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I think Rebecca might be the surrogate mother of Nick.

This first struck me in episode 4, when the news of his death is broken to her, and she cries openly. This could be because of hormones to do with pregnancy and all, but from a writing standpoint I seriously doubt it. What makes her reaction all the more striking is the fact that it is almost juxtaposed with Luke’s. His reaction was minute, and it is said they were best friends of 20 years, so it follows that Rebecca must have cared about Nick a great deal. Not only this, but Luke is aware of Rebecca’s state after Nick’s death and checks in on her even after her initial breakdown.

What caught my attention as a very offhand but interesting comment was this:

Given that she apparently has a previous experience to compare this one to, Rebecca has given birth before, and I gather it was successful. It’s also worth it to mention that her remembering the intensity of the pain that comes with childbirth doesn’t necessarily mean it was recent at all, it could very well be about, say, 25 years ago? If we look at Rebecca, she seems to be in her late forties, and Nick is assumed to be in his mid twenties. Besides, I can imagine that you wouldn’t forget the pain of childbirth, after even that amount of time. It’s also possible for their relationship to be close because sometimes the family of the child will stay in contact with the surrogate mother, and Rebecca would still be instinctively maternal toward Nick.

I’d also like to include I’m not by any means saying this is real or canon. It’s entirely debatable, and is a theory with not much to go off in the first place. But it would mean that Nick is at least half-black, depending on what ethnicity the sperm donor was (whether they were Nick’s father or not). It implies that his mother may have been unable to conceive, carry a child to term, give birth or was unwilling to be impregnated. This theory would also explain the close relationship they seem to have which was never previously expressed. However, if it is untrue, it means that Rebecca used to have a child who could’ve grown up and moved out before the apocalypse and she’d never seen again. Alternatively, they could’ve gotten lost during the apocalypse or died in her care.

EDIT: After some reflection, I also realized this could maybe account for Rebecca’s hostility toward Clementine when she is first brought to the cabin with what everyone assumes to be a zombie bite. It would match up quite nicely with Nick’s animosity toward you. It could be that she is trying to protect Nick from harm again and/or that she too was hurt by the passing of Nick’s mother, who could have been close to her if this theory is true. Again, it is just a theory, nothing concrete. But it’s something worth thinking about.

You know what would have been better than Sarah dying? Sarah living. Sarah fighting against the hypothetical odds that Jane has set against her and proving her wrong. It would be good for Jane to learn that Sarah could make her way in a relentless and unforgiving environment that even she struggles with. Jane would realize how wrong she was about people in the same situation as Jaime, and it would be a good teaching character arc for both her and the players who have no tolerance for Sarah.

Under Clementine’s request Jane teaches Sarah some survival skills that the player didn’t learn (because there’d have to be more) and along the way, Sarah disproves Jane’s old beliefs with her capability. Jane is taught by Sarah that she is just as strong as Clementine, if not more so for making her disadvantages work. All she needed was people to have faith and patience in her. Jane would apologize for ever doubting her and do everything she can to learn more about her condition and help Sarah when the need arises.

where’s my twdg cowboy au????

  • where’s my gun-slinging unassuming cowgirl sarah complete w/ protective dad carlos; town doctor and infamous bullshit detector
  • where’s my sheriff Lily and seething deputy kenny
  • Dead-eye Carley
  • Calamity Jane
  • brokeback mountain luke and nick
  • Compassionate ranch boss Pete
  • Hilarious and elusive train robbing partners Omid and Christa
  • Eddie and Wyatt: boisterous and impetuous rodeo clown duo
  • mike and bonnie the inseparable saloon staff and their pet raccoon rocky
  • Rebecca the “too good for you” buffalo-wrangler 

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i need examples of Luke's ableism because a friend wanted to know, so if you could give me some that would help wonders !

Luke, I think was a lot less ableist before episode 4 was released, however it was still very potentially harmful.

Often to Nick he would associate him with childishness, which is something neurodiverse people are accused of a lot!! He calls him “kid” when saying he’s worried about him in episode 2. It doesn’t seem weird at first but if you think about it in context and the fact that they’re the same age, it’s a little indicative that Luke thinks lowly of Nick, and associates him with juvenility. 

Nick also had pessimistic views because of his depression, so before engaging the herd at the end of episode 3, he says “There’s no way we’re going to make it through this” to which Luke replies “You kidding me? If Clem can handle it, you can.” He also upon hearing from Clementine that Nick is suicidal reacts in a way which pretty much amounts to “That happens sometimes, keep an eye on him” These aren’t word for word but you get the idea, Luke is very condescending. But it’s also true that this behaviour is casual, it’s not outright malicious or an intentionally hurtful jab or anything like that, it’s just inconsiderate. Luke cares a lot about Nick, clearly, but he’s not fully aware of how to treat him. But that’s alright, because being ableist as a result of the society we live in does not make you a bad person, it’s how you respond to being corrected and criticized, but Luke hasn’t been told better by anyone so I’m not sure what to think of him there.

Now his ableism toward Sarah is a different story, however I’m really willing to blame the writer for this because I think it was very uncharacteristic of Luke to do what he did to Sarah, but I’ve said that a million times so let’s move on. Luke directly violates Sarah’s needs as a neurodiverse person (with anxiety disorder and very likely autism). He yells at her, which is a big mistake when faced with someone in the middle of a panic attack. Yeah, he was under a great amount of stress given the zombies a minute or two from breaking in the door, but it was wrong, and it would only hurt and panic Sarah more. By the sounds of it he was also violating her personal space during her panic attack, maybe by trying to pick her up or drag her? Because she screams at him at one point. If he had just waited with her quietly or tried to make her comfortable or reassure her, (I’m not sure which because some people react differently during their panic attacks depending on the person) chances are no walkers would have been attracted to them and she may – after quite a while – have recovered somewhat. If I’m wrong and anyone could correct me on this that’d be lovely because I don’t have anxiety, so I obviously can’t speak for Sarah’s condition fully.

I’ve heard he did more in episode 4 but I can’t remember right now, It’s not like I played it again, I didn’t want to :// But!!!! I really hope this helps you and your friend understand this all better, I’m sorry if I sound really finicky and mean or something but I’m glad to hear you’re interested in being informed about this! That’s really cool wtf!! I apologize for the super long read but have a great day! :)