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I always wondered about TWD intro, you know, the flash. I don't understand how people didn't notice that before. I mean, I always watch the show online and when I started the season 5 I was like WTF the first time I saw its intro. I can't believe you were the only ones who noticed that as quickly as I did. Do you think that there are more people (who doesn't know about TD) who noticed that as we did? I mean at the first episode of season 5.

(putting these asks together since they’re similar)

It took Team Delusional several months to uncover the flash in the opening credits. The oldest post I can find relating to the flash is a post from @siriusblackheartattack‘s meta (X) from mid-February 2015. And we were looking for clues. Most audience members, if they do pay attention to the opening credits, focus on the slides with the actors’ names. Not some random flash of color and movement at the beginning. It’s really hard to see what exactly the flash is unless you take a picture and/or slow it down.

(gif credit to @emilysnorman)

Most people aren’t interested in that kind of work because most viewers are casual viewers. It’s also hard to see on a TV screen from a distance. I haven’t seen any mentions of the flash outside of TD circles, but if people have noticed it, they may not have put any stock into it. 

To the general TWD fandom: Have any of you non TDers noticed this flash before? It’s been in the opening credits since 5x01.

You can read more about the flash in the opening credits here: X.