tweaking his moustache


Written for churbooseanon. Just a little Flyoming, because it’s the favorite doomed ship. Doesn’t always have to be so doomed though. 


Butch loved to pretend that everything was fine.

Whether it was due to a failed mission objective, or a particularly successful one (there was a reason Agent Florida so often worked alone. His work was wet work and no one needed to see that up close and personal), or even just his batch of cookies going overdone because of the antics of their teammates, Butch Flowers would still hold his smile and smooth things over.

More often than not, people bought it without a single doubt. Butch was very charismatic, very charming. And while the team did seem to know that something was off, that there was something about the man that set their instincts on edge, they never tried to question him.

But not Wyoming.

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Modern day Prince charming interview (x)

“I’m making a documentary on today’s prince charmings. So tell me a little bit about yourself…”