I feel like both Lilly and Lee have a mutual understanding for one another; Lee most definitely operating on respect. They make quite the team, I say. It would certainly have been interesting to have seen more interactions between the two had Lilly not shot Carley/Doug.

This might have been merely brushed over, but I do truly believe that no matter how you had Lee treat Lilly, she would still be compelled to help Lee find Clementine.

Just got to the part in TWDG S1E2 where you have to choose who to give food to. I always feed Clementine and Duck. Kids first, always. And I feed Ben to try and be welcoming and let’s be honest, he’s a kid too, even if he’s 18. It’s always the fourth piece I’ve been torn on. Sometimes Kenny because I see him as a friend, sometimes Larry to see if he’ll get off my back, and sometimes Mark to piss off Larry. But I never considered giving it to the woman who gave me the task in the first place, Lilly. I have her the food this time, and it felt right

Lilly - Analysis

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Lilly is socially inept, being instinctively a childish person at heart, likely due to the way her father had treated her. Lilly cannot properly maintain a simple conversation with people to save her life. Even when Lee’s NICE to her she gets all flustered, meaning such compliments have never been directed her way.

Had Lee done the talking on the RV, it would have more than likely instigated a sense of hope for Ben to come forward. It was blatantly obvious Lilly could not just question without insisting, she relied so much on scare tactics to get Ben to come forward. Had her father not died, I doubt she would have felt the need to pressure people into talking, particularly Ben.

Honestly? Here I did not see an adult, but merely a child, insistent on getting their way; unable to take criticism. Most probably the way Larry had treated her when he was still alive. She wanted things done, and done now, and due to her poor judgement in that moment, the inevitable was to come. It’s not that she was paranoid. In fact, she wasn’t paranoid. Someone was stealing supplies; someone was sneaking into her bedroom while she slept. Lilly had good intentions, unfortunately none of which were in the right place as of that moment. Had she gone about it differently the events of that night might not have occurred.