tweenage kids to see.

And then we, the fandom, will rejoice, because this is the first real kiss that Cartoon Network has ever let us have.

The end???? why did I waste time on this,

Strange Introductions (Sherlock x Reader)

WEDIM -Day Six

Sherlock x Reader

Word Count: 1404

Warnings: None 

Summary: After months of living in 221B you finally decide to introduce yourself to the consulting detective and his blogger upstairs. 


For a girl my age, I knew an awful amount of stuff about everything. I was clever than everyone my age, could read people in an instant and could tell you within fifteen seconds who the father was on Jeremy Kyle. It wasn’t hard.

Most of my family thought I was a freak, they’d told me multiple times. I’d been to multiple psychiatry wards, been tested for every mental disorder under the sun but none of them were right. Psychosis, Schizophrenic, Bipolar, sociopathic, I could carry on, the list was nearly endless.

I was moved from school to school from age four to eighteen. Never fitting in, always outsmarting the teachers. It’s not my fault they can’t do their jobs correctly! I never had friends, only distracted me from what I liked doing best. Solving crime.

I was good at it, it helped people, I was happy. But apparently taking delight in serial murders is not something normal fourteen-year-olds do. No, I should be fawning over stupid boys, singing along to pop songs with my group of tweenage girlfriends and talking about how much I want to snog each member of One Direction.

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headcanon: Bitty’s first collab w/ Hannah Hart

So obviously after Jack and Eric come out publicly, Eric’s channel is going to explode. Hannah Hart would totally reach out and Bitty would be over the moon to accept. He is so excited that Jack pays for his flight to LA. 

They start with a “My Drunk Kitchen: Mini-Pie Edition”. After gushing over each other, a brief overview of the sport of hockey, and a hug for his coming-out bravery, Hannah brings out the booze of the day and Bitty is like “Wonderful! Where’s the rest of it?” This boy may look like a sweetheart and not be able to speak bro to save his life, but he has lived through at least 4 Epikegsters at this point. He can throw down as hard as any frat boy and frat boy alcohol tolerance is impressive. More booze is acquired. Things get slightly out of hand after Bitty over-drinks to catch up with Hannah.

The mini-pies are, of course, finished beautifully, but lay forgotten between drunk ranting in the thickest Georgia accent, pulling whoever is filming and anyone else in the house in to drink with them, and … dancing. As so as someone turns on Partition (at Eric’s slightly slurred request), he BREAKS IT DOWN. He worked hard for his hockey butt and he is going to twerk it like its 2010. Hannah is shocked and delighted. 

They agree that they are too drunk to do the video for Bitty’s channel, but they promised the fans a video that day. So after some quick editing the video is up. It goes viral over night. #Bittybooty is trending on twitter and there are so many GIFs. They wake up hungover to their phones going off like crazy. After breakfast (made by Bitty) and a hangover cure smoothie (made by Hannah), they decide to do a reaction video. 

Bitty goes through a very sweet, but very embarassing text from Mama Bittle, an even worse one from Bad Bob and some of the 30 all-caps texts from Shitty. Hannah shares Tyler Oaklely’s and the two other members of the Holy trinity’s take, then a text comes in from …. Jack Zimmerman. Eric goes bright red, Hannah falls out of her chair. The text is two words, “Peaches, eh?” 

Bitty’s blush becomes a GIF and Jack is dubbed “the smoothest and most Canadian motherfucker that ever lived” by the internet. Most of the Falconers hear about it from their tweenage children. There are many jokes and hard backslaps. 

anonymous asked:

i wonder... how would kuroo react if he had a sister who happened to have a crush/be dating daishou (or just someone from the snake team), do you think he'd let his personal rivalry get in the way or would he try his best for his sister's happiness?

- Its evident to everyone in Tokyo that Kuroo and Daishou have a huge, obvious love hate relationship with each other. It started in their last year of middle school, when Kuroo’s school and Daishou’s had a week long, colab training camp up in the mountains. Kuroo hates to admit it, but when he was 14, he had a terrible angst phase. He’d purposefully let his bangs fall further down into his eyes, he’d huddle up in the farthest gym corner and mutter things like, “I hate everyone here, I want to go home” and “everybody here is irrelevant, this is pointless”, and live and breathe the epitome of a Hot Topic novelty shop. Miraculously, at the same time, Daishou was going through a similar phase as well, and they bonded over their mutual, negative hormone build up. The reason as to why they aren’t friends now is well… it brings back bad memories. Just looking at each other coughs up a negative wave of nostalgia, and let’s be real, nobody likes thinking about their middle school emo phase.

