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Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to find a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombies. He sets out to find his family and encounters many other survivors along the way.


Danai Gurira’s fight against a childhood bully.

Day 6 of Richonne Love

aka 40 Days of Positivity

They are more than the sum of their parts….

They are family

The Apocalypse took those closest to them. A mother lost her son and a man lost his wife in brutal, horrible ways.

These are two traumatized survivors who could have let their grief consume them and take them down a lone, bitter road.

But, instead, they met each other.

They healed one another…..

brought each other joy…..

and became each other’s family.

No one is more important than each other 

and the children they love.

It is this family bond, this deep, abiding love that Rick and Michonne have for each other that will see them through the worst of times. 

Their hearts are stronger because of each other and they are their best selves when they are together. 

THIS is the love that will compel them to battle their foes, battle the dead and and tear down any obstacle that dares to cross their path.

They will fight for their family, for each other and for the love that makes them able to take on the world.

Ride with Norman Reedus and Peter Fonda

“To sit with Peter Fonda and talk about Easy Rider in a place he used to live… the stories were just mind blowing left and right.” 

“We’re sitting there, and the guys who own the crossbow company that I use on [The Walking Dead] text me and they’re like, ‘Hey, we have a new crossbow. We want to send you this crossbow.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m here with Peter Fonda, Can he have a crossbow?’” 

 - Norman Reedus in EW

Super fabuloso RocketDog over at TSDF  hinted today that Scott Gimple’s preview of S7 including Carol’s still wanting to run (and will she get what she wants?) might actually be happening. Something to consider is ; 

I note they are filming on a stretch of road next Monday.
I also remember there was a car chase during episode 2 during which Dwight runs off after the escapee Saviour?
I wonder if it would be interesting that Carol should run into Dwight at some point, notice him wearing Daryl’s jacket, and thats where our stories start linking together??

There’s a REASON Dwight is wearing Daryl’s jacket. Everyone else in Team Family KNOWS where Daryl is and what’s happened. Carol…does not.

Carol wants to run away. Will she get that? Perhaps not if theres something, or SOMEONE who keeps pulling her back to the group??

I originally thought Dwight would help Daryl escape to Kingdom as Dwight defects in the comics, but what if Dwight defects/is just running off here and there, runs into Carol and they team up?

Also just realised how this “Carol running away” is just like Michonne’s Pirate Arc in the comics!

Thoughts? Or rubbish?

Guys…so we all know that Daryl comes in later and joins Carol in the RV after the death of Sophia. I just noticed however, that right after the scene where Carol runs away from the barn it cuts to show everyone at the barn and Daryl is not there!

This means that he immediately runs after Carol and no one can tell me any different. HE RUNS AFTER HER! OK I’m done now and excited all over again. CARYL HAS TO HAPPEN! Fix this, Gimple! 😒😒