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Daryl Imagine ~ Blush

Prompt 109: “Why are you naked?”

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“Why are you naked?”, Daryl blustered out as he stood with widened eyes in the doorframe of the bathroom.
Feeling how your body switched between cold and hot from moment to moment, you snapped your towel from the shelf and starred in utter shock at him.
“That might not occur to you, but other people do like to shower”, you blurted out as you pressed the fabric of the towel closer against your body.
“I…sorry”, Daryl said as he turned red beneath the hair strands that hung into his face and swung the door faster and harder shut than he had meant to.

Hours later, you stood in the guarding tower as your shift had just ended and you waited for the new guard to take over.
You grabbed the messily folded paper sheet that was loosely stuck to the wall before your eyes began to wander over the names of the ones who had their shift today.
You suddenly stopped as you saw your name and your glance fell on the one beneath.
Of course, it had to be him.
You let out a sigh, knowing too well that the situation would be just as embarrassing as the one hours ago.
And if you were honest, you didn’t like this kind of mood between the both of you, instead, you liked Daryl more than you liked to admit.
You scoffed slightly, before putting the sheet back and you heard some footsteps coming up the wooden steps.
“I’m here, taking over now”, you heard Daryl’s voice say and judging from its tone, he had no idea that you were the one sitting in there.

A moment later the door swung open and Daryl’s glance changed from the moment he recognized your face.
“Uhm…hey”, he just stammered as you nodded and stood up, but before you could say a thing he continued to talk again.
“Sorry for that…that I…well, you know what”, Daryl said in an embarrassed tone.
“It’s alright, you couldn’t know I was in there”, you said, trying to loose the situation a bit.
“And my reaction, you know…was not because you didn’t look good…you look damn fine I just…”, he stammered while you could see how he blushed beneath the strands of hair again and you had to control yourself to not blush as well.
“It’s okay Daryl”, you said with a small chuckle but could feel your body become warm, then hot as you thought more about his compliment.
With one moment,  it snapped in your mind and you couldn’t really believe yourself as you gave your confidence a big push to let go of your small insecurities for a moment.
“But you know, if it happens again…you can just as well stay…”, you said before you turned around, leaving Daryl more than speechless while you were glad that he couldn’t see how your face color turned into a deep shade of blood red as you walked away.

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Reveling in Richonne

#58: The Push (7x10)

I personally can only recall two times where Michonne very visibly seemed to panic. The first time was in 6x9 when Carl was shot in the eye while Rick went out to hack down the walker herd. And the second time was this moment right here.

I loved this moment in 7x10 where Michonne’s emotions for Rick were on full display. We talk a lot about how Rick is whipped for Michonne. And that’s the gospel truth. 🙌🏾  But Rick also has that similar influence over Michonne cuz Homegirl is a very strategic calm person but, when it comes to Rick, she can’t help but wear her heart on her sleeve. 😊

So Michonne starts off trying to remain composed as Rick heads up somewhere with the Trash Trio. She turns to one of the trash folk on the ground and asks, “Where are they taking him?” It’s sweet cuz you can tell she’s trying to sound calm and casual about this but you literally can hear the undertone of serious worry in her voice when she asks. 

Like lone wolf Michonne is no more, y’all. This is a woman who has officially allowed her heart to be completely intertwined with someone else, so of course she’s particularly concerned about where they’re taking her man.

After Michonne asks this, one of the trash folk proceeds to do the weirdest point in the world. 😳 Like I remember when I saw the way that lady pointed upwards, I was like, “Is this chick about to cast a spell?” 😂 Cuz I was getting some Harry Potter vibes from her strange point lol. I feel like seeing that lady’s point is what would have been my cue to get out of there asap.

And Michonne seems to think it’s strange too but her focus is more on making sure Rick isn’t at risk right now so she follows the direction of the point and looks upward. And I love the shot we get of her looking up at this trash hill. 

