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Preference “How they react to seeing you naked and ready for them in bed” (NSFW)

(Sorry for the late post, I got a little busy :3 But here it is! Yay our faves being turned on 😏😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it!! Gifs not mine/found it on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d be overwhelmingly happy and turned on. After a long day of having to control everyone and putting them in their place, to see you just waiting for him he’d feel like he won a prize. His eyes would lit up and he wouldn’t be able to stop smirking and walking to you to just pull you by your legs to start eating you out. “Hot damn! Y/N! How fucking dare you tease me!? Get over here! I ain’t letting you go til we fuck each other’s brains out first!”

Daryl-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d be taken back for a moment. He’d closed the door carefully and just whisper asking as to what you’re doing, only to understand as you’re starting to flirt and tease him. Slowly, he’d start to smile and just be glad to have someone like you to be so caring and loving and just give in to you. “Y/N…What are you doing? Why are you…Oh really…You were waiting for me…That’s pretty sweet…Come here…Let me kiss you…”

Rick-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d smirk and eye you hungrily. He wouldn’t be able to deny you that you were turning him on and just start to play in on it with you. He’d start to tease you with his words as he’s starting to undress before suddenly pulling you closer to him and kissing you. “Y/N…You dirty little girl…Were you touching yourself while you were waiting for me? Were you imagining me doing all of this to you?”

Merle-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d get a hard on right on the spot and just get playfully mad at you. He’d just be so happy to have you all to himself after a long day, that he’d instantly start to tease you for being so sexy and stand at the end of the bed undressing himself just telling you he has all kinds of idea of how he should be “punishing” you. “Holy shit! How could you, Y/N?! Who told you could do this?! You’re such a dirty little slut, aren’t you? I’m going to have to bend you over for that…Come here!”

Glenn-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, his eyes would widen in amazement and he’d just be speechless. He’d teasingly ask you as to what you were doing and eventually wouldn’t be able to stop himself from complimenting you and making his way towards the bed to kiss you and get it on. “Y/N…What are you doing? Why are your clothes all over the floor? Can you explain? You’re so pretty…beautiful…actually stunning…and sexy…”

The Governor-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from smiling and just getting turned on by the idea of you waiting for him. He’d be pleasantly surprised to finally have his break from the day and just smile to seeing you in bed before gradually undressing himself. “Y/N? You were waiting for me, weren’t you? You couldn’t take it so you took off everything, didn’t you? You want me…Only me, right? Good…”

Abraham-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d give out a loud clap and just smirk looking at you hungrily. He’d slam the door shut and just start talking about how dirty you are to get this horny and wait for him before slowly approach you to grab you by your feet to pull you closer and make you wrap around himself. “Y/N! Did you really had to take off everything yourself and lay on the bed like that? Did you get that wet?! You’re just making everything easy for yourself! You just can’t wait for me to throw myself at you?”

Eugene-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d be stunned but be able to conceal his expression. From his tone and the way he walked in the room to get a closer look at you, you never could’ve tell he was actually nervous. As you got up to wrap your arms around him and kiss him, he’d suddenly stutter his questions. “Y/N, w-what are you doing? W-why are you already naked?! For me? Oh…My…god…A-Awesome! That’s awesome…I think you’re awesome…”

Jesus-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d try his best to keep a straight face before giving in to you. From the moment, he saw you he was already turned on but he’d want to be playful and just try his best to conceal his excitement to tease you, only to end up not being able to handle you and just grab you. “Oh…you’re naked…alright…i’m guessing you want me to fuck you…am I right, Y/N? Come on…Tell me…Ah fuck it, get over here!”

Dwight-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d stand and just stare at you from head to toe for a good while before smirking. He’d just be so glad to see you and have all to himself that he just needed some time to admire you before changing completely by walking over and get on the bed to straddle you. “You…You’re so fucking hot baby…Look at you…naked and wet for me…As if I don’t spend the day thinking about you already…And now you’re rewarding me like this…You’re gonna let me do whatever I want, right?”

Morgan-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d be genuinely surprised but just take a deep breath from everything and turn to look away. He’d ask you in a low whisper as to what you were doing and as you teasingly explain yourself to him, he’d end up giving in to you and just open the door to tell Rick that he’ll be busy. “Y/N, w-what is happening? Why are you naked? I-I’m not sure I can stay…I only came to look for something…But this is for me? Give me a second…Rick, I won’t be going!”

