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Hi, I'm sorry if this isn't the type of asks you usually get, but I feel like you may understand me a little more since I also work at a bookstore. Recently I found out that the owner of the store I work at refuses to bring in books that contain any type of LGBTQ+ issue into it, because it "does not meet their societal standards". They won't restock Trials of Apollo, Drama (the tween GN by Raina Telgemier), Roller Girl and Dante and Ari. And will turn away customers... (1/2) Anon Scully

(2/2) … looking to order the book from us too. Although I know that I am bound to encounter a lot of anti LGBTQ+ people in my workspace, this just put me on my toes since only 5 people work at e store. Not that much of a helping crowd in case things turn bad. I’m very gay myself and what used to be a sort of safe space where I could be myself no longer feel like so. I’ve been considering quitting already (unfair work hours and pay), but this was the last straw. What should I do? Anon Scully 

Hi dear, and it’s totally fine! This just infuriates me. I’d be in there every other day asking to order the gayest books just to piss them off.

Honestly, I’m really for dropping anyone and anything that makes you feel bad or threatened in any way, so quitting would be my first answer. My other advice though, is to make sure you have something else ready to go before you do, like a promising interview or whole job altogether. It wouldn’t do any good to have no job at all right?

I would also recommend looking up the right to discriminate law-thing and see if it applies to what your boss is doing and, if you’re planning on leaving, find out the right channels to report them if what they’re doing is illegal without risking your job or safety. 

Good luck and I hope everything works out for you. Let me know what you decide to do.

-Allie <3