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From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Mewberty. Not a ton of music in this episode, but we were super deliberate and focused on the spots that we wanted to score. There’s basically no score for the first 5-ish minutes. But it felt right to have the first portion of the episode be uncomfortable and uncertain, and to have it live off the sound design instead of score.

The cues for the back half of the episode, though, are some of my favorite of the season. We went for a John-Carpenter-style horror vibe, but in the language of the score that I’ve done thus far this season. Super electronic, super tweaky. I really enjoyed this one sting I always use for Mewberty Star’s eyes (at 0:35 in this cue), so I used it a lot.

Some weird tweaky dude was fighting a bush in the parking lot by the grocery store and Brett was trying to figure out what he was doing, then he looped around while we were parking and almost tripped on our car while he was carrying the plant he uprooted and then he shouted that Brett looks like Daniel Bryan and ran away.

This is my newest cat, currently named Cayenne. She was a foster of mine, rescued from being feral, and socialized. However, although she was adopted, she immediately reverted to feral habits in her new owner’s house and I ended up having to come retrieve her. (She spent three weeks basically hiding under his fridge and only coming out in the wee hours of the morning.) 

She ended up staying with me, since she apparently believes I’m the only human she doesn’t need to be terrified of. She’s still kind of high-strung and tweaky, but that’s just how she rolls. She has the longest ear-tufts I’ve -ever- seen on a cat that wasn’t long haired! 

Anyway, my conundrum at the moment is that ‘Cayenne’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. I’d like to find her a good name that fits in better with the rest of the Swarm (who all have pretty nerdy names, ranging from Leeloo to Tidus and Bonnie (of Bonnie and Clyde fame)). Suggestions are welcome!

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