Shane-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d roll his eyes and just shake his head to tease you. He’d just find you too irresistible that the instant he saw you that he couldn’t help but feel like he was trapped by you. He’d feel like he couldn’t do anything else but to satisfy you just as you would like him to. “For fuck sakes, Y/N…You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? You want me so much…You couldn’t wait for me to rip off your clothes for you…Come here…What is do you want, baby? Tell me…I’ll do anything…”

Milton-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d gasp in surprise and probably drop whatever he was holding in his hand. He’d nervously stutter asking as to what you were doing all and as you’d explain to him and tease him, he’d gradually feel himself getting harder and just slam the door behind. “Woah! Y/N?! Wh-what are you doing like that?! Wh-what is going on?…What? You were think about me?…Me, doing all that to you…About us doing…It’s me you want…Alright…”

Aaron-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, his mind would go blank and he’d just seem to wait for you to call him over. He’d just be so pleased that apart from smiling and eyeing you from head to toe, he’d seem to forget about everything, just up until he’d hear you say his name sweetly. “Yes? You said my name, didn’t you? Alright…I’m ready…Everything that you want me to do to you…You can ask…I’ll gladly do it…Anything…”

Gabriel-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d instantly stop thinking about anything else and just grow flustered with each look at your body. He’d carefully approach you, nervously asking you as to what you were doing. As you’d answer by teasing him with yourself just as he likes, he’d end up smirking and give you a warning look. “Y/N…W-what are you doing…Why are you-…You missed me? Oh…so now you want me to…fuck you…Careful there…asking me like that…I won’t go easy on you…”

The Wolf-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d quickly walk over to you. He’d grab a fistful of your hair just as you’d like, making him chuckle and just start to tease you about how you’re so dirty for him before just kissing you and getting in the moment. “Who told you, you could tease me like this! Answer me, Y/N? You dirty little whore…You just couldn’t wait for me…So you took care of yourself so I can just get to work on you, didn’t you?!”

Noah-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, his eyes would widen in surprise and out of reflex he’d make his way out of the room. He’d take a few deep breath to process everything and just try to calm down by talking to himself and rubbing his face before opening the door and trying to to be confident. “Oh my god, Y/N! Woah…Y/N’s naked…for me…it’s for me…ok…ok…I can do this…this isn’t our first time…why am i nervous?…Calm down, Noah…You can do it…Alright…So what do we have here…”

Simon-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, his eyes would be glued to you and nothing else would really matter. He’d pretend to not understand as to what is happening and just walk over to you with each and every of your answer and teasing. He’d get harder and just grab you to make your body rise up against his. “Y/N…Your shirt…pants…bra…everything’s on the floor…What has gotten into you, kitten? All of this is for me? You laying with your legs spread like that…it’s for me too? Fuck…Come here!”

Ezekiel-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d let out a playful chuckle before closing the door. As he’d carefully lock the door, he’d casually ask you as to what are you planning. While you’d explain everything, he’d start to unbuckle his belt and turn around to walk towards you and do whatever you want him to. “Goodness, Y/N…Getting ready for me…You are unbelievable…Alright…You took away the first part of all of this…Now what is it that you expect of me at this point…What should I do to satisfy you?”

Benjamin-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, his eyes would widen in shock and he’d then just have the reflex to cover his eyes. He’d feel like it was too intimate this way and just quickly close the door behind before awkwardly stumbling over to the bed and opening his eyes only to cover you up with the blanket. “Woah! Y/N! Woah! How? Why? Why are you naked like that?! Goodness…Alright…Stay still…Here better! We can get to it a little later…Give me a minute…”

Caesar-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d be in disbelief and shake his head all while smiling, simply because he wasn’t expecting such surprise. He’d playfully ask you what are you doing to him and why, as he’s just really trying to control himself from just taking you before teasing you. “Oh no…Y/N…Why? Why are you doing this to me?…What did I do to have you tease me like this…I really hate you for this…I’m going to have to do something about you…”

Heath-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d let out his surprise and take a few step backs before entering the room completely. He’d pick up your clothes from the floor and nervously ask you what are you doing before just trying to deny you, only to end up giving in to you. “Oh! Y/N?! What? Why are clothes all over? No it’s not the time…Sorry…Here put them back on…Fuck it! Get that away!”

Spencer-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d instantly smile and just show you his excitement. He’d ask you as to what made you get this idea all while fumbling to undress himself and jump on one leg to remove his pants, only to make you laugh. “Y-you’re naked under there? Wow! That’s awesome! Why all of a sudden?! You’re usually shy about this…What has gotten into you? Don’t tell me I turn you on so much, you couldn’t wait anymore?!”

