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How would both Yuri and Beka be with kids- their own and other people's?

oh boy

  • Otabek loves kids, and they love him back. 
  • Otabek’s one of the eldest in his family, and was raised with lots of baby cousins so he’s always known how to treat babies and take care of younger kids. 
  • Otabek often got stuck on babysitter duty during family events, but he never minded at all. Extremely patient yet firm, he’s good at humouring and entertaining kids, but they also respect him and tend to do what he says.
  • His affection towards kids really only grew when his baby sister was born. He always asked his mother if he could hold her, and would stroke her fine baby hairs as she napped. 
  • The first time she gripped his finger, Otabek made a promise to protect her forever.
  • On the other hand, Yuri doesn’t like kids at all (but they always want to talk to him for reasons unbeknownst to him), and has absolutely no idea how to handle them.
  • Yuri never grew up with a lot of family and so the only kids he interacted with were those around him at skating practice - and he ignored them when he could.
  • Yuri never censors himself and does not have the patience to humour or baby talk children, which often gets him in trouble. He tends to be too blunt with them.
  • He may or may not have made a kid cry by telling them to piss off.
  • Yuri hates how many questions they ask and how they tend to want to touch everything, and he can’t count how many times he’s been kept awake on a flight because of some crying baby.
  • Things started to change when he first met Yuuri and Viktor’s child.
  • Though he scowled and cussed at Viktor and was practically chased from room to room, Yuri’s first experience with holding a baby was at the age of 20. Yuuri had sat him down on the couch and gently passed over his and Viktor’s napping newborn into Yuri’s arms, watching as Yuri’s expression of pure terror slowly eased.
  • Admittedly, Yuri was terrified. But the longer he held the baby, the more confident he grew. He watched the tiny thing for a long time, studying the serene expression and the small, chubby hands. It took Viktor about 15 minutes of coaxing before Yuri handed the baby over again.
  • By the time Yuri and Otabek have their first child, they are more than ready.
  • Though he has more experience with babies and children, Otabek is a nervous wreck about becoming a father. 
  • Yuri is nervous too, but his unyielding determination gives him the confidence that he and Beka will be wonderful parents.
  • They spend hours readying the nursery and baby proofing the house, and Otabek can only smile fondly as he watches Yuri pick out any article of baby clothing with cats on it.
  • All of Otabek’s nerves fade away when he sees Yura holding their child for the first time. He blinks away his tears and kisses his husband on the head, and then their lovely baby girl.
  • They’re wonderful parents. Though Yuri never managed to get over his disgust of dirty diapers, Otabek doesn’t mind picking up the slack. It’s all worth it to watch Yuri bathe their daughter, gently washing her hair and cooing to her fondly in Russian.
  • Yuri is totally the overprotective parent, freaking out whenever Otabek tosses their toddler into the air or runs around with her on his shoulders. Even at the age of six, he still has to brace himself when he sees her on the monkey bars.
  • Otabek is always the one to help the kids with their homework, and is great at offering advice when things are going badly in their friendship groups.
  • Yuri is the one they love to complain to when they reach their tweens, complaining about petty drama or annoying teachers at school. Yuri never fails to cheer them up, sympathising with them and letting them vent as they sneak in some ice cream before dinner (”Before äke catches us, okay?”)
  • Whether or not their kids get into skating, they are completely supportive parents 100%. Yuri is the embarrassing dad who is way too involved in their extra curricular events, cheering and clapping extra loudly. Otabek is the one who will stay up late sewing up a costume or rehearsing lines with the kiddo.
  • Anddddd this is super long already so I will cut it short but aHH long story short Otayuri would make great parents and their kids are the luckiest in the world bye <3 <3 <3
Actor AU au

I know there’s already a “canon” Kuro actor!au, but I thought it’d be fun to create my own version of it, but manga-based this time (so an AU of an AU?). So here goes,  AU where Black Butler is a TV series and all the characters are played by “real” people- my headcanons on some of the “actors” (feel free to add on hc’s for the characters not mentioned):

