tweed for her

Ok, a while back I saw someone asking for Holtzy on a museum first date headcanons? And I don’t remember who or when but its just the cutest thing so here, have some Holtzbert:

❤️Erin dressed like she’s giving a lecture aka tweed for days.
❤️ Holtzy being her usual self and driving them there in the Ecto-1
❤️ There’s one of those guided tours going on and they tag along
❤️ the guide is some undertrained teen who keeps mixing up up basic science facts until Holtz can’t take it anymore and hijacks the tour.
❤️ and Erin is all like -Jillian, no!-but she gives in and eventually gets in ~teacher mode~
❤️ Of course someone recognized them and the whole thing turns into an impromptu autograph signing
❤️ it’s all going pretty well until they get to an interactive exhibition,
- hey Gilbert, wanna see something cool?
- Always ;) but just what are you doing?
- it’s cool, I’m just cranking it up a few notches
❤️ next thing they know, they’re banned form the museum. Best. Date. Ever.

6x10 reaction fic.


           When Blaine came in, the first thing Kitty registered was how comfortable it felt to have him in the choir room with the New Directions like in the old days, even if things had changed and she was a senior now and he was a teacher with dorky tweed jackets and kids her age who called him “Mr. Anderson.” The second thing she registered was Jane taking fright and rising nervously from her chair as if there was a threat.

           Kitty had a vague memory of the word “Dalton” coming up when she was getting filled in about the kids. She remembered asking something casual like “Oh, so were you a Warbler then?” and getting a too-quick “No” in response. She might have known there was a story there, but she hadn’t cared enough to pry at the time and now it was too late to find out, with Jane staring as if Blaine was one of the ghosts of her past. She skirted the corners of the room like she was planning an escape route, and suddenly Kitty remembered how she’d spent the entire wedding trying her utmost not to look at Blaine. A mean feat, considering he’d been the groom. And then Blaine saw her and she looked like a trapped deer and he just opened his arms, with that warm soft smile that Kitty remembered from the old days of Glee club.

           “Jane! How’ve you been?”

           The tension left her- it was like seeing a stretched elastic shrink back to its normal size, and she almost ran forward to hug him.

           “Hi, Mr Anderson. I’ve been great.”

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