Richard-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d stare at you in amazement and just find his smile back. He’d be glad to have such a surprise and would just walk over to cup your face to kiss you before thanking you for all of this and asking you exactly what you would want from him. “Y/N…you beautiful thing…Look at you…You missed me? Stop it…You’re the one making me blush…Come here…Alright, princess…What do you want? What do you need from me?”

Nicholas-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d start to smirk and just slam the door behind. He’d feel confident about himself and just start to talk dirty while undressing himself. He’d then not shy away from asking you favors and promising you that he’ll return all of them. “You think i’m going to let you slide like that…No…First, you’re gonna suck me off because you need to show me you want this…and then you can get whatever you want…”

Gareth-When he walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for him, he’d start to laugh and smile and just run over to jump on the bed with you. He’d already start to grab and touch you before saying anything and undressing himself. “Y/N! You’re naked for me?! Aren’t you?! You want me to fuck you, don’t you? You couldn’t wait, right?! Fuck…I like it…I love it when you’re like this…”

Michonne-When she walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for her, her eyes would grow dark and she’d just start to playfully tease you. She’d walk over to get close enough to you and undress herself slowly asking you if you needed her. “Y/N…You should realize that two…can play at that game…Do you want this…Do you want me…Tell me…”

Maggie-When she walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for her, she wouldn’t be able to stop smiling but still try her best to get in the mood. She’d just find you so endearing and romantic that she’d just want to make sweet love to you rather than being all dirty. She’d cup your face and plant a kiss before pleasuring you just as you’d like. “I’m sorry…but you’re really cute like this Y/N…It’s hard to not love you!”

Andrea-When she walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for her, she’d smirk and lean in the doorframe. She’d teasingly ask you as to what you are doing and eye you up and down as you’d explain yourself, feeling herself getting more and more turned on. “So what do we have here?!…You’re naked…Care to explain to me why? Really…You miss me…Oh so now you want me…Sure…”

Jessie-When she walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for her, she’d jump a little and be surprised by your action. She’d chuckle nervously and approach you to cover you with a blanket before whispering to you about being so dirty. “Oh goodness, Y/N! What if people see you when they walk pass?! You’re so dirty…Getting all turned on like that…”

Beth-When she walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for her, she’d chuckle nervously and try her best to conceal the fact that she’s blushing. She’d get just as excited as you but just couldn’t admit it instantly and try to tease you back. “Y-you’re naked…Is there a particular reason…For me? R-really…You’re all like this, for me…That’s nice…I wore this for you…it’s like a thanks for this, if you think about this…”

Sasha-When she walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for her, she’d scoff and cross her arms. She’d give you a warning look and ask you as to what you are doing. As you’d tell her, she’d smirk and just get in the bed with you. “What is going on? Why are you naked like that? Waiting for me? Oh…Now you want me…So this is your solution…Not bad…”

Rosita-When she walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for her, she’d be pleasantly surprise and smirk while pretending to not understand as to what you are doing. She’d walk carefully close to you and just bend over to look you in the eyes and tell you that you’re making a huge mistake. “What? Your clothes…They’re all over…What’s going on?! Y/N, explain yourself…You better have a good damn explanation for this…Either else I won’t go easy on you for this…”

Tara-When she walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for her, she’d instantly smile and just get in the bed to hug you. She’d kiss you all over and just find it actually so adorable of you to wait for her this way before getting it on with you. “Y/N! You’re so cute! I love you…Come here! Let me hug you! You waited for me this whole time! All day? That’s so sweet of you! I got way too lucky with you!”

Carol-When she walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for her, she’d shake her head in disbelief and just slam the door. She’d look at you in a judging way and ask you as to what you are doing while picking up your clothes, only to end up letting them go as you’re teasing her too much. “What are you doing? You think this is some kind of game?! Goodness…Y/N, get dress…Here put it back on, now…Screw it…Give me that…”

Arat-When she walks into the room and sees you naked and ready for her, she’d get instantly turned on and would quickly slam the door behind her. She’d remove her clothes quickly before jumping to bed with you and starting to tease you for making her feel this way. “I’m not going to forgive you for this…I’m going to make you scream…Make you feel what I feel when I saw you…all…like this…”


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Prompt: Imagine where the reader and negan have a child, around the age of 4-5. One day the child is playing with a toy and it breaks and lets loose a string of cuss words. Negan turns into daddy Negan and tries to tell it shouldn’t talk like that because it’s a kid. Meanwhile the reader hears this is laughing their ass off because Negan is so confused about how to handle the situation. Fluff fluff fluff everywhere. – Via Anon

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 789
Warnings: Curses
Category: Fluff


“Ow! Fuck!” A high pitched voice pronounced as the little one hit her knee on the side of a, sleek glass, coffee table.

