twd 100

2016 and my fav poc characters:

Jake “I’m not gonna die” Fitzgerald
Status: dead

Lincoln - all he ever wanted was peace
Status: dead

Wes Gibbins - has been through so much, found his happiness for a second just to die later
Status: dead

Glenn Rhee - escaped death so many times just to be killed for someone else’s mistake.
Status: dead


It’s been two months since Beth’s come back home. While not exactly talking or defining their relationship, Daryl and Beth seemed to silently agree it was okay for Daryl to go out on a run for a few days. As the two reached the gates of Alexandria, Beth felt the numbness in her chest spread. He simply gave her a tiny nod, before turning his back to her. His notion wasn’t enough.

“Daryl.” She couldn’t believe her own voice could sound so quiet and afraid anymore. He turned to meet her gaze as she followed behind him for a few steps. “…you’re gonna come back to me, right?”

I’m so fucking TIRED of all these tv shows that kill their characters who represent minorities off just for shock value. STOP trying to be Game of Thrones. This is NOT entertainment. Some of us come to these tv shows to see ourselves (well) represented. What kind of fucked up message are you trying to send when you kill poc, mentally ill people, lgbt+ folks, etc. off RIGHT AFTER they are FINALLY happy? This is so fucked up specially after everything that’s happened this mf year. The lack of empathy showrunners have is incredible disgusting.