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Is it just me or is the GOT fandom REALLY embarrassing right now? I just witnessed a certain set of stans dogpile some casual fan on twitter because he shaded their precious ship. He and his friends were like wtf. I had so much second hand embarrassment. It's like these people have never interacted with other humans before. It's discouraging as a fandom because these tween cliques (at least I HOPE they're tweens) belong to cw shows not GOT ffs.

You hit the nail on the head, my friend. To a lesser extent I’ve seen it on tumblr (mostly through people sending me rude and often offensive asks), but that’s nothing compared to the way people are behaving on twitter. I know immediately who you’re talking about because there’s one group of kids who descend like a pack of rabid dogs on anyone with an opinion even slightly different then theirs, and they just try to tear that person to shreds. It’s very much mob mentality, based on insecurity I suspect; in order to belong to the group, they have to find new people to harass, and pile on together to look cool. It’s so toxic, and bizarre to me, as someone who has been in the GOT fandom since season 2. I’m used to people saying horrible things to each other, but at least when someone called you out back then, it was with an actual theory—they used book quotes, made it passive aggressively personal, subposted, etc. These kids are slinging slurs so flippantly and so directly, it’s almost as if they don’t know what they mean. I’ve seen extremely ableist, antisemitic, and racist language thrown at people I’m friends with just for saying they don’t like dany, or making a joke about the sex scene in the last episode, and yeah, that’s pretty disturbing. These users seem to have nothing at all to do with their time other then bother strangers, and it’s really pretty pathetic. 

So you’re right, it’s embarrassing as all hell! As kids, they need to grow up and educate themselves about how to act around other people. And if they aren’t kids, and are actually full grown adults treating other people this way, that would be particularly sad. 


Victoria Justice has worn me down and I am giving and posting her.  Which I realize sounds negative but is really the most accurate description.  Victoria Justice is very pretty.  You know, high cheek bones, everything in the right place, there is a reason she was tagged for her own show at 16 or whatever. Those people who cast shows for tweens full of teenagers know what they are doing.  But it is almost boring how pretty she is.  Which goes beyond first world problems to whatever the next level is.  Spoiled idiot problems?  That sounds right.  My point is she shows up and it’s like, oh yeah, there she is, she looks great. Yawn.  Maybe she has set the bar too high.  More likely it’s just because she might look beautiful every time I see her but I can’t think of a thing I have seen her in.  I mean, I did watch Victorious once at the insistence of followers but that was like 5 years ago and I just need more of a connection most of the time. But of course here she is and she shows up sometimes.  Which is really just a credit to not only how good looking she is but how well put together the whole package is.  Yes, she is beautiful but she also tends to look… well, I am not sure what the word is.  Her clothes are great, her looks are flawless.  She knows what she’s doing and I guess that just makes an impact sometimes.  She has been everywhere during fashion week so now she is here today.  Today I want to fuck Victoria Justice.

Story Time

I remember a few years back I was at my friends house. We were doing the typical middle schooler thing, oovooing people and watching those tween shows. So we’re in her living room watching some nick show when this gorgeous human being stepped into the room. It was her older brother. He made himself comfortable and just sat down near us and began to watch the show with us. He was a blond haired blue eyed boy (my friend was white) with a gorgeous smile and muscular arms. I was this chubby middle schooler with an awkward personality who laughed at the stupidest of things. My friend and I got bored so we went upstairs and I started to sing some Glee song and then this attractive boy comes and walks in while I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. I was so embarrassed but he just smiled and looked at me then got what he needed and left. If only he could see me now. Such a fine ass man.

Michael Jacobs has one of the most authentic voices in television today. He and the entire ‘Girl Meets World’ team will not only continue to entertain families but also help kids discover who they are and who they want to be in this world.

Disney Channels Worldwide EVP of Programming Adam Bonnett 

AKA “Guess we’re not moving to ABC Family any time soon.” 