- The moment his sister, his precious, beloved little sister first brought up the fact that her third year boyfriend was visiting over the weekend, he was already a bit skeptical. Even if his sister was a second year, and a one year age difference wasn’t really a big deal, his skin still crawled at the fact that she was dating somebody his age. She had talked about how he was a volleyball player too, a wing spiker, and immediately Kuroo was trying to think back to every match he’s played in the past three years because God, he’s definitely met his sister’s boyfriend before. He began to pray it was Bokuto, the most decent guy for someone like her, but it couldn’t be, because Bokuto would’ve told him. In the midst of all that thinking, not once did he ever care to think, Daishou Suguru.

- Although, the moment he arrived at his house the day he had come over, his arm slung over his sister’s shoulders and a stupid smile on his face, Kuroo would lose it. He would be torn between vomiting all over him, or throwing a chair at the snakes head. Although, before he could do either, he left the room. He’d lock himself in his room and tug at his hair, asking God why, out of all the wing spikers in Japan, why did it have to be him?

- His mother would call him down for dinner although he would just say that, “He thought he made it pretty evident that he couldn’t look at this guy without vomiting, let alone eat at the same table as him.” It would be his mother who would get mad at him, telling him to get over his petty hate infatuation and just face the guy, already. Kuroo refused, though, and got a curt slap upside the head, and even then, he wouldn’t budge.

- After dinner was said and done and Daishou had left, he’d go batshit crazy on his sister, asking her how she failed to include the fact that she was dating his tweenage nightmare. He started getting skeptical, asking her if she knew about the whole hate relationship, and that’s why his identity was remained anonymous for so long. He’d be shitting bricks, and his sister would find it hysterical.

- It would remain like this for the first couple of months in their relationship. Constant bickering between the two boys when they had the chance and his sister, ever so ‘innocently’ sitting in between it all and laughing. It wouldn’t be until their fifth or sixth month dating until Kuroo finally let his guard down a bit.

- He couldn’t deny his sister of her happiness, especially when her happiness treated her right. Even though Kuroo has had his conflicts with the guy in the past, he couldn’t deny the fact that deep down, Daishou was a pretty good guy. Sometimes, he’d catch him off guard smiling down at his sister fondly, grabbing her hand and kissing it softly and muttering a quick, ‘I love you’, that he thought nobody else could hear, but Kuroo heard. Sometimes, his sister would come home with a big bouquet of flowers and flushed cheeks and squeal about it with their mom for hours before the excitement of it all seemed to die down.

- He couldn’t bring himself to apologize to Daishou though, this was still war, dammit, and there was no way he was ever letting his defences down. The moment he causes his sister any pain, Kuroo’s ready to attack. Although, every so often, he’ll smile at the guy, give him a high five, or something, and the shocked expression on his face is worth being nice, even if it is just for a split second.


Based off a post by @bucky-plums-barnes for Daddy Wednesday:

“Anonymous said:

Lance’s kid being very into art, music, theater, and stuff but Lance being a little disappointed that they’re not into athletics, but not being upset or pouty. But, the child thinks they’ve let their a failure and that Lance doesn’t like them because of them liking art. Once Lance hears about this he buys them a super nice painting set and says that he loves them no matter what and wants to apologize for making them feel like that.

Answer: and he always makes sure he’s at their recitals or plays and drives them to lessons. Lance is very very supportive”

A/N: Okay, just to be clear, I was the Anon who sent this in, but it wasn’t until Gen (am I even worthy enough to call her that?) responded that I considered turning it into a fic.  So the original idea was mine, but the actual inspiration to write it out was from Gen.  So thank you!

Lance x reader (ish)

Word count: 2174

Summary: Lance is huge on sports and had always hoped his child would become a professional athlete like him.  But, when he and (Y/N)’s son likes the arts, things get a bit messy.

