So yeah, during today’s Telltale livestream with Nicki Rapp, (Lilly’s VA!) a bunch of interesting Lilly headcanons were tossed around: 

- All of them there think that Lilly is alive! 

- Lilly’s a by the book/all business type of gal. 

- She had a rough relationship with her father, but she understood him and his actions. (They said that Larry is a very loyal person!) 

- Lilly’s mother wasn’t around and she might have left Larry. (Not dead.)

- Has PTSD from her time in the military. 

- An amazing poker dealer. 

- They said, after leaving the group in the RV, that Lilly would have went back to the motel to gather the rest of the supplies. 

- I kid you not, Nicki thinks that Lilly would have killed Kenny if she didn’t ditch the group. 

- Nicki thinks that Lilly found another group or community and would probably be second in command. 

- Lilly is a HUGE dog person! Nicki said that she would probably have a German Shepherd or a St Bernard. She also tossed around the idea of a Jack Russell Terrier, joking that she would find a grey one and call it “Larry.” 

-  Nicki Rapp’s favorite line from Lilly is: “I don’t have anything left..” 

- She said that Lilly cared deeply for Clementine, and said she would be a good maternal figure for Clem. (Christa was also mentioned, but they all said that Christa would be too far gone. :( )