I’m really looking forward to see how they will play serious high school issues on Disney. We’re all taking a risk here by letting this be pulled off on Disney, GMW being our life force and all. Don’t make this into another cliché, stereotypical, cheesy high school drama/comedy Disney. Remember, you’re about to attract more number of older audience, so don’t let let them label GMW as ‘another tween show on Disney that doesn’t know that high school isn’t a High School Musical’ from this season. 

I understand that there are boundaries, but let GMW be close as you can get to those lines. GMW is girl’s POV of BMW. There are things that could be addressed that do not cross/is close to the line such as: 

  • mind numbing stress 
  • seriousness of exams and education 
  • pressures of college selections, applications, preparations, interviews and entrance exams
  • types of teachers and how to deal with each type
  • student expectations in high school
  • volunteering
  • bullying from upper class girls 
  • realm and realism of popularity 
  • hacking
  • Driving (Lucas will turn 16 next year)
  • realistic dating 
  • dating someone due to their reputation/wealth
  • inter-racial dating
  • realism and seriousness of marriage (most girls think marriage is the culmination of an epic love story and it’s a happily ever after. Some marriages happen without a love story and for some it’s the end of their love story. Corpanga isn’t the case with everyone.)
  • body image 
  • media’s effect on young girls and young boys
  • being put in unhealthy competition against your own gender (cat fights)
  • stereotypes
  • feeling invisible and being an outsider
  • feeling too old to be beautiful (sounds like a job for Topanga and Katy. Many women lose self worth (not confidence) because we’re told that beauty is everything in a women and if you got wrinkles and saggy skin, you’re not beautiful enough and that you’re ‘time’ is over. This happened to someone I love dearly)
  • cliques 
  • high school parties
  • racism
  • feminism and equalism (doesn't this scream like a job for queen Rowan?)
  • suicide
  • murder (yes suicide should be addressed separately)
  • cheating and temptations to cheat on significant other
  • temptations as a whole
  • truth about the portrayal of life, women and men in movies and on tv
  • double standards faced by women
  • puberty and hormones 
  • love triangles (we already have this going on, so kudos. Some may not like it, but this is very natural and real.)
  • Police involvement in school

However, there are soo many other things that girls (including myself) go through in high school and I’m still highly doubtful whether you could even address them on the channel. Here are some examples of sexual/intimate realism girls face in today’s world. Yes, they cross your borders but they are real. These are serious things I’ve seen and heard happen.

  • peer pressure into sex from boys/bfs
  • peer pressure into losing your virginity, whether boy or girl
  • virginity-shaming
  • sexuality (This is here because have you heard what happened to the girl who played Charlie on Good Luck Charlie?)
  • inter-faith dating (this is hardly EVER seen on a tv show, but it does happen and is common in countries with high diversity (like the country I’m living in currently). I have plenty of real stories (plural) that has happened in my very own class itself, to my very own friends and myself.)
  • abuse (sexual or otherwise, abuse is abuse)
  • Sexual double standards faced by women
  • dressing provocatively just to keep the guy 
  • teachers hitting on student (I believe this was covered in BMW so I’ll give it a pass if it’s not addressed) 
  • alcohol and drugs
  • po*n and its addiction (this territory is mainly for the guys and some girls. This is 99.99% something that high school students go through these days with advancements in technology. This something that definitely needs to be addressed.)
  • how the above mentioned word affects guys’ expectations and mentality (such as sleep deficits/prone to anger and violence/mistrust in significant other/addiction), thereby affecting his idea of sex and girls. (Lady parts and guy parts don’t always look like that!)
  • teen pregnancy (yes this happened to a 11th grade girl)
  • Cat called continuously on streets by men (I wanna see how Cory and Shawn would react to this so badly. I think this is something that just crosses the Disney border.)
  • Harsh break-ups and threats (There was someone who had broken up with her bf and the guy constantly threatened her and even cut his hand until she gave into his requests. I’m not kidding).
  • Threats through social media (not cyber-bullying as in making derogatory and offensive remarks, but like asking for photos of certain uncovered body parts.)
  • Actually just bringing up the subject of sex (and not just in the context of reproduction)
  • Actually having the guts to go to the police to report in any case of threats, harassments and domestic/sexual violence (and be thankful that you’re not living in Rosewood where the police is useless as a gun without a trigger. PLL anyone?)

