Imagine you being the Doctor’s companion as a young teen. He’s super protective, and every time the two of you run into a friend of his, they judge you being there and try to tell him you’re too young. Every time you’re in danger, he either panics or goes on a rampage, and after almost every adventure, he has a sad talk with you about taking you home. You always manage to convince him you’re happy the way things are, and he listens.

(Requested by @timelady-emily :) Sorry you’re going through a rough time! But I’m glad you requested this, because I’ve been thinking about doing a post like this for awhile :D)

Why is he like this???

Okay, Pete. Almost 12. He can just be so horrible. In the last two hours he has:

Cried and yelled because he wasn’t winning his MarioKart race.
Convinced Smash to make dirty jokes and put a penny in his mouth.
Shouted in my face.
Sassed back to me 6-8x
Spun the baby sweetly on the sit and spin (ok that’s fine)
Decided that “please find a calm thing to do” meant “jump on the couch with hard candy in your mouth”
Left wrapper of said forbidden hard candy on the mantle.
Cleared the table for 2 minutes, acting like he was dying.

I just. I’m tired. I’m tired of fighting him all the damn time. What am I missing?

Sometimes I think that at the end of the day my ADHD and his ADHD just decide to fight to the death.

Help, I guess?


Sheer Dress by Dwight Mitchell


Tween Butt by Dwight Mitchell