I’ve read Steven Yeun’ comments ab his time as Glenn on The Walking Dead and I have had some time to sit with them. He makes some very valid points. Nothing ab his comments should be read as a knock on the show bc it isn’t but he’s aware of the industry he exists in and the underutilization of his character. I get a “give a person their roses while they can still smell them” vibe from his comments. Fans loved Glenn but he was rarely written with that same love in mind. Glenn was never as loved or appreciated as he is in death. Where #TWD missed the mark is not realizing that he didn’t need situations to validate his significance. Glenn should not have been a background type character and because of his undevelopment through some of the writing he was. What I see from Steven’ comments is as liked and loved Glenn was, he did not change the landscape of normalcy BUT he could have. I’m the first to say how much I love The Walking Dead but just like any show it has it flaws at times. Steven is brilliant and he shared his thoughts in a way that wasnt disrespectful but completely informative. 🙏✊

The worst thing about Carl’s death on TWD is the fact that poor Chandler actually was all set to film a bunch of new exciting storylines for Carl for S8 and S9. He even was all set up to go to college in Georgia, and had bought a house in Senoia, so that he could be close to the set for the show because he was told that he would be on the show for at least another three years as a main cast member

However, Scott Gimple totally pulled the rug out from under him midway through season eight, and told Chandler that Carl was going to die two weeks before his eighteenth birthday. How disrespectful, shitty, and unprofessional was that? I didn’t think Gimple could ever do one of the main cast members of TWD dirty than Steven Yeun, after Glenn’s pointless shock value death back in S7, which made me quit watching soon after because they wasted so much potential by sidelining him and killing him for cheap ratings, and “just because comics” was not a good excuse. However, at the very least, Steven was prepared for Glenn to die two years in advance by Gimple, even if he was only going along with it because Gimple clearly didn’t appreciate Glenn enough on the show, or use him that much for screen time post S3, anyway, so he figured “What’s the point?”

However, they’ve proven me wrong. Even though I was more emotionally attached to Glenn than Carl as a character, at least it seemed pretty obvious that Steven was ready to go, and he knew it was going to happen well in advance.

Chandler Riggs didn’t even get that much courtesy from Gimple for Carl’s death on the show, though. He didn’t want Carl to die on the show. Gimple just sprung this on him at the last minute, like “Lol, kid, sorry, you’re fired. Carl’s going to be killed off in 8x09 because I changed my mind to create shock value.”

How rude is that? Poor Chandler! What’s more, he found out two weeks before his eighteenth birthday by episode 8x06! Gimple should be fired for this shit treatment of his actors. Chandler Riggs deserved a lot better! He put over seven years of his childhood into this show, he plays the secondary protagonist of the show (or that’s how he should have been treated in the role of Rick’s son on the show), and this is how Gimple pays him back for all his hard work and improvement as an actor on the show over the course of the series, just to reel in more ratings with cheap shock value, and to continue to try to “justify” the existence of a psychopathic mass murdering rapist villain that most of us have just wanted dead and gone forever from the moment he pulverized poor Glenn and Abraham’s skulls to nothing but a pile of bloody brain matter and eyeballs in 7.01?

I figured that this show wasn’t going to get any better after they killed off Glenn in the S7 premiere because he was the biggest source of heart and hope on this show, and I was right. There’s not much of a group left, and Glenn’s death in the S7 premiere only was the start of a dark era of shock value death because Gimple had run out of ideas, and had become too lazy to focus on character development anymore. I’m glad that I quit watching this show when I did midway through S7, but this mistreatment of Chandler Riggs on Scott Gimple’s part is downright the most atrocious, disrespectful, and unprofessional treatment of an actor on this show that I have ever come across! Not only is Carl still alive in the comics with a major active role right now, but Gimple disrespected Chandler Riggs, a teenage actor, by leading him on with false hope that Carl would be alive on the show for at least another three years. Then, he spit in his face by changing his mind, and killing him off at the last minute for shock value! Scott Gimple should be fired for doing this to Chandler Riggs by TWD.

Carl will probably live

A few points to back this up

1. The doctor has just escaped with gabriel which means some miracle of a surgery could save him. Would have been pointless to add these scenes if it wasnt leading up to something.

2. All character deaths are usually surrounded by many scenes before the character dies. Carl had like 3 scenes this season in total. I dont think he would die with nothing accomplished this season.

3. Fear introduced the concept of immunity. Out of all the characters besides rick carl would be up there for possible immunity. Also there are alot of theories going around that carl was bit when he tried helping siddiq and besides his weird limping (probably in pain?) He didnt seem to be dying and it had been some time since the bite. I dont recall much of the scene from fear where the guy explained his bite but if i recall didnt he say he got the fever but just never turned? Correct me if im wrong

4. Scott gimple has done the whole yes this is sad were gunna see it through death bit before with glenn only for him to survive via the dumpster. Could just be hiding the story from us.