Again, it’s like we’re supposed to see this from the angle she’s seeing it and we’re supposed to see her watching this cuz, even if they’re not in the same shot, there is still this connection and correlation between her and Rick. And we just feel the uncertainty she feels as she’s forced to stay down here while he’s up there.

So the Trash Trio members make their way up and then slowly but surely Rick climbs up with them too. And we get this lingering shot of Michonne reacting to seeing that he’s up there and he’s okay. Her reaction tells me she feels a sense of relief but also she’s still clearly on edge and skeptical while trying to remain composed.

And then we have Rick taking in the view of this green screen trash area and as he steps forward we see him look down somewhere and nod. And I’m positive he’s nodding at Michonne.

I’m pretty sure the reason for the lingering shot of Michonne before this moment was so that they could give us a sense of where she is, so when Rick looks down and nods we know who he’s looking at. I love this nice little touch cuz Rick acknowledging her and reassuring her, from all the way up there, just lets you know that they are truly partners in every way. 👌🏽

So Jadis “talks” to Rick (idk if you can even call it talking lol) and she’s standing a little too close imo. I remember when it first aired I was like Garbage Lady seriously needs to back up from Michonne’s man. 😂 But she doesn’t back up, in fact she gets closer so that she can proceed to push Rick down that tall heap of trash. And this is when all bets are off for Michonne.

Michonne sees Rick get pushed and then we see her push pass all those trash people to get to him. I love the aerial shot that we get of Michonne running towards him and yelling, “What did you do!?” And the fear and panic in just that short distant line is so evident. I’m telling you the only two people on this planet that can make Michonne lose her composure and panic are Rick and Carl Grimes.

The way she says, “What did you do?”, you just know that, if Rick had been fatally hurt from that fall, Michonne would have found a way to immediately and singlehandedly “take out the trash” in one fell swoop 😂.

Homegirl cannot hide how unabashedly concerned she is rn and it makes sense tho, cuz for all she knows Rick could have just been pushed to his death. She seems legit panicked and at this point you can tell she doesn’t care about what any of those surrounding strangers might do to her. She’s running to her man, regardless. Like daring one of them to do something, cuz Michonne is a wife but she’s also a warrior so you know she could easily “warning pop” any one of them if they try and get in her way.

It was so interesting to hear this panicked tone in Michonne’s voice since she’s usually so equable. But it made me think about how Rick and Michonne are super selfless people and the one thing they let themselves have just for them is their relationship with each other and so it makes sense that they’re so vulnerable and protective of each other. 

And seeing Rick be pushed and fall seemed to have pushed Michonne to her limit thus making all that uncertainty, she felt since they arrived in Trash Land, come pouring out.

I knew when she ran to him that all of those trash people had to know that R&M were obviously a couple. But I just love that she vocalizes her concern for all to see, not caring if others get clued in on their relationship. Cuz honestly, even with the knowledge about Richonne, the trash mob don’t stand a chance of breaking them or breaking them up so it’s not like their relationship has to necessarily be a secret.

So Michonne runs to this tire where she is luckily able to see through the other side and she yells Rick’s name. Again, you can hear the distress in her voice. I love that when she says his name there’s both concern and sort of a “Bruh, see how crazy these people are now?” tone to her voice.

And then I really appreciate that as Rick gets up, despite being dazed and caught off guard himself, he makes it a point to go towards the tire and reach his hand out and let her know he’s all right. I was like, “Rick you’re putting your girl through an emotional roller coaster right now” lol. And we hadn’t even got to the biggest drop on the ride yet. 🙉

But I really do respect that in all the chaos and disorientation of this moment, Rick still takes time out to console her in this moment. Like she’s always a priority to him and it’s amazing cuz this moment is showing us how important they are to one another that they could both put the other’s safety and comfort before their own. 

