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Top 6 TWD cast interview moments

  • the mtv interview with melissa, norman, danai and andy. iconic from start to finish with andy talking about his flip phone and norman napping in mel’s lap.
  • the conan interview with steven, lauren, danai, melissa and norman. danai talking about driving several swords around in her trunk, steven showing a pic of a younger him with a fanny pack and melissa and norman singing their song.
  • steven, norman and melissa on the jimmy kimmel show, including them taking backstage pics with bill murray in a dress. (okay there are better interviews but mel was in it and i started talking with my better half @dixonscarol​ that night sooo it’s always in my heart).
  • all the tv guide interviews during comic cons in san diego. every single one is my fave. from lennie fangirling over beyonce to lauren playfully screaming shut uppp at steven. i’m just…in love with the cast.
  • the telephone interview with brandon from comicbook melissa gave while chilling in normans trailer and then she just passes the phone to him because why not
  • and last but not least melissa’s la times interview because it was so thoughtful and just about her and i still cry that we got something like this.

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Name: Katie M.
Nickname: America, Alfred, Capitalist ( @bleeding-wings-and-broken-souls)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 5"3
Ethnicity: PROUD AMERICAN!☆ [6]w[6]
Favorite Fruit: there’s lots of Oranges in my state so yes Oranges
Favorite season: Summer, for the fun in the sun and hang ten on the beach, and cool nights to hang out
Favorite book: I don’t know, maybe Harry potter series I guess.
Favorite flower: Forget-me-not
Favorite color: red white and blue!
Favorite animals: I love love love birds with all my heart
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Coffee!
Average sleep hours: 6
Cats or dogs: dogs so play and cuddle with
Favorite fictional Characters: Alfred F. Jones, Gabriel the ArchAngel, Arthur Kirkland, Severus Snape, The dead cast of TWD, Eridan, KARKAT, Soldier 76, Lucio, Junkrat, and MORE
Number of blankets in the house: not enough.
Dream Trip: tour Rome, or England. Or go visit Ivan this summer lol
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'Star Trek: Discovery' casts 'Walking Dead' actress as star — EXCLUSIVE
Huge news, Star Trek fans: The first new Trek series in a decade has found its star. Sonequa Martin-Green, well known to genre fans from her role...

Huge news, Star Trek fans: The first new Trek series in a decade has found its star.  Sonequa Martin-Green, well known to genre fans from her role on AMC’s mega-hit The Walking Dead, has been cast as the lead of Star Trek: Discovery, sources tell EW.  The casting ends meticulous search to find the ideal actress to anchor the eagerly anticipated new CBS All Access drama. Martin-Green will play a lieutenant commander on the Discovery.

Me when everybody keeps saying
“What if Negan finds out that Maggie isn’t dead”