  • Grell: The show’s director. Used to work on Broadway but left the industry after a Tony snub, throws shade at it every time she gets. Held auditions for the character of Sutcliff, and thought everyone who showed absolutely sucked. So she went and played Sutcliff herself; producers thought this was a terrible idea, but the audience loved her. 
  • William: Equivalent of Bill Nye the Science Guy irl. Apologizes every time his character does something mean. Is the one who always shows up at cons. Remembers the names of all his fans. Owns a kitten.
  • Sebastian: Only ever played the most vanilla goody-two-shoes roles until this one. When people found out he was playing Michaelis, they laughed. But turned out to actually have acting chops/popular in the role. Is that guy you see in other films and go “wait, that was him!?” Best friends with Joker’s actor irl. Loves dogs.
  • Ciel: Blacklisted by Disney. Used to be a major character in one of their sitcoms but violated contract rules and secretly auditioned for Black Butler. Complete opposite from his character. Laughs at every joke. Goofball on set. Genuinely nice to his fans. Favorite color is pink.
  • Elizabeth: Used to be the star of a Nick Jr. edutainment show. Nominated for an Emmy when she guest starred in a TV-14 soap opera. Has millions of followers on twitter. Actually good at fencing.
  • Sieglinde: Starred in a tween drama. Also has millions of followers on twitter. Tons of fandom drama between her fans and Lizzie’s fans when she joined the cast. Can speak 5 languages. Funds a program teaching science to children. Becomes best friends with Elizabeth irl.
  • Aleister: Everyone’s favorite person irl. Started out as a model, then stage actor, then TV sitcoms. Coworkers describe him as “supportive and friendly” and “loved working with him, he’s a really great guy.” 
  • Lau: Minor role. Is actually super mega popular in East Asia. Already signed on for 50 shows and films per year. Shows up to film BB whenever he has free time. Never auditioned. Was hired for the sole purpose of tapping into the Chinese market.
  • Undertaker: Used to be a superstar in his early 20s until a huge scandal involving another actress. Paparazzi pressured him into hiding and this is his first role in 10 years. Is becoming popular again, but has 50+ online critics dedicated to collecting receipts on him and deeming him #problematic. Grell hired the actress from the past to play Claudia in an upcoming season and everyone can’t wait to see the irl drama unfold. 
  • Agni: Breakout role was a sitcom. Amazing acting skills. Character killed off when he chose a film over renewing his contract. Now an Academy award winner and esteemed film actor. Most famous of the lot.
  • Soma: Had a minor role in a Nickelodeon sitcom. Nobody found him attractive until he guest starred in a teen drama. Is now a tween heart throb. Very modest irl. Cooks a lot and posts it to instagram.

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Ok, but what about Wendy actually acting her age of thirteen years old? Like, Team Natsu are staring down an enemy. Everything is silent, save for a series of clicking sounds. It’s Wendy texting. Without looking up from her phone, she one-shots the villain, because there’s a roast going on in the group chat and she is not going to miss a second of it.

I only have a few minutes but ok this is INSPIRING hold on (for reference, aCHOE is Wendy, bitchy mcfly is Chelia, o worm? is Mira, and axe-aunt-ay-goo is Yukino.  Also fun fact Wendy’s first text is almost word for word for something I wrote during my own group chat roast session a few days ago :’)

aCHOE: so i honesty don’t know what macao was thinking cheating again and then flirting with cana he looks like a fucking fly got fucked by slenderman and he got spit out and roasted over a flaming garbage pit and he was married to a 10 like his wife so



axe-aunt-ay-goo: I’m like 100% convinced he thinks his smokers voice is sexy like boyyyy you think any woman wants to get with you when you sound like you’re 2 seconds away from an asthma attack??? byeeee

It was a common misconception among the Guild circuits that Wendy Marvell was a quiet, down-to-earth, modest girl, who, according to Natsu and Gray, was so innocent that she could make a litter of baby kittens look like rabid lions.  Wendy couldn’t blame the people who felt this way - she did fit the part.  Tripped over her own feet, never swore, cried when she saw dying plants, never participated in Guild throwdowns, and delivered hangover medication to her Guildmate’s doorsteps the day after a party.  She was the Guild member Makarov used as his ‘see, we did something right’ card when the Council came with their weekly armful of complaints.

The unfortunate truth was that Wendy was every bit the stereotypical teenager that MTV’s clueless 50-year-old tween drama producers had ever written, right down to the loud chewing of bubble-gum and the ridiculously pointy nails going ‘clack-clack-clack’ against her phone screen.  She just did a damn good job of hiding it, because that was how she got her gossip.  People were just so much more likely to trust the kind, concerned type than they were the ‘you’ll see me blasting this on twitter in three hours’ type.

