twd 8x09

Carl taking polaroids with Judith

Carl giving Judith his hat

Carl’s goodbyes

“Before Mom died she told me that I was gonna beat this world. I didn’t. You will.”

Carl’s vision of the future with Rick not at war

Carl “This Is Your Show” “You’re Gonna Beat This World” “No More Kid Stuff” Grimes putting himself down before he could turn

Carl Grimes was the heart and soul of the series. Chandler was fired out of nowhere (probably because he was about to turn 18). EK, SY, and other were also fired without warning for a “good story.” Lauren is likely leaving. Andrew is tired and wants to go home to his family. Danai is becoming a big Hollywood star.

Do it, AMC. You can’t quit while you’re in your prime anymore, but you can still quit before it gets worse. It will get worse. End it now. Free us all.

The Walking Dead 8x16 Review

Oh wow. Ok. So I actually started crying halfway through.

Not through emotion. Oh no. These were tears of frustration, tears of disappointment.

It wasn’t just about the lack of Caryl. It was the absence of direction. Of any kind of story.

I feel like the writers of this season have not communicated at all. Each episode makes no sense to the next one. The characters keep changing their mind every episode with no reason given.

Rick: Wears his murder coat, lies to Saviors that have basically surrendered and spared his life and then goes on to brutally annihilate each and every one of them. An episode later, he spares the leader of the Saviors, the leader who broke him emotionally, the leader who imprisoned and tortured Rick’s brother, the leader who smashed the skulls in of two of Rick’s friends not only while he watched, but while the men’s partners watched too.

Negan: Says he’s going to kill all of Rick’s gang and implies he doesn’t give a shit about what Carl wanted by smashing his walkie-talkie, then stops in the middle of beating Rick up (an episode later) to hear what Carl wanted?

Eugene: Has every reason to obey Negan, seeing as he gave him a good life and Daryl and Rosita basically said they were going to enslave him (another f***ing episode ago), but still chooses to give it all up to make faulty bullets?

And on those malfunctioning bullets: I kept reading about a line-up. I wrote a fanfic on the line-up. I was looking forward to a line-up. Cliched, sure, but maybe we’d finally see some dramatic character interaction. Lingering eyes. Pleading looks. That was the writers chance to write something somewhat exciting and potentially appease the hordes of pissed off fans who torture themselves week after week on the All Out Bore they concocted.

But no. The writers cant give us that. They give us some boring, anticlimactic bulls*** of the Saviors hurting their hands at the top of a hill. This at the beginning of the episode, giving us another 20-off minuted wondering what the hell other kinds of s*** we’re going to have to put up with.

And on that s***: We get the Oceansiders turning up randomly, not even in a dramatic moment To Save The Day, but in another pointless moment starring the equally pointless Tara and Random Good Savior Guy. We get a random Jadis wandering around doing nothing before deciding to go back to Alexandria, even though Rick left her to die. We get crazy Morgan interacting with Jesus in cheesy boring scenes before he decides to randomly go to the Trash Place (why?). 

And on my babes Carol and Daryl: Why bother having a scene of Henry asking Carol if she’s gonna stay in the Kingdom if we don’t even see her contemplating her options? All we see is her swanning off on a horse with a smile on her face. Is that it? She’s not going to talk to Maggie, a woman she was close to in Alexandria? She’s not going to talk to Morgan, to thank him for saving her life and ask him for his advice, seeing as he also came from Alexandria and knows her more than Ezekiel does?

We’re not going to see her talk to Daryl, the man who risked his life searching for her beloved daughter, the man who held her as her daughter stumbled out of the barn as a walker, the man who saved her as the farm burnt down, the man who saved her from the tombs of the prison, the man who was the only person to understand why she killed Karen and David, the man who followed her around, trying to make her laugh, and let her know she could talk, just to make sure she was ok?

I just don’t understand why they tease the f*** out of Caryl in promos, include scenes that show they blatantly still care about each other (8x01, 8x11 and 8x13 spring to mind) to have NO interaction between the two in this episode. He would want to know where she was staying. He would need to know she was ok.

We don’t get that. We get Daryl letting Dwight go find Sherry (so he must believe in love at least) and then lurking in the shadows of the Hilltop like a villain. Daryl had more reason to want to kill Dwight than Negan, so I have no idea why he was in that scene. No idea at all. I thought Jesus was meant to be all peaceful too. Rosita was all raging in 8x15 and now she’s all cool, going to the Sanctuary with Tara? Who even writes this crap? It makes no sense.

They had so much potential for this season and they just pissed all over it. I really, truly hope the writers watch seasons 1-6 again and make notes on what the characters are actually like. Then they should go on social media and read all the fan reviews to find out what we want to see. Then they should go and read some fanfiction. There are loads of excellent pieces out there with original ideas and characterization that actually makes sense. That might give them some pointers on how the show could go, instead of waiting for Kirkman to sh** out another comic book for them to copy because they can’t be bothered to come up with storylines themselves. 

This is what I want to see in season 9: Stop isolating your characters. Bring them all together in a central setting. Alexandria is destroyed anyway. Maybe combine all 3 to make one super-town where all can live peacefully (isn’t what 8x16 Rick wants anyway, or is he gonna change his mind again in 9x01? Who knows). Don’t try and create a boring, nonsensical civil war. Introduce new villains and new conflicts. Another illness? A famine? I don’t care, but something dramatic and realistic, please. Maybe read some history books for inspiration. Have the characters interact. Let’s see the Atlanta 3 communicate some more. Let’s see different characters do things with eachother rather than having the same character stick with one character as their “buddy” for the whole season even though they have zero chemistry (hello, Carol and the Kingdom, Daryl and Rosita, Eugene and Gabriel). And the characters that do have good chemistry, keep them together. Maggie and Rick (not as a romantic couple, but as two badass leaders), Rosita and Tara, Rosita and Eugene, Rick and Morgan, Rick and Daryl, Carol and Michonne (why have we never seen these two beautiful, badass women together? They have both lost children, they are both fierce warriors and they are both strong, popular characters. Why the f*** have they never been paired in a scene?) and, of course, Daryl and Carol. Even the non-shippers love them together, there is just something so entrancing about watching them together. Even the directors know it, that’s why the get teased the f*** out of every promo time.

Anyway, rant over. Writers, please take note. Until then, I’m gonna be sticking with fan fiction…