TWDG Questions - send me a letter in my ask and i'll answer

A - Who had the most heroic death?
B - Your favorite episode of S2?
C - Your favorite episode of S1?
D - Your favorite episode from both seasons?
E - Do you ship Nuke?
F - Who had the most saddest death?
G - Which character do you hope is still alive?
H - Lee or Clementine?
I - Favorite outfit?
J - Favorite ship?
K - Least favorite ship?
L - Favorite Lee moment?
M - Jane or Molly?
N - Sarah or Duck?
O - Least favorite episode?
P - S1 Clem or S2 Clem?
Q - Favorite member from the cabin group?
R - Favorite villain? 
S - Mike or Bonnie?
T - Favorite 400 days member?
U - Lilly or Kenny?
V - Favorite area we were in?
W - Character I would kill for another one to live for forever?
X - Thing you most hated?
Y - Character that gets a lot more hate that they deserve?
Z - Character who had a lot of potential?