Get ready cause spoilers-ish

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Lila, une nouvelle élève, arrive au collège et Ladybug s’en fait une ennemie mortelle en l’humiliant. Akumatisée, Lila devient Volpina, maîtresse des illusions. Volpina réussira-t-elle à duper Ladybug et Chat Noir?


Lila, a new student arrives at school and Ladybug is actually a mortal enemy by humiliating. Akumatized, Lila becomes Volpina, mistress of illusions. Can Volpina manage to fool Ladybug and Chat Noir?

“Respect the law or the law will kick you in the face”

I should stop stalling releases and hurry up…


Miraculous The Adventures of Ladybug and Chat Noir

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Regarding ep order, It depend on the broadcaster. But from my point of view “Volpina” is the SF[Season Finale]”

“Of course. That’s part of the writing process, right?

Alright, a couple recent things from Winny’ twitter. 1) That means that episode in question may be called “Volpina” and 2) legit order to the episodes with “Volpina” being the last chronological episode. And the bottom part was me freaking out about background character development.


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Very Good News!

Greetings, Sgt. Frog fandoms!

I have seen in the KG forum, and I saw…

There’s available all, but ALL episodes with subtitle!! from 001 to 358?!?!?!?

Woaaahh, lots of episode with subtitle oh god the dream has come true! ;o;

Thanks for the some anonymous who did the fansub, jfc was hard work!?

Thanks God! I’m so SO glad and I’m going to watch all episodes xDDD


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