5. Carl is one of the 4 remaining atlanta residents and also one of the remaining kids with a story arc. With so many lost viewers due to glenn and abes death would twd writers really risk another major death from atlanta instead of someone like rosita or tara? This might just be a way to get people interested again. The season 7 finale was the most watched because people were interested who would die now they are going into the season 8 midseason premire with the question will Carl die.

Even if im wrong, and i hope im not, it would be stupid to kill off one of the only kids in the show and someone as loved/annoyed with as carl. I dont think the writers want another glenn death where viewers leave in thousands afterwards. Plus ontop of everything Ricks character would be mentally gone if carl dies and as the main character im sick of seeing his mental state on the decline any further.

Hey fam, I know things are heated in the fandom lately and we’re comparing Team Family to the Saviors and arguing which is more evil, but it’s not that simple.

Both groups have major issues and watching y’all try to defend one group over the other is silly. Negan isn’t a good guy, but he isn’t your typical villain either. And Rick isn’t your usual good guy™️. Neither of them are doing good things, because war is never good.

They’re both leaders trying to protect their people. Negan is just much more extreme in his ways. You can hate him all you want, but he’s taken care of a lot of people who are now counting on him to win this war for their well being. He’s been through trauma and come out in a similar way that Daryl has or Rick has. They’re all survivors. They do whatever it takes to go on.

All these people have been through terrible things, and it’s not an excuse for their actions, but an explanation. And it’s not just a fight over egos… lives are on the line here. You shouldn’t smile when Daryl shoots an unarmed Savior, just like I shouldn’t laugh when Glenn was beaten to death.

TWD universe isn’t the world we live in. These characters have had to adapt to survive and sometimes that means characters doing things you don’t agree with. Whether that’s Negan beating Glenn or Abe to death, or Rick and Daryl shooting unarmed Saviors, BOTH SIDES ARE KILLING WHAT THEY SEE AS AN ENEMY.

We knew what we were getting into guys. It’s war. War is ugly. I commend the show for conveying how it isn’t black and white, even though the characters see it that way. To them it’s allies and enemies. To us, they’re characters we have fallen in love with over years.

So you can root for either side or you can even root for both. Much like the real world, good and bad isn’t always so clearly spelled out. Both sides are capable of evil and you can’t measure it.

It’s been 3 years since Beth Greene died. I can’t believe it’s been this long since that painful night where I cried till 4 am. I’ll never stop believing that Beth Greene deserved so much better, and that her death was one of the most bullshit deaths on twd. Even after all these years, memories of her linger, and I know that she’ll live on forever in my heart, and the hearts of all the characters whose lives she touched on twd. She will forever be a symbol of hope for me, and serve as a reminder that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. No matter what, I will never stop missing Beth Greene. ♡

Death’s L4yers

L4yers of War Series

Richonne Fanfiction

Previously: Planning L4yers

A/N: 3 Things: First - This is a long chapter, 8k, please take your time. Second, thank you for taking the time to read. Lastly, I’m sorry. I am so sorry.

Death’s L4yers

An outer body experience, it is the only thing that can describe what’s happening to her. She hovers above herself watching as the hideous scene unfolds. She watches completely immobile as Negan taunts each person kneeling on ground in the center of the town. Armed Saviors intermingle with scared Alexandrian. She watches palpable fear contort individual’s faces. Some cry silently with tears racing down their visage.

She watches as he stops and kneels in front of Carol. He smiles a sinister grin, all teeth with a dark glint shinning within his dark eyes. She wants to scream. She wants to tell him stop smiling. Yet she remains still. She remains silent. She watches unable to move, unable to help.

Negan raises Lucille and drags the barb wires down Carol’s arm. Skin cling to the sharpen metal and scraps off her skin causing Carol to whimper and flinch from the pain. Out the corner of her eyes she notices Morgan move but it is Tobin who cries out first.

“Stop! You’re hur-”

His words are left forever unfinish as a bullet eats his skull. He falls lifeless to the ground.

“Well fuck!” Negan exclaims as he rises to his feet, “Y'all motherfuckers are stubborn as fuck but I got one more lesson for y'all fuckers.”

“Please Negan-,” Rick starts to plea, “Please Negan… we… I- I’ll get them in line.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will,” Negan grins as he hands Rick Lucille, “It’s your turn. One of these people have to go and you’re going to do it.”

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What did Daryl do?

His revenge boner caused him (and Tara and Morgan) to fuck up the big plan, drive a truck into the Sanctuary and let out Negan and all the other little assholes trapped inside, setting up the mess that will inevitably be the MSF (and a major character death)