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::deep breath::

Rick ain’t used to this fam. He’s not used to being loved unconditionally. Lori would withhold affection from him when she was mad. On the good days she’d punish him with silence when she was angry. On the bad, she ridiculed and demeaned him when things didn’t go her way.  She constantly treated him less than. 

….And yet here is Michonne ….

loving him….

no matter what.

Showing him every day and in every way that….

What if your life was a TV show. And you had a whole fandom. What if people shipped you with your friends or your crushes. There was merch of things you say and head cannons. People loved your little quirks and ticks. “Omg or like when they bite their lip when they’re nervous” “what about the way they smile when *insert name* talks to them? They are so in love.” Imagine Tumblr accounts dedicated to you, people loved the way you said things or did things. That would be awesome

it really hit me that at the end of the episode when the group is all sat down processing what’s happened in shock that Maggie is the first to stand up. She’s the one who is ill, pregnant, barely able to move and saw her husband beat to death, yet the first one to stand and still show that’s she’s not ready to submit to negan. I don’t know why but it got to me.

Maggie is so fucking strong.

  • I can read any kind of smut and i'll keep a straight face.
  • But for the love of god if i read fluff my face is like a fucking tomato...