One of my favourite movies from my childhood that I felt inspired to do a pic of! Had a lot of fun with the background once I got in the groove. For those of you who don’t know me or haven’t noticed, I don’t do backgrounds… I’m working on improving that! =^-^=

This will also be available for purchase in my Redbubble shop here:


I was fortunate enough to get tickets (with the help of my man) for this years Spark Animation Conference and got to see my hero Glen Keane give a presentation on his latest project Duet

I got to see him draw the Beast, I’ll be honest here and say I teared up a little… a lot, and I got to see pencil tests from the Little Mermaid which was amazing. He shared so many wonderful stories about his career, family and adventures. 

All this and I got to watch Duet which blew my mind. Seeing his true lines up on the big screen and feeling all the emotion that they conveyed was extraordinary. 

For anyone who doesn’t know the whole story, I didn’t know people could draw for a living until the Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid also inspired me to create my own functional mermaid tails ( Glen Keane has also been the creative force bringing all of my favourite characters to life and pushing my love of Disney to the max. When I was in school I had his artwork taped all over my desk, up the walls and pretty much everywhere. His was the first name I knew in the animation world and I’ve looked up to him for as long as I can remember. 

So as you can imagine, this was a really big deal for me. It wasn’t about autographs, or pictures (though my hubby was on the ball with the camera and got a good one), it was about finally getting to say thank you to someone who has inspired me so much over the years.

Best. Day. Ever.