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After getting a clue about who may have wiped Clary’s memories, the crew hunts down the High Warlock of Brooklyn, M.a.g.n.u.s Bane. With all of the warlocks in hiding from Valentine, the team must lure Magnus out with something he can’t refuse - a killer party and something very valuable. But with emotions running high, more may come out of their meeting with Magnus than just the retrieval of Clary’s memories. Meanwhile, Simon doesn’t seem to be himself after his recent Down-worlder encounter.


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"Galavant s2e8" review: Do the D'DEW"

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TSDF OFFICIAL! Ep. 6.09 Spoilery Bits

 Some spoilery bits for you in the form of a partial episode breakdown. More to come!  This isn’t the entire episode. As always, the information is accurate at the time of posting. Nothing is certain until the episode airs.

In the cold open, Sasha, Abe, and Daryl continue their face off with the group of bikers. After Team SAD hands over their weapons, the lead biker orders one of his men to take Daryl to search the truck for booty. Meanwhile, words are exchanged between Sasha, Abe, and the lead biker (as seen in promo). It results in the biker aiming guns at both Sasha and Abe. In typical Dixon style, Daryl saves them from disaster. Daryl subdues the Savior he was with, then blows the bikers to bits with the rocket launcher. S.A.D. hop in the truck and head home.

At ASZ the group continues to make their way through the herd. Rick realizes that there are too many walkers to drive the walkers away with flares and comes up with a new plan. When the question is raised about what to do about Judith, Father G volunteers to take her to safety. Carl passes her on and Father G makes his way to the church with Judith. (Can we get a witness for Father G right here?)

Glenn and Enid team up to try to save Maggie, but not without some teenaged snark from Enid.

The MSP rumor is accurate! CON-FIRMED! (Not like we didn’t all know that, but it was fun to say.) Rick, Michonne, Carl, Jessie, Sam, and Ron lock hands and begin walking through the herd again. Sam becomes frozen in fear and stops. Jessie’s pleas become more desperate as Sam cries that he can’t do it. A few walkers notice Sam and inevitably sink their teeth into him. As Sam screams, Jessie becomes paralyzed. A walker latches on to Jessie’s shoulder and she doesn’t react. Suddenly she is swarmed, yet continues to tightly grasp on to Carl’s hand. Carl’s desperation grows as he tries to free himself, but looks to Rick for help. Having no other choice with the walkers creeping on Carl and seeing Jessie is a goner, Rick hacks off Jessie’s hand with his trusty red axe. Ron picks Jessie’s gun off the ground and aims it at Rick. Carl jumps toward him as the gun goes off. The bullet hits Carl. As Ron goes to shoot Rick again, Michonne drives her katana through his chest, killing him. (Michonne. Do not fuck with her.) Rick turns andsees Carl standing with blood spewing from his eye, Carl softly crying, “Dad.” Carl collapses to the ground.

Carol shoots and kills the Wolf. Buh-bye ass hole.

Denise makes it back to the infirmary in time for Rick to come running in with a bleeding Carl. No longer afraid, Denise immediately starts working on him.

After helplessly watching Carl, Rick rage is activated and he takes his axe and goes HAM on the herd of walkers in the safezone. Other Alexandrians, in awe and inspired, join in on the fight. Together they fight the herd, because that’s the only way they can win.

~Shiny, Ninja, Prime

i really, really, really need a kylux au where ben solo never joins the first order. instead he becomes a jedi, a member of the senate (like his mother + grandmother before him) and promotes peace in the galaxy. he also, incidentally, ensures that political prisoners don’t escape.

enter general hux.

he’s been captured by the resistance and has to be taken to trial. ben solo is the one chosen to escort him to naboo. they bicker, they fued over their differing political stances, and there’s a lot of unsolved sexual tension - because, damn, they can appreciate a good looking man when they see one.