 Wendy flicked her thick braid off her neck and cooed as Mira sent over a screenshot of a conversation she’d had with Macao a week ago.  The roast session had just gone from a casual 205 C to a solid 2000 C, and she was living for it.  

“Wendy, look out!” Lucy screamed.  The Sky Slayer didn’t bother to look up from her phone, tilting her head to the left to dodge the spiky vine heading her way.  

God, this was taking forever.

How hard could it be to defeat a fucking grass-type mage? They had Natsu with them, for crying out loud.  This should have been over ten minutes ago, but no, Natsu just had to get snatched up in the vines and shaken like a salt dispenser so his motion sickness got activated (which she totally got on video for Snapchat), rendering him about a vomiting mess in the corner.  

Gray could have also one-shotted the pasty motherfucker they were up against because ice > grass any day, but he was busy monologuing in the corner about the power of friendship or some other bullshit.  Wendy was half-sure he would whip out iced-shell just to up the drama, which would then get Natsu to run over to deck him in the face, which would then cue even more nakama speeches, and at that point Wendy would probably strangle herself to end her misery.

Erza was switching between armour that had zero effect on the grass mage because why the fuck not show that shit off? And preemptive planning who? Wendy huffed.  If Erza would just put on her goddamn Purgatory Armour they could have been home yesterday, but hey, put on the Sea Empress Armour and go off, they had all the damn time in the world.

Lucy being Lucy was trying to hold open a couple Gates (but not, say, Gemini who could copy Natsu because Logic) and also tend to Natsu, bless her selfless heart.  Stupid, but selfless.

“We are Fairy Tail!” She could hear Erza yell.  “And we will defeat you! Because that is our way!”

Their opponent cackled, summoning another set of thick vines to wrap around her spear, yanking it away.  “You’re all doing miserably! Nobody can defeat me!”

The area went silent for a second as the mages contemplated their next move.  The only sound was that of Wendy tapping away at her phone, which drew the interest of Pasty Boy, who raised a thick eyebrow at the young mage sitting on a tree stump while sipping away at her Teavana® Shaken Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion Lemonade, clearly uninterested in the going-ons of the battle.

aCHOE: can y’all give me a second my team is being dramatique and useless 

“Little girl, perhaps you should be a little more aware of what’s going on!” Pasty Boy declared.  “I’m about to defeat your team, and you’re next!”

“Hey, stay away from Wendy!” Gray warned, launching a series of ice-arrows at the mage, who threw up a vine shield.  “She’s our teammate, and we’ll protect her!”

“She seems fairly useless, not doing-ack!” Pasty Boy gasped as the air seemingly disappeared from his immediate surroundings.  His chest seized as he tried desperately to fill his lungs with what was no longer available, and then dropped to the ground as the pressure increased.  Suddenly, he rose in the air and went flying into a tree with a trunk as wide as a van.  It snapped and fell backwards, taking Pasty Boy with him.  Lucy rushed over, pressing two fingers to his neck, reporting, “He’s alive!”

Wendy dropped her arm and continued typing with both hands.

aCHOE: ANYWAYS so like if we’re dragging macao I feel like we also need to bring in wakaba to the mix because I have heard some s h i t about him from cana.

Ok so before I fuck up
What about I do a parody rant with myst as the “ranter”
He’s going to talk about all the things I got shit about (tweening, children card drama, bad writing, etc)
But he’s not going to take it seriously AT ALL

Then of course I’ll write my real point of view in the desc not to cause pain

And after that I’ll be officially be done talking about all the drama about me (I mean I’m already done honestly, I don’t care anymore - but I didn’t talk much about it on youtube)

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“Why do people feel so entitled to me” Ive been following u for a while and honestly i feel like this disrespect and entitlement so many ppl on here have towards ur space and time n just You in general is cuz ur black Folks on here rlly do not know how to treat black people like humans Ive watched people try to turn u into a discourse mule ive watched people just constantly disrespect you your time your space and your energy I rlly hope it stops :( u deserve so much better

Yeah I really do deserve better than this tween drama nonsense. The worst part is that this person is ALSO black so it’s just double the “what?”

I’m just upset because I found out that Jackie and Marco broke up???? The episode better have a good fucking reason or I’m gonna be pissed. If the reason isn’t valid, then it’s just gonna be some forced shit to make drama between Star and Tom and Marco, and I’m tired of tween romance drama! There are other (BETTER!!!) ways to tell a story than Tween Love Triangles!!!!!!!