tweed and leather

We got Julian so many big things today! His highchair! His bouncer! A pump for milk and a steriliser as well as some cute outfits, pacifiers, bottles etc. AND our pram. It’s the Porsche of prams honestly but it won’t be here for a few weeks. All tweed and fancy leather. I’m so happy.

I would like to write Hornblower fic, but the only (half formed) ideas I have are for short and ridiculous modern day suff.

Such as the “Horatio and Archie are totally not (except they totally are) spying on a date between Pellew and Bracegirdle” story

and the “Foster thinks he needs to kickstart Pellew midlife crisis or something so during Pellew’s birthday celebration he takes him and several others to a naval themed stipp club” story.

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Women’s Liberation (Lisa Bellear)

Talk to me about the feminist movement,
the gubba middle class
hetero sexual revolution
way back in the seventies
when men wore tweed jackets with
leather elbows, and the women, well
I don’t remember or maybe I just don’t care
or can’t relate.
Now what were those white women on about?
What type of neurosis was fashionable back then?
So maybe I was only a school kid; and kids, like women,
have got on thing that joins that schemata,
like we’re not worth listening to,
and who wants to liberate women and children
what will happen in an egalitarian society
if the women and the kids start becoming complacent
in that they believe they should have rights
and economic independence,
and what would these middle class kids and white women do
with liberation, with freedom, with choices of
do I stay with my man, do I fall in love with other
white middle class women, and it wouldn’t matter if
my new woman had kids or maybe even kids and dogs
Yes I’m for the women’s movement
I want to be free and wear dunlop tennis shoes.
And indigenous women, well surely, the liberation
of white women includes all women regardless …
It doesn’t, well that’s not for me to deal with
I mean how could I, a white middle class woman,
who is deciding how can I budget when my man won’t
pay the school fees and the diner’s card club simply
won’t extend credit.
I don’t even know if I’m capable
of understanding
Aborigines, in Victoria?
Aboriginal women, here, I’ve never seen one,
and if I did, what would I say,
damned if I’m going to feel guilty, for wanting something
better for me, for women in general, not just white
middle class Volvo driving, part time women’s studies
Maybe I didn’t think, maybe I thought women in general
meant, Aboriginal women, the Koori women in Victoria
Should I apologise
should I feel guilty
Maybe the solution is to sponsor
a child through world vision.
Yes that’s probably best,
I feel like I could cope with that,
Look, I’d like to do something for our Aborigines
but I haven’t even met one,
and if I did I would say
all this business about land rights, maybe I’m a bit
scared, what’s it mean, that some day I’ll wake up
and there will be this flag, what is it, you know
red, black and that yellow circle, staked out front
and then what, Okay I’m sorry, I feel guilt
is that what I should be shouting
from the top of the rialto building
The women’s movement saved me
maybe the 90s will be different.
I’m not sure what I mean, but I know that although
it’s not just a women’s liberation that will free us
it’s a beginning

Naomi Watts Opens Up About Her Late Father's Drug Overdose

Actress Naomi Watts is sharing new details of her life.

The actress recently opened up to The Guardian about her nomadic childhood, finding friends with fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman and her struggles in Hollywood.

Watts’ father was a sound engineer for Pink Floyd and her mom was a model, traveling the world with the band. Having hip parents might sound like a dream for most kids, but for Watts, she craved normalcy.

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“I’d had enough of cool,” she tells the paper. “I didn’t want cool. I wanted my parents to wear three-piece suits and tweed, not leather pants and four-inch platform boots.”

Her parents divorced in 1972, and then, in 1976, her father died of an apparent heroin overdose when Watts was just seven years old, according to her mother. Watts also told The Guardian that a fan recently approached her and showed her a never before seen picture of her late father with the band, leading her to tears.

“You’ve got to understand, I’ve got maybe three photos of my dad, and maybe two memories,” Watts explained. “And all of the photos of him are either out of focus or he’s a tiny speck in the background.”

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After her father’s death, the family continued to move around until finally settling in Sydney, Australia, where she met a young Nicole Kidman. Watts says she and Kidman were part of a group that would go out drinking in local bars, and the two became close friends after being cast in the Australian comedy Flirting.

But she faced a series of career struggles in Hollywood.

“I wasn’t getting parts,” she admitted. “I was giving myself away. My soul was being destroyed. I was never able to walk in a room and own it by being me.”

Luckily, she was discovered by director David Lynch, who picked her headshot out of a pile for an audition in Mullholland Drive. The role was a breakout part for Watts, earning her critical praise and opening doors like never before.

Now, the star is headed to Netflix in Gypsy, starring as a New York therapist who becomes overly involved in her patients lives. She can also be seen later this summer in The Glass Castle, alongside Oscar winner Brie Larson and fellow Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson.

Check out ET’s first interview with the star in 1996, before her big break!

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