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This is the “32 Things About Myself” game

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1) Name: Araceli
2) Nickname(s): solochely
3) Zodiac sign: Libra
4) Height: 5’12 in / 156 cm
5) Ethnicity:  emm… don’t really know…? o__o Iberian? european?? idk lol
6) Birthplace: Guadalajara, Spain
7) Sexual orientation: Hmmm… Don’t want to use any “tag”, I just love the one I have to
8) Favourite fruit(s): Cherry, tangerine, orange, strawberry, kiwi, apple (the green green super green ones xD ), plum, mango, peach… anything acid lol
9) Favourite season(s): Deep in winter. I love that warm feeling when you get home from the freezing outside x3 Moreover if it’s snowing! =D
10) Favourite song(s): Bffffff many many xD sorry for the spam, but i have to share them!! xD

Anything by gackt, really…

And many many more xD

11) Favourite flower(s): Roses and sunflowers =)
12) Favourite book(s): Haven’t read many… But I may mention “Harry Potter” series, anything by Enid Blyton, “popular Russian tales” (straight translate from Spanish cause I don’t know the original title), “Tales and legends from Japan” (same as the last), and I must be forgeting some other, but I can’t think of any right now xD
13) Favourite animal(s):  Hmmmmmmm besides cats, dogs and canaries… maybe horses? xD
14) Favourite beverage(s): Coca-cola and orange juice x3
15) Favourite fictional character(s): Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, Edward Elric, Hitsugaya Toshiro, Cloud Strife, Son Gohan, Shusuke Fuji and the list goes on xDD
16) Dream trip: Japan & Norway
17) Killed people: I don’t think this needs an answer (why is this even a question?)
18) Siblings: No
19) Horror films?: Nope, nope
20) Reason to smile: Sasuke, my cat, SNS….
21) Questions you are always asked: can’t think of any
22) Favourite food(s): Ramen & pizza. Amen.
23) A gift you currently want to receive: A Wacom Cintiq Pro 16" would be nice, thank you
24) OTP: ♫ ♬ Together, forever that’s how it must be ♫ ♬
25) One thing that changed about you: Hmmm… I always was very entrusting and shared almost everything with anyone who would just ask but now… I became so selfconscious I can’t do that anymore.
26) Your first ship: GotenxTrunks & TrunksxPan (i think xD )
27) NOTP: exactly the same as @offansandflames Don’t even want to type it lol
28) Fear that you want to conquer: Hmmmmm… I don’t fear death so I don’t know if I have any other fear. I can’t think of any at least.
29) Favourite fanfiction(s): You can check on my faves from FF (there’s just too many ^^Uu)

30) Favourite sport(s): Soccer and badminton to play, Moto GP to watch.
31) Birth of your blog: January 7th, 2013
32) Followers: xxxx

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Volevo provare a fare una cosa. Ditemi se vi piace.

Pensavo che potremmo scambiarci sfoghi, pensieri o segreti in anonimo. E’ un po’ come il gioco per conoscersi meglio, quello con le solite domande, solo che qui di domande non ce ne sono. Raccontatemi e ditemi tutto quello che volete, e farò così anche io con voi. Ci state?

Prototype Presentation: Steam Craft

Sitting somewhere between Pikmin and the StarCraft mod Nexus Wars Steam Craft is a tug of war style RTS in a world of battling steampunk robots…

…well, currently moving cubes.

With the elevator pitch out of the way let me explain the project that I am currently working on.

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This is the “32 Things About Myself” game

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1) Name: Lo
2) Nickname(s): Lo, Sasu, Pama, 4.7, JackKnife
3) Zodiac sign: Cancer, Fire rabbit
4) Height: 5’ 8” / 173 cm
5) Ethnicity:  Cherokee, Apache, French, Irish, Sicilian (Italian), Austrian.
I only found out a week ago that I had Apache because at the time, Cherokees were know for being more “civilized.” So my Apache relatives pretended to be Cherokee and interbred with them.

6) Birthplace: Torrance, California
7) Sexual orientation: Pansexual
8) Favourite fruit(s): Kiwis, cherries (actual cherries, not that fake candy flavor), mangoes, passionfruit, pineapples. I love tropical fruits in general.
9) Favourite season(s): Late spring/early summer
10) Favourite song(s): At the moment:
Bird Set Free - Sia
Crosses - Jose Gonzalez
Sound of Silence - Disturbed
Monkey Tree - Mother Mother
Burning Pile - Mother Mother
Control - Halsey
Every Other Freckle - Alt-J
Rescue Radio - Soft Bullets
Goodbye Angels - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Little One - Highly Suspect
Heavy Eyes - Oh Land
Numb - Oh Land
Some good music for you (stored on my hubby’s account):

11) Favourite flower(s): I don’t remember the name of them, but they’re in a bush-like shape (yet tiny) with a bunch of tiny purple flowers. Reminds me of my great grandma.
12) Favourite book(s):
Catch-22 - Joseph Heller
13) Favourite animal(s):  Buns. 
14) Favourite beverage(s): Smoothies, boba iced tea
15) Favourite fictional character(s): Sasuke, Naruto, Rock Lee, All Might, Olivier Armstrong, Kageyama (Haiykuu!!), Nezumi (No. 6), Kakashi
16) Dream trip: Japan, Thailand (coming soon), New Zealand, Peru, Brazil
17) Killed people: Who would admit that anyway?
18) Siblings: No. Pretty sure I traumatized my mother.
19) Horror films?: Love ‘em. Favorite of all time is The Shining, so nostalgic.
20) Reason to smile: @niyari-to-kitsune
21) Questions you are always asked: Are you okay?
22) Favourite food(s): Sushi, ice cream, creme brulee, German food in general, mango sticky rice, Japanese food, yummmm.
23) A gift you currently want to receive: Go pro camera!
24) OTP: Not even gonna dignify that obviousass question with an answer.
25) One thing that changed about you: omg are you kidding? Umm. I was really nice, sweet, and innocent as a kid. Then I went through some stuff and became angry, reserved, rebellious, aggressive, and distrustful for many years. Now I’m pretty nice again, though still distrustful.
26) Your first ship: SNS.
27) NOTP: NaruHina, ItaSasu
28) Fear that you want to conquer: This is a hard one. I don’t have many fears. I’d probably want to minimize my fear of abandonment and getting really sick again.
29) Favourite fanfiction(s): Jeezums

“Beyond An Identity” - Daydreamer79 and SangoStar
“It Started Over Coffee” - Rasengan22
“Talk To Me” - Rasengan22
“Sasuke Says” - FastForward

30) Favourite sport(s): Tennis to play, but my knees can’t handle it.
31) Birth of your blog: 2012? I used to use it as a Livejournal basically and would abandon it for years.
32) Followers: 1,291

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