I love this man 😂 “jeffrey DAMN morgan amiright?
+dt: ula & nat bc jdm is our son”

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       ❛ victory is in your veins you know it, i know it; and you will not negotiate.

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“The peace sign was something that ran with Abraham and Sasha, throughout the whole series. It was this sort of unspoken, this very loaded peace sign. We had to find a way for Abraham to connect with Sasha, for him to say goodbye, specifically to Sasha, because we had already established in the finale of last year that eye contact was not broken, but you saw Abraham’s point of view when he got hit by the bat, he got knocked down, he came back up. We could add dialogue, because we didn’t know if he was talking or not, with the ‘suck my nuts’ line, but there was no way for him to literally turn away and address, any way, even kind of nod, and nothing to Sonequa [Martin-Green], because we’d already filmed that. So going back into it, we had to figure out a way that he could basically tell Sasha that everything was gonna be okay, and to say goodbye.” - Michael Cudlitz on Abraham showing peace sign right before his death