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Can we all just promise that if a character death does get spoiled before the finale that we DON’T reblog or post it in the tags or on the dash unless it’s under a ‘read more’? The possible death could potentially be extremely upsetting for some people no matter who it is (or if a death might even happen–it still isn’t 100% confirmed a character will die) and spoiling it before it happens is definitely not what a lot of people want.


Me after this Richonne clip…

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TWD S6-Ep.12 “ Not Tomorrow Yet”

Me after The Walking Dead tonight..

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When Rick asked Michonne if she ok..

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When Carol and Tobin Kissed…

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When Glenn had to kill the sleeping dudes..

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Then when we got all that foreshadowing with Glenn..

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When the #Ricktatership came back..

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When I didn’t see enough Richonne moments….

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But I’m grateful for what we did get..

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I’m not ready for next week tho..

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