twd season 3 spoilers

(referring to the highway scene) fuck you, fuck you, fUck-y0U. Tripp is n0T dead. I refuse to believe it until proven otherwise. We did not witness him being bitten by the walkers that jumped him nor did we see his lifeless corpse afterwards. We’ve been playing this shit long enough to know that if we don’t see the dead body of a victim, they are alive/unknown until proven otherwise. hE iS n 0 T dEaD, FUCK THE WIKI. ; -;

Clem ANF Outcomes Guide

This is my second list of Clementine’s you can get from The Walking Dead. This time though, it’s a list of what your Clem becomes at the end of A New Frontier. The list is again divided into the different endings so it’s “easier to read” but this time there’s no real explanation of each Clem’s mentality or morality. You can kinda get a general idea based on the supplied reasonings for choices/actions in certain outcomes though. These are bracketed in the list next to their choices/actions.

So far I have 24 Clementine’s listed but I know there are more. I couldn’t get the information myself this time (that would’ve taken forever) so I had to instead search for pictures of endings etc.

A couple of the factors needed for getting outcomes aren’t chosen by the player and instead happen based on previous choices e.g Clem’s choice to shoot David or not which is based on what you did when Kenny and Jane fought (although one outcome ignores this). These “AI decided” actions are in italics.

Once again, I hope this is helpful and will ensure players don’t have to go through the game (which doesn’t have rewind) many, many times. The list is below ↓↓↓

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Clem Season 2 Outcomes Guide

So I’ve compiled a list of all the different Clementine’s you can get in the story generator of A New Frontier. Well, at least I think this is all of them from what I tried and the fact that there’s 42 as we have been previously told about. The list is divided into the different endings so it’s a bit more organised and there’s a basic explanation of what each Clem’s mentality is and how to get each.

Note that choosing Kenny, Jane or Luke in the “most influential section” as well as their three teachings does absolutely nothing to affect what result you get. Basically you could choose from that blindfolded if you wanted and nothing would change. The same can be said for the very first choice in the generator asking about what Lee taught Clementine. To show this in the list, I’ve put these options together with colons to say all those answers can be used e.g Kenny:Luke:Jane means choosing any of them and their teachings has the same affect. Tbh if it’s too much I can just take out those parts.

A final note is that I haven’t specified that you need to, for example, choose Howe’s Hardware for certain outcomes seeing as though those would be listed under the Jane ending.

I hope this “guide” makes things easier for players or just curious people who want to know all the outcomes. The List is below ↓↓↓

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