Rick has someone who he’s in love with and who is in love with him now and so he knows that if he does this risky stuff it doesn’t just affect him. And I love that Rick telling her he’s all right is not just a rush thing, it’s a quick moment but it’s not rushed, cuz he’s really trying to take the time to reassure her and let her know he’s okay.

And for a brief moment that was true and everything was pretty okay…until it wasn’t lol. 🙈😋

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 79 - Working for points

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit….


Chapter 79 - Working for points

[Blake find that in the wake of her and Negan’s fall out, the leader of the Saviours has changed a few rules for her…which certainly only seems to exacerbate the situation for both of them further.]

Blake awoke early the next morning, it taking a her a few moments to remember the events of the previous day.

But of course, they soon came rushing back to her, jabbing at her senses like a knife to the stomach.

Just the way Negan had looked at her…with pure hatred and anger in his eyes…that had hurt more than Blake could even say.

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*After Glenn and Merle get into a fight started by Glenn*

Merle: When the Asian kid gets back, I’m gonna need to apologise for what I did

Daryl: Well, come on, he did kinda start it

Merle: Doesn’t matter. A good Christian would have turned the other cheek. On the other hand, a good red-neck would have shot him, so I’ll just split the difference

Issues- Part Thirty Six


Negan x You

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

Warning-Swearing- as always.

Word count- 1,610

Read previous parts- HERE

Part Thirty six

“Sit down” Daryl almost groaned at me. His voice full of frustration as he sat on the edge of his bed, my old one, head dropped into his hands.

Since we have walked, well technically Daryl had practically dragged me to his room, my old room, I had been pacing. Back and forth

Back and forth

Back and forth

Back and forth

“I can’t” I blurted out “I am so worried, this just is going to go wrong, all of it”

“Everything will be..”

“Don’t even” I warned holding my hand in his direction “Do not tell me it will all be fine Daryl Dixon!”

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Welcome Home [Teaser]

Request: Hi lovley, I know requests are closed but I was hoping you could take this when you open them again. So ur the best smut Daryl/Norman/Murphy etc blog I have ever read and Im impressed. And so I was thinking about this: y/n & Norman or Daryl (you choose) get up from bed on a saturday morning & they have the day off, & so y/n makes breakfast and all like couple goals but then things get naughty and they end up fucking in every room possible in their house, & in different positions..❤😏 ur welcome 

Daryl Dixon x Reader Smut, Alexandria, Pre-Negan, S. 5 Era

Summary: Daryl Dixon and the reader enjoy their new house, once settling into Alexandria. They decide the house needs to be properly broken in, smut ensues.

A/N: This one is going to be really smutty. The idea is after their first night, the next day they get to work trying to set up their new house, but can’t seem to keep from… getting distracted. Full story coming out soon. Enjoy the teaser!


You giddily ran your hands up and down Daryl’s sides as you held onto them and watched him twist the handle to the left and push the white, wooden, door in front of you both open.

You kissed his neck and jumped up and down in excitement, gripping his body from behind as you both walk over the threshold. Your boots step in behind his as you walk forward, your body’s in unison. You mud covered boots hit the freshly polished wooden floor as you both walked down the hallway.

“So over here to the right is the kitchen, to the left the living room. Up the stairs there’s a bedroom and a bathroom. Down the hall, straight ahead there’s a wash room and another spare room. We had been using It as a pantry before you people arrived, we will have someone come and take the rest of the non-perishables out in a few days. Until then, wash up and rest up, you people could use some good R & R. Welcome to Alexandria.” Deanna’s stiff appearance was certainly commanding but warm.

You had turned around to give her your full attention, now with your arms wrapped Daryl’s chest, from behind, with your chin resting on his shoulder. You smiled gratefully at Deanna and Daryl nodded with a small smile of his own.

“We certainly appreciate this. Ain’t every day you get something like this alone to yourself, these days. We’re grateful.” He said, stepping forward and reaching his hand out to grip hers briefly before stepping back securely into you.

