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check your brightness!

PSA: now that season 15 has given us the Gift that is locus back on our screens, i just wanna remind artists to check your screen’s brightness settings, so that you don’t accidentally whitewash him in your work!!


Buffy The High School Years - Parental Parasite

Another nice story, I think the best that has been released so far - I liked the idea of the parasite demon who needs to be cared by a “parent”. We got to see a lot of Joyce, too.

There’s good Scooby interaction and the voices sound right – including Xander’s distaste for Angel (although nobody knows at this point that he’s a vampire)… which, by the way, I make my own; the older I get, the harder is to watch such an old guy after a teen who is still dealing with homework or having to listen to mom lecturing her about how bad is to skip classes… so gross. But that’s because I know the whole story, so it doesn’t do any harm to this book per se. The art is cool!

It’s a good reading for those who are already hard core fans (BtVS and comics) – and I hope it works to attract the young readers it is targeted for.

descendants 2 liveblogging nonsense all as one post because no one needs more than one post of vivian’s descendants 2 thoughts

  • keep in mind the first movie is in my opinion one of the worst movies on this entire planet so the bar for this movie is set really really low
  • can’t believe mulan’s daughter is a literal sword lesbian 
  • i’d die for mal 
  • is this a talking dog? is there seriously a talking dog in this movie right now? in the year of our lorde (yes lorde this is her year) 2017 are we seriously making “scratch my butt” dog jokes right fucking now
  • “i need you to stop talking” big mood
  • sons of hook and gaston are y’all shittin me
  • why is this white dude rapping 
  • wasn’t china like 12 last time i checked? what happened
  • “i’m fake, this is fake” is it because you’re a lesbian
  • “she’s my best friend” y’all are gay and in love
  • who is this cute tiny baby in the salon i love her
  • can anyone truly pull off purple hair like dove cameron
  • sofia carson is?? really fuckin hot wow i’m gay this whole number has got me super gay when will sofia carson sit on my face
  • “and i wanted a seapony”?? you mean a seahorse?
  • “i’m so flattered that you dream of me” this is a whole lotta gay sexual tension in this scene right here 
  • i’m even more attracted to mal when her eyes go all green and glowy and evil?? so that’s the tea
  • mal and evie talking about mal’s hair!! they’re so cute and i’d die for them
  • mal and evie are dizzy’s lesbian moms
  • omg i can’t believe how much dizzy looks up to evie!! she’s like her little sister this is the cutest thing i’ve seen all day
  • is this a malvie duet?? about how much evie and mal love each other and wish they weren’t disappointing each other?? this is the gayest thing on the planet currently holy shit
  • please can the talking dog thing end
  • didn’t gaston die? on that note didn’t most disney villains die at the end of their movies?
  • honestly mal/uma is the most gay thing
  • “nice scarf. it’s mine now” holy fuck that move i’m so attracted to her holyyyy fuck i’m so gay for evie i wanna be that dude she stole a scarf from
  • lonnie helping evie jump down and holding her hand, lonnie is gay for evie (girl me too)
  • “you’re always going off and doing your girl talk and stuff, jay and i are tired of it” my dude, my guy, they are going off together all the time because they are gay and in love 
  • “i’m a mess i’m such a mess” BABY!! NO!!! i feel you sweetie pie i love you
  • she’s the team captain!! excellent i trust her with my life
  • “so you’re not seeing happy’s son or anyone else” she’s seeing mal 
  • evie’s face when she sees mal in her dress!! she’s the one who’s face they show first and she’s the first one that starts clapping this is gay as hell
  • oh my god this scene is so gay
  • uma’s dress is very pretty she looks beautiful
  • is uma his new girlfriend? if they’re together can she date evie now please
  • i’m glad they’re playing an orchestral version of kiss the girl i appreciate it
  • lmao she cast an evil spell on his ass
  • can’t believe they spent the whole movie having evie and mal make googoo eyes at each other and she still kisses ben at the end? homophobic
  • she just turned into a dragon god i wish i could do that
  • “shall we? we shall” this is gay
  • evie’s little sister is gonna come!!!!! “she’s like a little sister to me” THAT’S SO FUCKIN CUTE
  • okay the final dance number was pretty cute
  • dizzy is gonna go hang out with her sister!!!!!!! 
  • overall i’m glad this movie is over but i think it was at least slightly better than the first one? malvie is gay and so am i
No Good Part 3 (Negan x Female)



Summary: In order to help a friend, she makes a deal with the devil.

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 3,232

Warnings: Smut, Fluff, alcohol, pregnancy mention, choking, fingering, swearing, NSFW

Author’s Note: Thank you guys for all the support! I didn’t expect this series to take off like it did, and I hope this finale is worth it. I really struggled with coming up with a decent ending to this monster of a fic. It was hard, but I did my best. 

Please let me know what you thought! This fic has no beta reader, so I am very sorry for any errors you encounter. Enjoy!

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I cannot abide it when straight (generally white ?) women make it clear that the only reason they like Pride and Prejudice is bc they want to f*ck Darcy. listen. Darcy is an asshole. he’s awful. that’s the entire point. he is there to provide enough of a plot for my wife Elizabeth Bennet to grow as a character and that is it. you fools. you absolute dunderheads. listen. don’t act like Darcy is some kind of polite charming dreamboat who’s going to take you for a ride in his 4-horse carriage w/ springs & his family crest on the side or at least not before insulting you, thinking he’s better than you and everyone you love & probably ruining SOMEONE’s life and you know what I can’t finish this post I hate myself