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The #FIDMMuseum in L.A. had a great exhibit featuring designs from period & contemporary TV shows on last summer. They displayed costumes from some of the greatest shows during ~peak tv~ and gave insight into the costume designers vision. Being so close to outfits faves have worn is seriously mind blowing - check out the FIDM’s website for current exhibits or jut stop by the gift shop for dope AF souvenirs!


#you know that moment when #your daughter grew up to be a beautiful young girl #and so badass and intelligent #and you just can’t handle the feels

  • <p> <b>Before you start watching a new tv series:</b> oh good this show only has 12 episodes it won't take that long to watch<p/><b>After you watched the tv series:</b> oH GOD WHY ARE THERE ONLY 12 EPISODES I NEED MORE DONT DO THIS TO ME<p/></p>