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Wishlist for 5x05 "Self Help"

I hope tonight’s episode gives us something to freak out about besides the Caryl previews after the episode. I love Caryl and McReedus as much as the next fangirl, but there are other characters you know.

I want Rosita to have some development. What’s her story? What does she care about, besides Abraham and DC? Will she kick ass?

I want Eugene to step up and learn how to defend himself. I want Glenn to tell him the story of the original quarry group and how far they all came. How Carol, the BAMF that saved them all from being on the Termites’ dinner plates, used to be as meek and defenseless as him. How he used to just be the kid they used as walker bait. How Carl was just a little kid not allowed to swear, hold a gun, or leave his mom’s sight is now a 13-14 year old BAMF.

I want more of Abraham’s background story. What does he remember from the old world that’s driving him to end this as fast as possible? No one wants this to keep going on, but no one wants the old world back as badly as he does. What is he so desperate to get back? Or is he hoping to get it back so he can give Rosita a good life with him?

I want Tara to talk about her previous life. We, the audience, know a big chunk of the story. But I want to hear her tell them all. About her dad, sister, niece, girlfriend, the good she saw in the Governor before he went nuts again. Did she see her sister, niece, and girlfriend in the prison yard? She’s gotta be wondering why her sister and niece were there. If she didn’t see them, she might be hoping they’ll find her.

I want Maggie to talk about Beth, for crying out loud! Ugh, I want her to remember her sister is possibly still alive. I want her to hug Glenn, cry over her sister and dad, and not have it lead to sex.

I want someone to call Carol “Carol Dixon”, “Daryl’s wife”, something to that effect. I want a little snippet of conversation talking about how Daryl tackle hugged Carol, cried, looked at her with adoration, and gave no damn who saw.

If any of this happens, I’d be happy. All I really want is this episode to be something more than filler.

Hope Bubbles - United DC

The general Walking Dead audience began associating Carol and Daryl as ‘something-together" quite possibly even before most shippers did. 

From their first scene in Season 1, when Daryl passes Carol that pickaxe so SHE can put that abomination, called ED, down; there seemed to be an unspoken recognition between the two and it only grew from there. 

At first the reason for the association was a common past and family loss but after Daryl self-initiated an emotional bond with Carol during the search for Sophia and became a constant figure during her grief, the fledgling ‘relationship’ became to hold the promise of something MORE

TWD writers and AMC fully exploited the powerful chemistry between Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride by both significantly intertwining their personal journeys and continuously using the importance of each other’s presence and influence to push the story-line along. 

Team CARYL became a marketing and PR goldmine - evidence of which came to a head this year with Season 5 CARYL merchandising and the amount of coverage of a united Carol and Daryl, got from both Walking Dead and Talking Dead social media coverage. 

Let’s not forget the mainstream media frenzy over the reunion, bottle episode and post “Coda”! 

Whether you ship them or not, the fact of the matter is that “Carol and Daryl” paired up is a HUGE part of TWD fandom and a routine ‘expression’ in TWD language. 

They gravitate towards one another naturally, continuously and albeit ambiguously in terms of a 'label’ used, BUT nevertheless the show has more than shown that Carol and Daryl while part of the group, have created their own union within it. 

Season 5 of TWD might have come to an underwhelming end in terms of CARYL scenes (let’s face it I will never say - enough Carol and Daryl…) and the continuity between the emotional progression of things was sloppy to say the least BUT what is undeniable is that Season 5 was most likely the season where the CARYL bond was showcased and highlighted the most. 

Daryl and Carol chose each other OVER AND OVER AGAIN both emotionally and physically from the very start to almost the very end!

The unity that is Team CARYL was flaunted, elevated and once again confirmed why Carol and Daryl 'together’ is such a powerful weapon in the TWD and AMC arsenal AND one they aren’t shy about using and baiting the audience with. 

TWD writers paired up Carol and Daryl 'together’ in both BIG TIME - significant ways but also in a lot of subtle, understated moments which might go unnoticed by some BUT not to the 'eagle eye fans’ such as ourselves. 

Let’s Review; 

Prior to the Season 5 premiere of “No Sanctuary”, TWD and AMC released not ONE, 

BUT TWO “Carol and Daryl” promotional teasers! 

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