tweek jacket


Some more detailed shots of my Mei cosplay for Blizzcon!
If you’re going to be there, come say hi! 

I got tons of compliments on this, but I did very little myself. Just minor tweeks! The jacket, gloves, accessories came from JoyFay. The leggings are from an Etsy shop called Drip Dye. Gun and Snowball were made by Cosplayfield on Bonanza. Wig and hair piece were acquired through eBay. :) 

au where tweek doesn’t have any grandparents and Craig’s grandma sees tweek one time and is like??? your my grandson?? what u talking about?? call me grandma now

and she knits him a hat cause this kid is wearing one layer in the fucking mountains pls help him

stupid shit my friends have said as south park kids

stan: i don’t know if i’m gonna throw up or punch you

kyle: jewish people are people too


kenny: weEEEEINNNErrrr

butters: *listening to spongebob music* my ears!!! too pure!!!! can’t take it!!!

craig: i just flipped off the store clerk under my jacket


jimmy: i have this uncanny ability to make people stutter around me,,,also i can’t walk

clyde: children, be honest, am i not the best looking thing you’ve laid eyes on today

token: i’m not privileged i’m vip

Lil Tweek usually runs really hot and when Craig offers his jacket on a cold day (tweeks not wearin one cause he feels fine) Tweek is compromised cause he’d be uncomfortably warm if he took it but then again. Its craigs jacket!! So he takes it. But in turn just takes his shirt off. So at the end of the day when Craig asks for his jacket back, an Embarassed Tweek is like “I can’t dude. Its just not happening today”


Tweek: Well, I-I love cats. I wouldn’t mind being surrounded by them, haha, yknow, like that, uh. Crazy woman. Uh, from. Eharmony??
Clyde: I KNEW IT!!
Tweek: ?????????? what are you on about now
Clyde: I have PHOTO evidence
Tweek: of what??????

Clyde: aHA!!! this proves EVERYTHING!!!! you like felinususus domesticranberries!
Tweek: felis domesticus
Clyde: ???? i dont speak portugese

but every wrong turn that you make will also be my mistake
cause we’re connected through our hearts
and the devastating part, is that i foolishly defended you to myself
but secrets always have a way of coming out 

so i mentioned this here and i keep shouting it on twitter but im reading Some Boys Are Monster by @earily and i was supposed to draw lots of halloween themed for sp kids yesterday but nope, i keep reading and pausing bc of my tears and made a bunch of angsty creek headcanons while listening to Secrets by Maria Mena oh god let me live ;;;; aaaa fics are amazing

so here’s my lazy ass doodle of crying tweek hugging craig’s jacket as i horribly cropped 50% of the original canvas haha but you can still see that full image here

Craig’s clothes are really warm…

someone needs to get that kid a jacket, he’s gonna freeze his cute little booty off!