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Congratulations to Norman Reedus for an amazing performance.  His subtle flinches, the times he doesn’t flinch, the way he huddles in the corner and eats without complaint and the times he rebels.  He emotes so well.  The part where he started crying was truly gut-wrenching.  

Did Daryl deserve this?  Fuck no.  But Norman sure knocked this episode out of the park.  And believe me, I have no doubt that Daryl will continue to be strong, will continue to live on his terms and he will come out of this stronger than ever.  

The only thing that will truly hurt Daryl, is Daryl.  The worst he is getting out of this torture is what he’s doing to himself with guilt.  But once he gets back to his people, back to Rick, he’ll be reminded of his worth.  

…. and if that doesn’t happen, it will in fan fiction at least.

Between Richonne and WestAllen I am going to have a great hiatus. Both couples ended 2016 strong, and more committed than ever. I am looking forward to all of the videos, gifs, and fanfic during the winter break.

anonymous asked:

I'm really sorry because I see that you have said that you have had a lot of questions about these indirect Carol & Daryl moments but I have one question. Did your source definitively say that 7x14 in their description was technically Bury Me Here due to the episode change up? Thank you and sorry to be a bother.

Yes, Nonny our sources independently confirmed that conversation as one of the “indirect Caryl callbacks.”

So keeping expectations low is likely a smart policy IF you can.

Take care-Ripley



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