Them 21 century girls

Have you ever taken a minute to realize how much girls have changed ?? Damn the change its huge 😢 now girls act like thots . they be twearkin to everyone like DA FUCK ? WHERE IS YALL RESPECT HUH ? I didn’t get the memo that said that u gotta act like a hoe to get popular or attention like IM SORRY for actually ACTING LIKE A GIRL . SORRY BITCHEZ BUT I RESCPECT MY SELF . like u don’t see me posting almost naked pics or posting shit like porn or twearking vids CUZ I FUCKING RESPECT MY SELF LIKE HOW DO YAH BITVHEZ EXPECT MEN TO RESPECT U WHEN U DO THIS KINDA SHIT?!?! 😠😤😔 in fr dissapointed 😢👎👊👅yall girls that do this are 💩🙊