“We’re all here to help each other through this. You need anything, come see me… Welcome to your new home.” Her stern face broke into a small glimmer of a smile before composing herself again.

“You two have a good night.” She turned and began to walk toward the door, she reached it, turning around quickly and speaking.

“And rest, that’s an order.” She said stoically, before turning around and leaving, closing the door behind her.

You hugged Daryl and jumped up and down squealing into his ear with excitement.

“Oh my god, baby! Can you believe this?” You un wrapped your arms from his body and walked into the kitchen, scanning it to find it fully stocked with a stove, table, and dishes.

You ran into the living room and smiled at the cute set up. You smiled to yourself happily as you ran into each room on the ground floor, before running back into the hallway, where Daryl stood smiling widely as he watched you in a moment of pure bliss.

You smiled wider when you see he is watching only you. You run into his arms, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. He catches you with a huff of surprise and smiling brightly back at you.

“Baby! This could really be a home!” You smiled brightly, dropping out of his arms.

You grab his hand and pull him along, “We can have breakfasts in here and I can cook dinner for friends.”

You walk into the living room, “We could sit in here and read together, play cards… Look! An old wind up record player!” You pointed as you scanned the room. You lifted your hand in his and twirled yourself around, pressing your body into his as you began to move to imaginary music, “…We could slow dance.” You said into his ear and nuzzling into his neck as you felt his body on yours.

Daryl’s hands ran up and down your back, his fingertips running up and down lightly.

“Ya deserve this Y/N.” He said sweetly and nuzzled his head back into yours, dancing to your own love song.

“We deserve this.” You corrected and nuzzled your body further into his, swaying into his rhythm, “Mmmm… No more sneaking around… trying to find a safe spot in the woods, without everyone around…“

You began to kiss his neck, sucking and swirling around it, needing to taste his sweet, salty skin.

His hands came up into your hair and began massaging it in a circular motion, moaning at the feel of your tongue slowly teasing him.

“No more hidden in abandoned cars and houses just to be alone…” Daryl groaned at your kiss as it deepened. His hands ventured up your shirt and to your bra clasp.

Your body stiffened, remembering similar scenarios when you had too many times been caught by another member of the group after you thought everyone was asleep.

“Wait.” You stopped and leaned back in his arms, looking over at the door and then back at Daryl.

“We should lock it… Forever.” You smiled at the thought of being caught in a time bubble with only him in your arms, sounded like heaven to you.

He smiled and unwrapped you from his body. He walked over to the door, locking and dead bolting it before turning back around, facing you, his bare chest puffed out under his vest as he walked back over to you.

You smiled and reached your hand out to him, he took it and walked right into you, bumping his nose lightly with yours, with a wide grin on his. He took both your hands into his and swayed them back and forth, his nose on yours, just staring happily into your eyes.

“I know I should be more excited about the color of the tiling or some shit, baby. But, all I really want to do is bring you upstairs and lay you down real right.” His eyes grew dark at his own words and his hands came to your ass, pulling you roughly into him as he ghosted your lips with his.

You giggled happily and wrapped your around his shoulders, pulling his lips into yours. You moaned as you felt his tongue plunge deeply into your mouth and take control of yours, rolling it around so slow and deep.

You jumped into his arms and his hands quickly ran under your ass to catch you, he still fell back a little and hit the hallway wall, chuckling into your mouth.

You moan as you feel him put pressure on you for the first time as your body sinks into his as you hit the wall. Your lips detach and you throw your head back. Daryl instantly attacks your neck, biting and sucking on it, twirling his tongue around and leaving long, hot kisses all over it.

“Oh, Daryl…” You moan softly as your hands wrap around his neck and grip onto it.

Daryl continues to twirl his tongue down and around to the other side of your neck and he walks you both across the living room and up the stairs. He detaches his lips once he gets to the top, coming to a closed door. Daryl kicks it up, with you in his arms, dominantly walking across the threshold.

