twdg luke

  • season 1 me: wow I love lee
  • season 2 me: wow I really shouldn't get attached to these characters but I still love luke
  • pre-season 3 me: wow I will not get attached to anyone whatsoever
  • season 3 me: fuckin javi am I right

don’t you just hate it when you’re in a zombie apocalypse and you meet this genuinely good guy who drops you on the ground when he sees your dog bite but is very nice to you after that and he is just generally very human and you two cross a dangerous bridge together and almost die and then some dude holds you at gunpoint and he also helps you and your friends get out of a community run by a madman and he really really cares about you and everyone else and he loses his best friend and all his cabinmates and feels guilty about being the only one alive and he gets shot trying to save either you or a baby but he is able to get back on track then you guys decide to walk across a frozen lake and he falls through regardless of whether or not you try to help him and drowns to his death? yeah me too