Blast From The Past - Memorable Scenes

CARYL-Centric Scenes from TWD Seasons 1-5, explored and flailed about in more detail. 

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*Please keep in mind that this page is a master post BUT more scenes will be added to its inventory as the meta- breakdowns are completed!

I really want Morgan and Michonne to share some scenes in season 6, and hopefully start something up. I’m kinda peeved that the show has chosen to skip all Michonne’s comic book love interests, for whatever stupid reason. The Morgan in the show is so worthy of Michonne its not even funny.

tbh I love Jessie and Rick together but obviously Jessie will die soon and he will go after like idk Michonne? But i don’t want that to happen cause Michonne is fucking bad ass and doesn’t deserve second place. So to all the Richonners who hate on Ressie/Jessie/Alexandra Breck and think that Rick is going to chase after Michonne after Jessie dies, enjoy being second place :))

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Shane was not a stud. He tried to murder his best friend because he wanted that friends family. he tried to rape a woman on a pinball machine because he was drunk and couldn’t contain himself. Carol was not an angel. She murdered two of their own because she wanted to step up and do something, much like Andrea when she shot Daryl. Carol also made fun of Patrick when he was sick, ignored Lizzie’s OBVIOUS symptoms of mental illness and to this day has not fully accounted for what she has done.