Merle Dixon in Every Episode» Walk With Me
Who ain’t had a gun on ‘em in the past year, huh? Show of hands, y'all. Anybody? Hmm? Shumpert, Crowley. Y'all had a gun on y'all? Hell I think I’d piss my pants if some stranger come walking up with his mitts in his pockets. That’d be the son of a bitch you’d really want to be scared of.


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Going on a run with Daryl and him explaining art to you.

“Looks like a dog sat in paint, wiped it’s ass all over the place.” he said in a gruff voice.

“Haha, nice one. You know, I may be redneck, but I still see the beauty in this  painting….” you stared at him.

“Oh really, well then what in the hell do you think this is.” he said.

You looked at it, shaking your head laughing, “Yeah, I’ve got nothing.”


Caesar Martinez in Every Episode» Walk With Me
[We brought in three new people yesterday. One was a helicopter pilot with a National Guard outfit. Even though he’s clinging to life, he told us about his convoy on the highway, his men. I promised I’d bring them back here alive. But they didn’t have our walls or our fences. Biters got there before we did. Now, the men had trucks, the trucks had weapons, food, medicines, things we need. Now, we didn’t know them, but we’ll honor their sacrifice by not taking what we have here for granted.]