You giggled and hugged into his body, “You could have just opened it, Daryl.” You bite his earlobe playfully as he walks you across the room, where the bed was. It was adorn with simple white sheets and comforter. There were replacement sheets neatly folded sitting on the end of the bed.

“That was nice of them.” You said looking back at Daryl and smiling happily.

Daryl smirked and slowly lowered you both onto the bed, crawling up it, still fully clothed. Both your mud-covered boots began to stain the pure white sheets as you climbed up the bed, staring into each other hungrily as you race towards what you needed, what you always needed from each other. The folded sheets are swiftly kicked off the bed by your boots, landing in a messy pile at the foot of the bed.

You both kicked out of your boots as his body crawled up and hovered over yours, his hands in fists on either side of your shoulders, propping him over you. You looked down and quickly unbuckled the belt of your jean shorts, unbuttoning and unzipping them swiftly. You reach up and do the same for Daryl, unbuckling, unzipping, and unbuttoning him. You quickly tug his jeans down past his hips, sitting up to push them down to his knees.

Daryl planks his body of you, watching as you help him shed his clothes. Once the jeans are below his knees he sinks to them and kicks out of them, one leg jutting out after the other, until they drop the floor. He kneels over you, his vest the only clothing he has left on his body, and glared down at you in your fully clothed form.

You smiled giddly as you watched him lean over you, his right-hand diving under your body, immediately under your shirt, running up to your bra clasp and popping it open. His hand runs down your back and to the front of your stomach. His fingers go straight to the hem of the shirt and he begins to pull it up.

You sit up and help him, shedding the shirt, and letting it drop beside you. You smirked as you ripped of your bra, throwing it to the floor. When you were finished you leaned back, half propped up by your elbows, staring at him with a sparkle in your eye.

Daryl’s eyes roamed down and a small smile appeared when he took in your naked breasts, exposed for only him to see. He looked around, out of habit, and licked his lips, looking up up at you with a devilish smirk before scooting his body down. He swooped down and attacked your left breast with his tongue, roughly taking it in as he swirl his tongue around it. He groaned happily and his other hand came up to your right breast and massaged it roughly.

“Oh. Yeah.” You whimpered at the sudden contact of his tongue and his stubbled bearded all over your skin, it felt so fucking good..

He flicked your nipple quickly with his tongue and looked up at you as his other hand pinched your other nipple.

“Daryl!” You arched up, crying out softly, trying to hold back.

Daryl’s lips detached from your breast and he kneeled back up and over you, his hands both coming to your breasts to roughly massage them.

“You don’t have to be quiet, Y/N. We’re safe and we’re alone…” He locked eyes with you as his hands came to both your ankles and he lift them up and over to his right shoulder.

You propped your body back up to your elbows and lifted your ass of the bed, holding your pose there, mid-air.

Daryl looked down and smiled, running his hands down to your ass for a long, squeeze, before his hands ran to your hips and pulled your jean shorts and panties down and off your ass. He threw the fabric behind him, never giving it another thought. His eyes stayed locked on your hips and he watched as you slowly dipped your body back to the bed.

You stared into his eyes as you lifted your legs off of his shoulder and placed them securely on either side of him, exposing your world to him. You pushed the vest off of his body, wanting him to be free from everything but you, and threw it to the floor with the rest of your clothing. You leaned up and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down with your body. He smiled sweetly as he watched you pull him in and fell as you wanted him to.

You gave him little time to enjoy the moment, there would be plenty of time for that later, you just needed him right now. You pushed your lips to his and plunged your tongue deep inside his mouth, moving around it with urgent need. All of Daryl’s thoughts turned back to only one thing. He reached down, in between your bodies, and grabbed his cock. He swiftly began to rub his tip up and down your folds. He groaned into your kiss as he felt how wet you were and you moaned happily when you felt him so close to where you needed him to be.