Warnings: slight angst, little bit of fighting, crushed dreams, Lance being a dick as usual. FLUFFY ENDING.

(GIF not mine)

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okay so thank you to everyone who gave me ray + felicity’s canon ages so that i could look at them, go “oh this isn’t what i want” and just throw that out the window i’m god now i make the rules

here’s something you need to know about american jewish culture, and i never got to partake in this for a wide array of reasons, but we as a people are literally obsessed with sleepaway summer camp. like sleepaway summer camps that are specifically like, send your jewish children here! we teach them to be more jewish by surrounding them with other jews! and you know what if it works it works whatever

and this is one of those things where like, jewish kids look forward to being away from home, at summer camp, for eight literal weeks. most jewish children go through puberty exclusively at jewish summer camp, that’s just how it works honestly i have people that can confirm

and why i’m telling you this is because i need you all to imagine that ray and felicity are say like, a year apart, and are absolutely 13 + 14 at fucking b’nai shalom jcc in the mountains this is a name i just made up and i swear to you jewish people are gonna find it funny so sorry to the rest of you. this post got long as FUCK btw so under the cut. its more pro ray and felicity than like them exactly as a ship? but whatever

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It’s been bothering me a lot lately.. That grown ass adults, teenagers, and ‘tweenagers’ are fight on the internet and harassing each other over fictional ships that might not become canon. I said this statement in another post but still.

Some of us are adults, some of us are teenagers, some of us are going to be teenagers. And we’re all fighting like little kids. We should know this is stupid, we should know how to treat each other.

But what are we doing? Harassing each other, telling each other to kill themselves, starting wars in the tags. We all need to grow up, this is so fucking stupid.

And this doesn’t just go for ships, but I’ve seen discourse with the su critical blogs too. I’ve seen stans go after the su criticals and post in there tags for having a opinion. Like excuse the fuck me.. It may be bothersome time but you don’t need to be an ass and tell them what they can and can’t do.

It’s their blog, and their tag. It doesn’t affect you. So stans who go after su criticals, GROW THE FUCK UP. 

I’m so fucking tired of the discourse. I don’t see it as much in the shipping tags anymore, but I see it a lot in the su critical tag and it’s just.. ugh..

Grow up.

anonymous asked:

Imperial Problem Child-verse. It occurs to some on the Executor that they can get answers to at least some of their questions about Luke Skywalker from Lt. Sunber. It both backfires and turns out better than expected. Tank doesn't know the answers, but Luke's willing to answer some of them in a semi-staged discussion. (The Rogues suggest in a mess hall. The Sabers think an officer's lounge would be better.)

Luke sets out a few conditions at the outset:
1. no questions about military secrets
2. he reserves the right to refuse to answer any question with no explanation required

Tank is just hoping that no one asks about childhood stories, because he has a pretty good reputation so far as a daring and respectable lieutenant and he’s pretty sure that if Luke remembers half the stunts from their tweenage days that he does, that respectable reputation is going right out the airlock.

Luke ends up explaining a very little bit about his childhood- (”Oh good grief, he grew up on Tatooine? No wonder he went Rebel!” someone mutters, “You either side with the Hutts or with the peasants out there. Even stormtroopers come back on one side or the other”)
He answers questions about why he knows so little about Imperial politics (”guys, I just said I grew up on a farm on Tatooine. What part of that sounds like “private tutors and politics” to you? My aunt homeschooled me.”)

Then someone asks about how he met his father and Luke is…a little reluctant to tell that one. (”Like, first time we actually spoke? Or first time we were face to…er…face? Because if its the latter, that was on the Death Star. Literally right as he killed the guy who’d been keeping an eye on me since I was a baby. Not a great introduction. And then the first time I actually talked to him, I didn’t know he was my father and I was out to avenge the guy he killed on the Death Star. It was…it was an awkward day for everyone and I have no idea what must have been going through his head at the time.”)


We’re a regression club for people who like ‘scene’ and web culture- things like scenecore, furrycore, stuff like that. While most of us regress to tweenage years, people of all ages are welcome!

Who’s allowed to interact?

Most SFW agere communities! Kidhearts, teenietots, tinytykes, etc. are all more than welcome to apply to the club and partake in any activities we make. SYSTEM l/i/ttles (censored to avoid the wrong crowd) are also more than welcome to join in on our fun!

