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Hey!First of all, I'm sorry for coming in anonymous, I'm a little shy! Second...Can you draw Clyde with Tweek? Not in a romantic way, but like brothers! I like the headcanon where Tweek's mother marries Clyde's father...And there are not many fanarts of them, you know? I'm sorry if it's bothering you!

Tweek: W-well, my parents are still together…

Clyde: And my dad has a date with Cartman’s mom tomorrow.

Tweek: But Clyde and me hang out sometimes.

Clyde: Damn right we do!

Clyde: What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t get to know my best bro’s boy?

SP kids as vines
  • cartman: what the FUCK IS UP kyLE?!
  • stan: mom, i'm an alcoholic... "i get it april fools!"
  • ...yes, april fools...
  • butters: oh mother trucker dude! that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick!
  • timmy: i have osteoporosis
  • tweek: *climbing on top of fridge* tHIS HOUSE IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE !!!!
  • kyle: let's tell secrets about ourselves... i'll go first... i, hate you.
  • kenny: the cheese of truth... tits, tits, bingo, tits
  • bebe: if there are any spirits here tonight... tell me... does this sound like shakira--
  • heidi: hey, darren... *sticks out tongue *sup bitch"
  • wendy: nah they usually tell me i look like shalissa
  • jimmy: my puns aren't just bad... *rips paper* they're tear-able
  • token: *in car* UGH I NEED TO PICK UP MY ARMANI SUIT... yeah hurry up and get to your PUBLIC SCHOOL-
  • craig: *steals soda* *turns camera to face* fuck you.