If you hadn’t seen little Lucille’s lips move you wouldn’t have believe that she’d said it, but the high pitched voice could come from nowhere else.

You were lounging lazily on a comfy, washed out, couch, watching Lucille and Negan run around the room carelessly, occasionally sipping your glass of water. Negan was evidently pretending to be a monster as he raced after your little girl. That was until Lucille hit her knee on the side of the glass coffee table.

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Writing Prompt #4 “Is that my shirt?” requested by a lovely anon <3 Hope you like it hun! Sorry it took me so long :D If anyone wants to be added to the tag list let me know :)


contains: language and some fluff

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You slide another piece of strawberry into your mouth, savoring the combination of sweet and tart on your tongue. You lightly suck on one of your fingers, removing any lingering sugar for added sweetness. It had been one of your favorites treats before the world went under so you had to enjoy it while you could. Who knows when the next time Negan and the Saviors would be bringing some more fresh fruit back. 

You feel your cheeks blush at the thought of your husband. Negan had proven himself to be an exceptional leader, if not a bit terrifying and unorthodox in his methods. As long as everyone followed the rules, worked hard and contributed to the well being of the Sanctuary, then everything was just peachy. Truthfully, you had no good reason for residing to being one of his wives, other than the fact that well…you just liked being taken care of. Such security and luxury were so rare these days. Though he wasn’t exactly doting and was more than crude, Negan was little more than a glorified sugar daddy rather than a husband. He made sure you and the others had everything you could possibly need or want, and in return, you repaid him with your company. It was more than a fair trade and Negan had proven himself on more than one occasion to be a talented lover. Hell, he practically knew your body better than you did.

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Home - Carl Grimes Imagine

request: Reader and Carl were best friends before. She knew rick and Lori too. Then she’s brought to Alexandria bc she tried to steal from Daryl on a run or something and she recognises them. Rick doesn’t recognise her at first but Carl does.

a/n: i just got my hair dyed and i’m feeling super confident so ya know imma bust out as many writings as i can before i get off this high

word count: 1,252

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland 

Your sweaty hand was clamped over your own mouth to silence your breathing. Your body was tucked beneath the counter in a liquor store you found after escaping from Terminus. It was fairly untouched, and most of the food was non-perishable, so you made it your home. You were getting ready to go out on a mission to find a new pair of shoes when three  men entered your shop. 

You grabbed your weapon and ducked behind the counter, keeping your eyes on the men as they entered your store quietly, guns pointed everywhere they turned. You hoped they would just take a few bags of food and be on their way, but you should have known better than to expect the best. You tucked one of your guns in your holster and held the other one in your hand. 

You really had no intention of harming anybody, you could just never be too safe. The shoe steps of a man wearing leather boots echoed through the dusty hallway. He quickly turned the corner, and before you knew it, his crossbow was aimed between your eyes. Your gun flew up, aimed at his head. You shook with fear as the memories of looters had done to you and your people. 

“Put the gun down,” the man grumbled. His voice was hoarse and his hair was shaggy, but he wasn’t scary to you. Your gun remained aimed at his face, as did his crossbow to yours. “I said put it down.” You shook your head a little; just enough for him to notice. Your eyes remained locked on his, and your arms began to shake. 

“I ain’t gonna hurt ya’ unless ya’ give me a reason to,” he said, holding his bow up. You weren’t scared. You had nothing to live for. Maybe that was why you had lived for so long. You took risks that nobody in their right mind would ever dream of taking because you had nothing to lose. This was no exception. “Put the gun down.”

“Get out of here,” you demanded, refusing to lower your gun. “This place is mine. The stuff in here is mine. I want all of you out now.” You shook with rage and wondered why the other men hadn’t joined the one who stood ahead of you. “I don’t want to hurt you either, but I will if you don’t leave me alone.” You glared at him, mustering the meanest look you could. 

The man hesitated, weighing his options, before deciding on what to do. “We’ll get going.” You stayed where you were, your gun pointed at him until he turned around, backing away from you. You slowly stood up, following him down the hall, but remaining out of sight from the other two men. “Let’s go. Nothing back here.”

The two men had stuffed their bags to the brim, nearly emptying the remains of your food supplies. “Fuck it,” you mumbled to yourself. “Hey!” you yelled, grabbing the attention of all three men. “I said you could go if you leave my stuff. Everything in here is mine. I don’t want to hurt you guys, but I swear I will if you try to steal from me.”

