So yeah, during today’s Telltale livestream with Nicki Rapp, (Lilly’s VA!) a bunch of interesting Lilly headcanons were tossed around: 

- All of them there think that Lilly is alive! 

- Lilly’s a by the book/all business type of gal. 

- She had a rough relationship with her father, but she understood him and his actions. (They said that Larry is a very loyal person!) 

- Lilly’s mother wasn’t around and she might have left Larry. (Not dead.)

- Has PTSD from her time in the military. 

- An amazing poker dealer. 

- They said, after leaving the group in the RV, that Lilly would have went back to the motel to gather the rest of the supplies. 

- I kid you not, Nicki thinks that Lilly would have killed Kenny if she didn’t ditch the group. 

- Nicki thinks that Lilly found another group or community and would probably be second in command. 

- Lilly is a HUGE dog person! Nicki said that she would probably have a German Shepherd or a St Bernard. She also tossed around the idea of a Jack Russell Terrier, joking that she would find a grey one and call it “Larry.” 

-  Nicki Rapp’s favorite line from Lilly is: “I don’t have anything left..” 

- She said that Lilly cared deeply for Clementine, and said she would be a good maternal figure for Clem. (Christa was also mentioned, but they all said that Christa would be too far gone. :( ) 

Just got to the part in TWDG S1E2 where you have to choose who to give food to. I always feed Clementine and Duck. Kids first, always. And I feed Ben to try and be welcoming and let’s be honest, he’s a kid too, even if he’s 18. It’s always the fourth piece I’ve been torn on. Sometimes Kenny because I see him as a friend, sometimes Larry to see if he’ll get off my back, and sometimes Mark to piss off Larry. But I never considered giving it to the woman who gave me the task in the first place, Lilly. I have her the food this time, and it felt right

Lilly appeared very dependent on Larry as much as he was dependent on her. Upon his untimely death she was left alone and afraid with a group that thought very little of her, or so she thought. Although, she had every reason to think this: when her father was brutally killed in front of her very eyes no one dared mourn him. No one really consoled her. And since she was quick to earn the disapproval of the group by association, this raised the question; would they mourn her when the time came? She wanted to maintain leadership while simultaneously keeping the motor inn’s security plan running, since it was all she really had left to busy herself with after losing her father. In doing so, she was holding on to her last memory of him; it’s what he would have wanted for her.

She then discovers supplies have gone missing right under her nose; a fight ensues not long after, leaving the motor inn completely inhabitable. Having to leave with her father’s killer(s), justified or not, still she continues. Her patience now slowly running thin, but still she refuses to give up. Lilly snaps, going so far as to abuse what little authority she had over the others. And within seconds her reputation is shattered, and she is either abandoned on the side of the road or finds herself in a position where stealing the RV is the only viable option. Lilly has nothing else to live for; she can only move forward.