You grabbed his face and pulled him in closer, swirling your tongue around his as fast as you can, showing him your approval. He pulled his lips off yours and swiftly slammed them down onto the side of your neck as he placed his tip inside you.

“You ready for me to ride you, babygirl?” His deep, throaty voice vibrated in your ear.

You arched up into him, wrapping your hands around his back and nodding rapidly.

“Yes, baby. Please!” You moaned a little louder than you usually would.

He smiled into your skin and kissed your earlobe.

“Alright, baby girl… I’ll give you what you want…” His husky, dominant, voice turned you on even more, and as he finished he pushed himself slowly inside you.

“Oh. Fuck!” You cried out in happiness, instantly gripping the sides of your thighs to the sides of his body and starting to rock up and down on his cock.

You sloppily kissed and swirled his tongue up and down your neck a few times, before kissing his way up to your lips. He re-positioned over you, nudging your legs apart, slightly, allowing for more room for him. He placed his forearms on either side of your head and stared down into your eyes, starting to slowly thrust in and out of you.

You moaned his name and ran your hands up and down his sides, rocking your hips in response.

“Mmm…” You moaned and stared up into his eyes lovingly as you felt him push his cock in and out of you.

He smiled sweetly down at you and pressed his lips back to yours, slowly plunging his tongue inside your hot, mouth, and swirling around your tongue, passionately. While his hips began to hit into you at a slow, steady rhythm, putting pressure in all the right places as his body’s weight thrusted onto yours.

You moaned loudly into his mouth as you felt your body beginning to heat up, as he hit your clit with every pass, so deeply buried inside you. Your fingernails dug into his sides and you rocked your hips up faster, as your tongue swirls around his faster with each lap.

He bit your tongue and detached his lips, his face ghosting yours, as he watched you fall apart, his hips and cock digging even harder and deeper into you and into the bed.

You stared up into his eyes, groaning happily as you felt him increased the power and pressure.

“Yeah, I know how my girl likes it… You love it when I fuck you hard, don’t you?” Daryl growled as his cock dominantly hit you into the bed.

Your body bounced with his cock and you moaned happily, your needy eyes locking with his as he fucked you.

He looked down and watched his cock, pull halfway out and then push back inside you. This time he hit his hips into you with a jolt and heard you squeal happily and the bed jump into the wall. He kept himself deep inside you and looked up at your desperate eyes on him, you were so close to your high.

He smirked and locked his eyes with yours as he started to thrust into you and hit you up into the bed. His thrusts became shorter as he stayed fully inside you, hitting into you, making sure to hit you as hard into the bed as he could.

“Oh, god! Baby!” You cried out happily, wrapping your right leg around his lower back, digging your heel into his ass, trying to get him to fill you as far as he could.

He groaned and his lips dropped back to your neck as his tongue began to attack it.

This created amazing shivers to explode throughout your body as his tongue worked on you.

He bit your skin every few thrusts as he hit you harshly into the bed, his hot breath getting jagged in your ear as he too started to come undone.

You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and pulled his body to yours, as he hit in and out of you.

He started to whimper and groan, his tongue swirling messily up to your ear, “You are so fucking beautiful fucking my cock, Y/N… Cum with me…”

His hands went to your hair, messily massaging it as his tongue went back to assaulting your neck, focusing on your favorite spot just behind your ear.

“Oh god… Daryl… Yes… Right there…” You whimpered. He hit you into the bed and dug into your clit to fucking deep and then began to thrust shortly and with immense power.

“Oh! Baby! Yes!!” You cried out in surprised pleasure.

He focused on your clit, rubbing up and down it as quick and as deep inside you as he could. His lips stopped as he concentrated on his cock, thrusting you into the bed as harshly and quickly as he could, until he watched you arch your pussy up and down his cock one last time and explode for him.

“Yes!! Daryl!” You cried out as you came so hard, convulsing your pussy up and down onto his cock a few more times as you hit your high.