It wasn’t like you had a better alternative. Your chances of living were slim no matter what. You could either live off the little food you had left, which would last you about a month if you stretched it out, from the looks of things, or you could risk getting killed by these men for the possibility of getting your food back. 

“Lower your weapon,” a man in a brown leather coat ordered. He wore a beanie over his long hair and stood facing the side, his hand slowly traveling down his leg, towards the holder on his thigh. 

“Hands up,” you barked. The barrel of your gun was almost touching the man with the crossbow’s head. Both of the men in front of you put their hands up slowly. “I told you this already. If you want to go, then go, but you can’t take my supplies.” Your breathing was slowing down as your actions were catching up with your thoughts. 

“I’m sorry,” the man with the beanie apologized. “I don’t think we can do that.” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, and you were knocked to the floor. Your head hit the tile beneath you, and you lost consciousness almost immediately. 

You woke up to a searing pain in the back of your head. You lifted your head up to see where you were, but your brain began to pound aggressively, so you lay back down. Your hair had fallen in front of your eyes, so you reached your hand up to move the stray hairs. You couldn’t, though. Your wrists and ankles were bound to a bed beneath your body. 

Fear pulsed through your veins, and you shook violently as you imagined what they were going to do to you. Sobs shook your shoulders as you thrashed against the chains that bound you down. You screamed as loud as you could, not giving yourself time to rationalize. Your limbs flailed as your voice cracked from being worn out, and the door to your room swung open. 

“Jesus Christ,” a boy said. His hair was long, and his face was covered by the shadow of his sheriff’s hat. “Would you stop that? For the love of god…” He walked slowly, keeping his distance from your bed. He took a seat across the room and rested his knees on his hands. “What’s your name?” You couldn’t see his expression, but he seemed sincerely curious. 

You didn’t know why, but his voice soothed you. It sounded familiar, like home. “(Y/N),” you mumbled, focusing on slowing your breathing. “Where am I?” 

The boy’s posture perked up, and he ignored your question. “(Y/N)?” Your name sounded so nostalgic coming from his voice. “(Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” He stood up and quickly walked over to you, and his eye that wasn’t covered by a gauze pad widened. “Holy shit.” You closed your eyes and searched your brain to see why you recognized his voice. 

“Carl?”  The memories of all the mornings you had spent at his house before school flooded your brain. Your fathers had been friends since they were little, and you and Carl went to school together. Every morning, you would be dropped off at his house and Lori would take you to school. Chills ran up your spine as you took in his appearance. 

He swiftly moved his hands to unclasp the chains that held you down, easily unlocking each cuff. You pulled him into a hug, ignoring your aching head for the sake of reuniting with someone who knew you before you went mad. “Are you alone?” he asked, holding your head against his chest. You nodded, squeezing him tighter. 

“Are you?” you whispered. 

“Dad runs this place,” he said proudly. “And I have a baby sister.” You waited for him to mention his mom, but he didn’t. The door swung open abruptly and Rick entered with a woman following him. 

“Carl, get back,” Rick demanded. 

“No, Dad. Look, it’s (Y/N)!” Carl explained, unwinding himself from your embrace. Rick’s face softened, and he noticed how happy Carl seemed. The corners of his lips turned up a bit at the mention of your name, and he took in your appearance, recognizing you. He smiled widely and hugged you close, and that’s when you knew you had found home. 

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Marry Me, Negan - Chapter 1

I honestly didn’t expect a lot of encouraging words from awesome people when I posted about my Negan fic. I am so overwhelmed!!! Thank you so much to the amazing people who sent super kind words and I hope you guys enjoy reading the first chapter!!!

@ladylorelitany @may85 @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @my-achilles–heel @kijilinn @thesummerthatibecomeanerd @ali-pennell

Also, this isn’t really the first fic I wrote but this’ll be my first time posting one for everyone to read!

Title: Marry Me, Negan

Synopsis: Being tired of constantly having to fight for your life, you decided to offer Negan a proposal. A marriage proposal.

Characters: Negan x You/OC

Warnings: SFW, swearing, eventual smut

Chapter 1 - Say Yes?

“Be my husband.”

It was the first thing you said upon barging into Negan’s bedroom, catching him off guard as he was just about to remove his scarf from his neck. You were well-aware of the fact that his bedroom was the most forbidden place to enter in the entire compound. It was actually one Negan’s rules, to not enter his bedroom no matter how urgent the situation was. Not even his right-hand man was allowed in the room, not unless he was summoned by the man himself. The fact that not even his wives were given access to his room speaks volumes. Negan was a cautious man

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