tweed print


I love texture and print. Tweed, herribigone, and plaid are some of my favorite fabrics to work with. They add so much visual interest.

In this post, I combined that love into a 60s inspired look. I found great mod looking, Christian Dior sunglasses to build around. Then I did a block heel and a pop of color mini skirt to keep with the time period. I also used a vintage handbag to make it feel more authentic.

Blouse & Skirt: ASOS Curve
Heels: Gianni Bini, via Dillard’s
Clutch: Mod Dwelling , San Antonio
Ring & Sunglasses: Creative on South Main, Little Rock
Earrings: H&M

The New Way to Wear Tweed

4 ways to make tweed blazers look modern and stylish

Tweed can sometimes look a bit too conservative and preppy. But with our four new ways to wear tweed below, you can now look stylish and modern with a classic twist. From updating your tweed blazer collection to finding the perfect pairings, read on for our expert advice on tweed and shop the best products below. 

Update Your Tweed

If you want to look current, one of the easiest ways to do so is by getting rid of your old rags. Pass them down to a friend or donate them to a second hand store, and buy a new tweed blazer in a modern cut and slim fit.

Harris Tweed Blue Skinny Fit Blazer

ASOS Slim Fit Suit Jacket In Tweed

Classic Tweed Blazer

Pair Tweed With Prints

Instead of pairing you tweed with a simple button-down in pale blue or white, try something a bit more fun. For an added new twist to your tweed outfit, stripes or polka-dots work great.

Only & Sons Stripe Shirt With Button Down Collar

Slim-Fit Polka-Dot Corduroy Shirt

Sketched-Stripe Cotton Oxford Shirt

Knit Ties for Texture

For added texture, add a knit tie to your button-down. This is the perfect way to dress up you look without looking overdressed. 

Solid Knit Silk Tie

Cotton Knit Necktie

ASOS Knitted Tie

Just Add Jeans

To make your look less conservative, wear jeans with you tweed blazer instead of slacks. For an edgier approach, try black skinny jeans or for a more classic look stick with slim-fit denim. 

Cheap Monday Tight Stretch Black Skinny Jean

G-Star RAW 3301 Slim Straight Jean

Levi’s Vintage Jeans 1966 501 Selvage Customised Slim Tapered New Rinse


SEASON OF CHANEL - P.O.T.W. - Sally Hansen - bubble gum pink

* designs inspired by CHANEL S/S RESORT 2015**

  • Sally Hansen - bubble gum pink + white on + mellow yellow + pacific blue + mint sorbet + celeb city
  • N.Y.C. - polyester pink + precious peacock
  • Essie - shake your $$ maker
  • L’Oreal - royally yours
  • Revlon - expresso + fresh linen
  • Cover Girl - coral silk + lasting love
  • Silver nail art beads

This is the first look featuring Sally Hansen - bubblegum pink. Visit the CHALLENGES -> P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.

Deface Your Magazines

[Within an Elle magazine, a woman is shown wearing two separate outfits. One is a glamorous black dress while the other features tweed and thick glasses. Printed alongside is the text: APPLE STORE. JOE’S TAKE: An early-morning line may require you to head there straight from the clubs, but, hey, what better place to potentially meet your future genius husband than in line for the iPhone 5? JOEL’S TAKE: She thinks she’ll blend in perfectly with the nerds in line. But really she’s so wildly attractive that she would send them screaming back to their parents’ basements.]

The point of this article was for two stylists to face-off, designing their own outfit interpretations for different “superfans” to wear on special occasions.

So what we have here is an Apple superfan who is being styled to wait in line for the newest Apple product release. But oh my, apparently a woman can’t simply be enthusiastic about technology! Nope, she either has to be there for the sake of finding a husband or intimidating all the ~real~ nerds who are waiting around. God forbid she actually gets in line because she’s a nerd and just wants to get her hands on that gadget! 

I’ve got no problem with either outfit. They’re both pretty adorable. But the reasoning behind each look and their apparent consequences? Ick. It reads more like a straight male fantasy than like an actual woman’s thought process when she’s excited about getting a new phone. I want no part in encouraging women to internalize the Fake Geek Girl stereotype.