Okay, who’s not allowed to interact?

People who are not allowed to interact include C/G/L and any variation thereof, whether or not you consider it a k/i/n/k or SFW. You are not welcome to interact with our club. Similarly, our members are also not allowed to allow k/i/n/k/ster interaction. This means c/g/l/r/e, c/a/r/e/k/i/d/s, l/i/l/t/o/t/s etc. are not welcome, either. 

Also, t/e/r/fs, sw/e/r/f/s, antis, etc. are strictly forbidden. C/lo/ve/rg/en/de/r people, M/A/Ps, and p/e/d/o/s are strictly forbidden.

That was long!

Well, we want to be absolutely sure that everyone feels safe and welcome in the club!

Seems cool! How do I join?

Fill out our application! You can find it on the Rules page and by clicking the Apply link at the top of our theme. If you’re on Mobile, you should be able to find it when you click on the “Mobile Links” in our description.

Who are the Mods?

The club is run by the Almighty Tallest RED (also known as Domino) and Almighty Tallest PURPLE (also known as Mars). We’re two very friendly aliens here to make sure your time in Sparklekidz is as safe, friendly, and fun as humanly (Irkenly) possible!

We can’t wait to have new people join us in our fun and games! If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to send us an ask. And whether or not you do, remember-


theassassinofpencils  asked:

Please don't think me weird or anything but I just thought of something... don't judge me. You know how Vedalia didn't have onion up until Sour Cream was a tweenager... what would happen if Priyanka and Doug sat Connie down and told her she was going to be a big sister? What would be Connie and Steven's reaction? With everything going on would Connie want to drop everything to protect her young sibling or train even harder to protect it? Again, just a thought. Sorry if it's weird...

that’s a weird question, well connie is 12, i think she’s old enough to know what having a new member in the family could mean, but about protecting her new sibbling, i don’t think that would be the direction it takes, is not like her family is on constant danger, i think she would like to be the older sister? i actually can’t relate to that, i’m the younger on my family, i just don’t know what it does feel like having a younger brother or sister, i’m sure steven would be exited tho

sorry i can’t give a really indeep answer, i actually have never even consider writting a plot involing younger sibblings as characters

You know, when you think about it, as badass as they usually come off, the Thunder Legion/Raijinshuu are all humongous dorks. Like. Wow.

I was just thinking how I’d love to see fanart of them all six/thirteen years ago (like, when Happy was born). 17-yr-old Laxus with 16-yr-old Bixlow and 14-yr-old Fried and Evergreen following him around.

Then I realized just how hilarious they would all be. Imagine it.

Instead of her striking figure, Evergreen’s this tweenage girl only just starting to fill out, with bigger/thicker glasses than she has now, running around insisting she’s an actual fairy, dammit.

Fried’s got shorter/less tame hair, wearing oversized clothes and going on about CHIVALRY!! and occasionally lecturing people. Of course, you have to imagine he was also a super studious kid given how he is now.

Do I need to mention Bixlow? The guy still looks pretty ridiculous today. Imagine him less tall/buff/strong still trying to pull off the whole eccentric knight thing.


Laxus is actually a huge closet nerd himself, and the Thunder Legion started out as his DnD group.


I don’t think theres anything truly funnier on this earth than tweenagers falling in awkward pre-pubescent love with each other. On that note, I’m sure you can imagine what this movie is about. Young Naama has a very hard life because #nobodyunderstandsher so, as a result, her and her friends do a whole lot of DRUGS and SMOKE A LOT. Then one day… she comes across the very mysterious Dana who ALSO likes to smoke and her head is half shaved so they decide to become rebels together!! Naama soon falls in love with Dana because she colors in one of her eyebrows blue after a smoking accident and she has very slow motion sex. Their young and passionate love flourishes until one summers eve when Dana reconnects with an OLD FLAME. I say old flame because this random woman looks old af. Naama is VERY UPSET and her broken heart causes her to shave the side of her own head, leaving one very awkward and annoying strand of hair hanging off her ear for the second half of the film. In the worlds of Albus Dumbledore, “Ah, to be young and feel love’s keen sting”. 5/10