twdg bonnie

When Kenny came back:

When Kenny blamed Clem for Sarita’s death:

When Luke slept with Jane:

When Mike + Bonnie + Arvo betrayed the group and shot Clem. then heard Kenny’s voice calling worriedly for her in the distance:

When season 2 ended: 

Luke's  death was just complete bullshit. I knew that it was coming, I knew he was gonna die, but how and especially the fact that he did is just bullshit. He always brightened the mood and cared for Clem & he had to carry around the guilt of his friends deaths - which he had nothing to do with & the last thing he wanted was for Clem not to put herself at risk. His muttering “please, just go back, please” was just so fucking devastating that everytime I think about it I just want to drop onto the floor & bawl my eyes out. He died on his birthday as well at only 27 years old. He was like the last person that actually gave a shit about Clem. And the fact that the two shittiest people got to live till the very end just pisses me off. To be honest I don’t even think that I’ll play season 3 after this episode. The fact that Clementine was alone AGAIN (or with Kenny/Jane) was just really unsatisfying. The only way that I’ll at least check out season 3 is if Luke is back. He was the only good character everyone either betrayed Clem, abandoned Clem, took advantage of Clem, or just went bad. Luke died saving Clementine. There are many ways that he could have made it, like Kenny, it was absolutely impossible for him to have made it out but he just popped up without an explanation. Luke could have gotten free from the walker, floated up to the top unconscious and have someone come by & rescue him, the other ending, he was most likely unconscious, people still could have found him. But either way, if this game was actually realistic, Clementine would have most likely gotten hypothermia & died.
But for now, Luke shall swim freely in the water as a mermaid  :’)

The Signs As Characters From Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’

Aries - Kenny
- Luke
- Christa
- Katjaa
- Jane
- Carley
- Sarah
- Lilly
- Omid
- Lee
- Bonnie
- Clementine