I will applause if above subjects are even lightly touched (using an innuendo for example) during their high school experience. If you could put a warning sign or some sort of content advisory, I’ll salute you. Let this be the show that changes everybody’s view of Disney.

Yes, my expectations are quite high because I’ve devoted soo much time for this show, (no wait, I mean universe) and I’m still holding on tightly because important issues are brought up and talked about as far they were allowed (example cyber-bullying). But I’m lowering the bar a little bit because I don’t want to have unrealistic expectations, with GMW still being a Disney show. That doesn’t mean that I underestimate the writers ability, I just have low-very moderate hopes on how far Disney will allow. I mean, they didn’t air certain episodes of BMW. Here’s what it says on wikipedia:

“Disney Channel edited many episodes that contained scenes with suggestive content deemed inappropriate for the channel’s target audience of 7- to 14-year-olds. All 158 episodes aired during the series’ initial run on the Disney Channel, however due to the adult subject matter and complaints from parents, Disney Channel omitted three episodes from later airings: season five’s “If You Can’t Be with the One You Love…” (due to its depictions of underage drinking) and “Prom-ises, Prom-ises” (whose main storyline involves Cory and Topanga contemplating losing their virginity on the night of their prom), and season six’s “The Truth About Honesty” (due to its sexual references).”

I still truly truly hope that GMW moves to ABC Family after the 4 season limit. Those subjects mentioned above are 100% real and cannot be ignored. Which other show will actually address those topics maturely and give Mr Feeny level lessons about it? BMW was a phenomenon because it touched real life, mostly from a boy’s perspective. Now show the girl’s perspective on real life. 

I’m giving you a big chance here Disney, so DON’T mess it up. :)

 17 year old fan, in her senior year of high school, really hoping that high      school on GMW is relatable, realistic and accurately portrayed. 

PS: I’m proud of you Michael and the entire team of writers, you truly are a legend. Thank you for all your efforts.

PSS: I’m sorry for this being so long and if you have to scroll past for a mile or two. This is the most serious thing I’ve written and it took over three and a half hours to type, but it was worth it. 

hey does anyone remember gargoyles, the tv show

is there a tumblr gargoyles fandom? i bet its pretty weird if so but like, i really loved that show when i was a kid. keith david was so good as goliath and i never finished it but holy shit did the arcs get nuts. also commander riker played a guy that like, looked like animated commander riker but with a ponytail?? holy shit what a good show

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Okay, so its obvious that laurens and hamilton were a thing, but if laurens got a woman pregnant when he wasn't married to her, how can you say he had no interest in women? I love your blog and laurens, but it seems like he was bisexual to me! (Not meaning to be offensive, again I love your blog, I'm just wondering why you said that he had no interest in women!) thanks!

No need to apologize, that’s a totally valid question.  Basically, my answer boils down to “orientation is attraction, not action.”  Sexual orientations should be defined by whom people are attracted to, not whom they’ve had sex with.  So Laurens did have sex with Martha Manning, but I don’t think his attraction to her was anything more than platonic.  And throughout his life, Laurens showed little to no interest in women.  I have a post here about why I think Laurens was gay, but I’ll describe (and copy/paste) some of it here as well.

One quote I always go back to is this excerpt from a letter written by Henry Laurens on October 13, 1767, making John just shy of 13 years old at the time:

Master Jack is too closely wedded to his studies to think about any of the Miss Nanny’s I would not have such a sound in his Ear, for a Crown; why drive the poor Dog, to what Nature will irresistably prompt him to be plagued with in all probability much too soon.

So we actually have a written example of tween/teenage John not showing interest in girls.

Even Massey, the biggest John-Laurens-was-straight proponent in the world, writes in his Laurens biography that John formed all of his closest relationships with men and never really hung out with women.

