Name: Anthony Sylvester

Event: Tweed Run 2014

Bike: 1950s Raleigh Roadster. All steel, total workhorse. Cosmetically she’s not the prettiest but she’ll probably be around longer than I will and she already has 20 years on me. 

Outfit: There’s a lot of representation of the shooting & hunting classes on the Tweed Run, so I decided to go a little more Proletarian this year - Basque beret, German undershirt, French cord work breeches and cordovan boots. The scarf, braces and watchstrap are all British Army regimental colours. The tweed jacket is bespoke however, cut by the very talented Fred Nieddu at Timothy Everest, so it’s not all hoi polloi. 

Beyond the bike: I’m the vocalist in Norwegian deathpunk doyens TURBONEGRO and a freelance writer on all maters cultural and sartorial.