Merril trudged back to her room to get a change of clothes. Today had been a hard day at her classes but she managed to pull through. All she wanted to do now was sleep in Spencers bed.

“Hey Bells,” she says softly, petting Bella as the white pup came over to her. Bella had been somewhat less energetic lately but she seemed to be doing fine again and Merril was so relieved.

She quickly changed in different more comfortable clothing and sighed. She missed Spencer, he hadn’t been on skype this week and she missed her friends but they were all busy like Charlie and Justin, not at Dalton like the Tweedles or otherwise engaged like Blaine and Kurt.

Help From The Tweedles

Shane found his way out of his room and down the hallway (nearly falling over several times out of lightheadedness.) The younger Anderson was still clearly very sick, but Kurt’s message had put him in reasonable distress. He had to talk to Reed, but he wasn’t even going to make it downstairs if he was this dizzy. So, he guessed Ethan and Evan could help him out with this virus. He opened the twins’ door, half clinging to the frame as the room continued to spin. 

“Guys, mind helping me out?”