In Geneva John worked hard, but he did not let his studies prevent him from forming close ties with fellow students and teachers.  It marked the beginning of a pattern: he continually centered his life around homosocial attachments to other men.  A handsome young man, properly genteel in his comportment, intellectually stimulating in his conversation, John never had difficulty attracting women and men.  Women played important roles in his life, but he reserved his primary emotional commitments for other men.

So pre-Martha-Manning, Laurens seems to have exhibited attraction, both platonically and romantically, exclusively towards men.  And now we must address his relationship with Martha.  First of all, we no idea how the two ended up having sex.  For all we know, Martha could have been the one to initiate their bedroom activities and John followed.  Laurens lived in a society where male/female relationships were hailed as the one true relationship ideal and sodomites were scorned in preachers’ homilies.  As a gay man, John wouldn’t have been able to be open about his same-gender attraction.  The society he lived in encouraged heterosexual relationships, and John was likely pressured to seek that out, regardless if he was actually attracted to women or not.  I think by having sex with Martha, John was attempting to convince himself that he could love a woman.  Maybe he even thought whatever platonic feelings he had for Martha could or did amount to love.  But the post-sex events pretty much confirm, in my opinion, that John didn’t truly love her.  He wrote that he married her out of pity for her situation.  She got pregnant, and he married her to preserve her honor and the honor of their child.  If he truly loved her, I don’t think pity would have been listed as his main reason for marrying her.  Furthermore, he left before his child was born and only wrote to Martha sporadically throughout the war (he was often chastised by his father for not writing her more).  It was hard to bring Martha and Frances over to America while there was a war going on, but it doesn’t seem like John was pained because of their separation.  As the war went on, he basically seemed to forget about Martha.  He went over to France to secure more aid for the war, but while he was there, he made no attempt to visit his wife and child, who were only a channel away.

So it doesn’t seem like John was bisexual to me.  He did have sex with a woman, but it’s very easy to see that whatever he felt for her wasn’t romantic attraction.  I hope that answers your question.

Above is Kate Francis, who started competing in 3-gun as a tween. I show her videos to my daughter to inspire her.

My daughter is almost 12.  When she turns twelve I will take her shooting for the first time. We’’ll start with the .22, just the way I learned all those years ago.

Last year, out of nowhere, she told me she wanted to learn martial arts. I was so happy. I’ve been careful not to try push her into my interests. She has been getting better with her kicks and punches. Soon I will tell her that learning the gun is the natural progression of the martial way. I am a little excited and nervous for the year ahead. 

Apparently there ARE deaf aliens out there...

Sometimes I work with deaf children, and there is almost never a dull moment.

One day, I happened to eavesdropping on a conversation between two deaf female tweens about the TV show “Girl Meets World”. I smiled and said, “I remember ‘Boy Meets World’.”  One of them exclaimed,”THAT IS WHEN THE DAD WAS A KID!”

Me: *nodding* yeah I know

Girl #1: But you have to be really old

Me: ……

Girl #2: You don’t look old

Me: *smiling* aww thanks

Girl#2: but you saw the show, and you are not old.

Me: Well, I AM kinda old…. only to you.

They both start to giving me a look

Me: What? 

They both glanced at each other then back at me. They slowly got up and walked away. Later, a male friend of the girls approached me.

Boy: You don’t have the ring. 

Me: *puzzled* what?

Boy: you are not wearing the ring.

Me: *now genuinely confused) Ok, what do you mean by the ring? Yes I am not married, but you knew that.

Boy: Not that ring, other ring… same boy in movie have.

Me: WHAT? What movie?

Boy: boy who can’t get old because of the ring

Me: *thinking of Lord of the Rings* oh that is a fiction movie. *smiling*

Boy: oh….*starting to give me the SAME look the girls gave me earlier*

For the rest of the day, the kids were throwing all sort of weird glances my way. Finally, a young boy of seven walked up to me and asked..

“Are you an alien?”

I started to laugh and asked him why he thinks that?

Boy #2: You are VERY old, but you don’t look old. only aliens can do that.

me: (completely stupefied) …

Boy #2: that is okay if you are. I want a deaf alien friend.

The imagination of these kids…..