Shady’s ear twitched. It was a normal day, a normal, boring day. He glanced back at his old and run-down house, and then to the vast forest in front of him. The only thing holding back was the white and yellow collar he was forced to wear, emblazoned with a darker yellow lighting bolt. If he went beyond his boundary, the collar would give him a shock strong enough to knock out a fully grown Avian. Shady suppressed a hiss of frustration. Birds flitted from tree to tree, chirping, teasing him with their freedom, and beautiful wings. If he ever got away from this hellhole of a “home”, the first thing he would do would be to actually get his paws on the little avian worshippers, instead of just yelling at them like he always did. But just as Shady was about to scream bloody murder at the birds, something caught his eye. It was a shadow, a shadow that resembled a Catelevian’s. Nervously, Shady took a look around. His parents weren’t home, his brother Flint was off to who knows where, and that meant that no one was around to stop him from seeking out the only other one of his kind he had ever seen. Shady stepped forward, being careful not to make any sudden movements. It took all of his willpower not to just run towards the Catelevian. He had to be careful, for he had heard stories about Catelevians, and as far as he knew a catelvian could be arrested and taken back to it’s own country if it was caught in Aviasionu. So it would probably be on the lookout for anyone who could possibly report them, and Shady definitely didn’t want to scare it off. Just as he was getting close, -CRACK-! a twig snapped beneath Shady’s feet, and the shadow disappeared. “No! Wait!” he cried in panic. All of his willpower left him, and Shady made a mad dash for the forest. The birds’ chirping was replaced with quicker tune. they knew what was about to happen. -ZAP- !Shady passed out mid-leap, hitting the ground with a quiet “thump”.