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The Walking Dead S6E9 : No Way Out
The Walking Dead S6E8 : Start to Finish
The Walking Dead S6E7 : Heads Up
The Walking Dead S6E6 : Always Accountable
The Walking Dead S6E5 : Now
The Walking Dead S6E4 : Here’s Not Here
The Walking Dead S6E3 : Thank You
The Walking Dead S6E2 : JSS
The Walking Dead S6E1 : First Time Again

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The Walking Dead S5E1 : No Sanctuary
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The Walking Dead S5E5 : Self Help
The Walking Dead S5E6 : Consumed
The Walking Dead S5E7 : Crossed
The Walking Dead S5E8 : Coda
The Walking Dead S5E9 : What Happened and What’s Going On
The Walking Dead S5E10 : Them
The Walking Dead S5E11 : The Distance
The Walking Dead S5E12 : Remember
The Walking Dead S5E13 : Forget
The Walking Dead S5E14 : Spend
The Walking Dead S5E15 : Try
The Walking Dead S5E16 : Conquer

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New promo for 6x09. Shows Rick grabbing his hatchet, walking out of a door (into the herd), with Michonne’s voice screaming in the background, “Rick, what are you doing? Rick! RIIIICK!”


Exclusive Portraits of Deceased The Walking Dead Characters

The only thing more lethal than a horde of walkers is The Walking Dead’s bloodthirsty writing team. We caught up with former cast members to find out how they felt when they heard they were getting bitten out of the show.

Do you get why so many fans are hoping for a Carol and Daryl romance?

Melissa McBride: They do have a chemistry. They have a natural bond. They share similarities from where they came from. … It’s obvious. It’s in the words. It’s in the scenes that they play out. Also, there’s the chemistry that a portion of the audience resonates with and I think they want it solidified, what they imagine in their minds to be or hope for. They would like that to be solidified somehow in a more tangible way or in a way that’s more evident.

There’s something to be said for a slow boil…

Melissa McBride: For some. And, for others, it’s frustrating, but that is the nature of storytelling. They’re feeling something and they want something and they anticipate something and sometimes it happens when you turn the page and sometimes you turn the page and it didn’t happen. I don’t know what the answer is. It hasn’t happened, but that is the nature of storytelling and entertaining and one’s imagination and it’s very different for everyone how to interpret things. And that’s, I think, the beauty of it all.



Have you ever seen shipping explained in such a perfect way??! <3 


‘It’s the first time I really got to read African literature.I read ‘Things Fall Apart’ about 12 years ago. I should have read it in high school. I went to high school in southern Africa. Our teachers picked very Anglicized literature. ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Emma’ and a ton of Shakespeare, for which I’m glad. ‘Lord of the Flies’ and ‘Gulliver’s Travels.’ We did not touch African literature.My teachers  dismissed all works from the region. “Oh, that’s from Africa.” And that was the kind of [attitude] I had to undo when I went to college.’