“She reminded herself bitterly that this was what curiosity had bought her: fifty keystones for a singer who refused to sing, a friend who wasn’t her friend, some one who was hers and yet would never be hers.” 
                                           — The Winner’s Curse, Marie Rutkoski


He told himself a story. Not at first. At first, there wasn’t time for thoughts that came in the shape of words. His head was blessedly empty of stories then. War was coming. It was upon him. Arin had been born in the year of the god of death, and he was finally glad of it. He surrendered himself to his god, who smiled and came close. Stories will get you killed, he murmured in Arin’s ear. Now, you just listen. Listen to me.

BOOKS READ IN 2016: the winner’s kiss by marie rutkoski


“Congratulate me. I am to marry the heir to the empire.”
She saw him believe it. She saw betrayal wash across his features, then understanding. She saw his thoughts.
Hadn’t she pulled away from his embrace, escaped across his roof, and nearly drawn a weapon on him?
Who was he, to her?
And Kestrel liked to win. Wasn’t the someday role of empress a tempting stake? Power might persuade where Ronan hadn’t.

- The Winner’s Curse, Marie Rutkoski


I spent a long time in London on the stage, and you knew exactly what you were going to be doing. You not only knew the performance, but you also knew exactly where you would stand. Not knowing is incredibly nerve-wracking for me, but great, also. It’s exciting! I have no idea what’s going to happen next, and that’s always exciting and interesting. But, I can pretty much say that I will definitely be in water, at some point, again. I can always say that.


“there are wolves, they would say. and there are stories about wolves and girls. girls in red. all alone in the woods. about to get eaten up. wolves and girls. both have sharp teeth.

anonymous asked for girls in ya lit

from top to bottom, left to right: the winner’s curse by marie rutkoski, fearsome dreamer by laure eve, the demon’s lexicon by sarah rees brennan, the archived by victoria schwab, saving francesca by melina marchetta, the raven boys by maggie stiefvater, legend by marie lu, graceling by kristin cashore