“Shit. Y/N.” Daryl groaned as he felt your pussy convulsing heavily over his cock.

He couldn’t take it anymore, his hands gripped your hair tightly and his cock began to cut loose, deep inside you. He hit into you short and as fast as his hips could go, until he slammed his cock deep inside you and exploded.

“Oh, fuck! Yeah!” Daryl cried out happily into your neck, sucking and biting on it a minute, as his body stayed slammed inside you.

“Mmm… “ You moaned happily into his ear and ran your hands up and down his bare, sweaty, back.

You kissed his shoulder and smiled at the sweet, salty taste of his skin after making love to you. You unwrap your leg and let it rest by his side, like your other one, and lay back on the pillow.

Daryl sweetly kisses your neck a few short times, before leaning up and over you, ghosting your face with his face, still buried deep inside you.

He nuzzled your nose sweetly and gave your lips a long tender kiss, “I love you, Y/N.”

You smiled sweetly back and nuzzled your nose back at his, “I love you too, Daryl… Welcome home.” You said, your smile brightening.

He chuckled and then looked at you seriously and lovingly again, “You’re the only home I ever need, Y/N.”

You sighed happily and smiled as you watched his lips come back to yours, pushing his tongue inside and taking what he knew was his. You couldn’t wait to start a life here, a normal life, with the man you loved. You wrapped your arms tighter around his body, pulling him into you, and moaning happily at the thought…

To Be Continued….


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“Sweetie, can you help me with these apples?” Carol calls over to you as you leave your house. You look up at her and give a weak smile, then follow her to the orchard behind Alexandria.
“Are you okay? You’re looking a little pale,” Carol asks, concerned.
“I’m fine thanks,” you say, very unconvincingly.
“You know you can talk to me, about anything,” she says, trying to get you to make eye contact with her.
“I know,” you say, picking apples, avoiding her glare. You head back to hers, helping to make apple pies for the neighbours, then head home again afterwards. Carol watches as you cross the street, knocking on your own front door, then getting pulled inside by your boyfriend. She wanted to go over there and shoot him in the head, knowing that other things would be happening behind closed doors. Carol finished up with the pies and decided to take one over to your house, knowing your baby might like the sauce. She knocks on the door, interrupting a shouting match between you and your boyfriend, then he flings the door open angrily.
“What?” He says.
“Is (Y/N) here?” Carol asks with a smile.
“(Y/N), your friend’s here,” he shouts, then leaves the door open and walks away without saying another word. You come downstairs, the baby asleep against your chest, and Carol notices a small amount of blood seeping through your sleeve as you rub the baby’s back.
“I thought you might like this, for all your hard work,” she smiles, holding up the pie.
“Thank you,” you say, taking it from her with one hand.
“Come over with the little one later, I have something to show you,” she says.
“Maybe,” you say, looking worried. She nods then leaves, and as soon as the front door shuts she hears shouting again, then the baby crying. She shakes her head and goes back to hers and Daryl’s house.
“Everything alright?” Daryl asks her as she enters the house looking upset.
“No, it isn’t Daryl. I can’t say anything yet though,” she replies, “(Y/N) might be coming over later, can you stay here with us?”
“Yeah, sure.”

Later that evening, you manage to take your baby and head over to Carol’s. Knocking quietly on the door, you can’t help but look back over at your boyfriend watching you from the doorway of your house. Carol answers it and notices straight away that you’re being watched. She ushers you in quickly, staring straight at your boyfriend knowingly.
“Come in! Make yourself at home,” she says. You walk in and sit down on the sofa with your little one. Carol notices that you’ve changed your top to another long sleeve one without blood on, and wonders what else is hiding underneath your clothes. You hear a noise upstairs and jump, your baby stirring as you move.
“Don’t worry, that’s just Daryl,” Carol comforts, placing a hand gently on your arm. You pull away and smile, not looking her in the eye.
“Do you want something to eat?”
“I can’t… I mean, I’m not hungry thanks.”
“He won’t have to know.”
“What do you mean?”
“Honey, I know-”
“How? How can you? Have you told anyone?” You ask, panicked.
“Shh, it’s okay. I know because the same thing happened to me before all of this. I’ve known for months, but have only seen it getting worse recently. I want you to know that I’m here for you,” she explains. You start sobbing, relieved that someone knows how you’re feeling. The baby starts crying and Daryl comes down the stairs to see what’s happening.
“Daryl, can you take him?” Carol asks, gently picking up the baby and handing him over to Daryl. He nods and takes him in his strong arms, talking and playing with him to soothe his cries.
“Thank you,” you whisper to Daryl through tears. He stands in he kitchen and watches as you and Carol talk, making sure he’s far enough away so he isn’t eavesdropping on your conversation. Later on, when the little one is asleep, you leave and head back home, trusting Carol and Daryl to look after him as you collect your things, ready to move in with them.
The next morning, Daryl watches out of the window as you come out of the house, head dipped lower than usual, layers of clothing covering your body. He opens the door and welcomes you, holding your little boy, then as you lift your head, he notices the massive bruise on your face.
“What the hell happened?” He asks, shocked.
“Walked into a door frame,” you reply, looking down at the floor. Carol enters the room and as soon as she sees you, her shoulders droop, and she sighs sadly.
“Oh sweetie, come here,” she says, opening her arms.
“Ya know what he does to her?” Daryl asks.
“Of course I do,” Carol says, “that’s why I asked her to move in with us.”
“I’m gonna kill him,” he says, staring over at your house angrily.
“Daryl, no. You know that isn’t the answer,” Carol says, sitting you down on the sofa. Daryl comes over to you and hands you the baby, then kneels beside you.
“I promise I’ll never let him touch ya again,” he says seriously, going to place a hand on your leg, but stopping himself. You look at him, smile weakly, and nod. You’re all distracted by the sound of a truck coming in, Negan jumping out of the cab with his bat. Your boyfriend suddenly appears at the front door, demanding you come out now, banging and shouting. Negan spots this, then makes his way over to him.
“What’s this racket huh?” He asks, swinging Lucille over his shoulder.
“I’m getting my girlfriend, it’s nothing to do with you,” he spits.
“Well that’s no way to talk to your superior.”
“My superior? The hell do you think you are?” Your boyfriend asks. You appear at the open door, Daryl hiding with your baby upstairs. Negan looks at you and sees your face.
“You’re his girlfriend?” He asks, a sorry look in his eyes. You nod silently.
“It’s okay, you go back inside,” Negan says calmly. He shuts the door for you, then grabs your boyfriend by the neck, pulling him off of the porch and throwing him into the back of the truck and shooting him in the head. Negan talks to Rick, saying he’ll be back for supplies in a week, then leaves. You stand at the front door, rooted to the spot, in complete shock after seeing the events unfold in front of you. Running out of the house, you head to yours and lock yourself away in your bedroom.

“(Y/N)? Are ya okay?” Daryl whispers through the door a couple of hours later, after leaving your baby with Carol.
“Just leave,” you sob.
“I ain’t leavin’ ya,” he says, and you hear him sit himself down against the door. Eventually you open it, letting him come in, and he slides over the threshold on his knees, stopping next to you on the floor.
“Tell me how yer feelin’,” he says softly.
“I can’t do this. I know he was a monster, but I can’t bring up our child on my own, I’m not strong enough.”
“Yer stronger than most people I know. And no one said ya had to do it on yer own y'know,” he whispers, “I’m here. I’ll always be there for him and you.”
“You don’t have to.”
“I want to. I love ya both, I’ll never leave ya,” he admits. You turn to him, eyes red and swollen from crying, then reach your hand up to his cheek, stroking it with your thumb. For the first time in your life, you feel as though you don’t need to hide or run away. With Daryl by your side, you could face anything now.