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Today’s the day that collaborator sign-ups begin for the TWRP Big Bang!

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I'm caught between 5 different plotbunnies for the Teen Wolf Big Bang.

TL;DR version:

1.) Scott sleeps with Deucalion in exchange for Deucalion taking his memories of his loved ones (ab)using him. Pro: Emphasis on Scott’s trauma and martyrdom. Con: Not a big fan of the ending and can’t think of a better one.

2.) Turns out Rafael molested Scott, and everyone finds out because nogitusne. Scott still resents Rafael more for leaving him than for abusing him in the first place. Pro: Emphasis on Scott’s tendency to put up with a ton of abuse from people as long as they don’t leave him. Con: No satisfying ending. I know how to end it, plot-wise, but no idea how to end it emotionally.

(Mixed feelings about combining #1 and #2.)

3.) Chris/Melissa/Sheriff fic about the three parents growing into and embracing their new reality, and each other along with it. Pro: Lots of fluff and emotional development. Con: Plot is shitty and cliched as all hell.

4.) Sheriff gets turned into a werewolf, but with alpha!Scott. Emphasis is on the Sheriff’s changing relationship with Scott (father-figure-come-beta). Pro: Father-son-figure fluff, and the dark reality of the Sheriff trying to cope with lycanthropy. Con: No real plot or narrative beyond that.

(Mixed feelings about combining #3 and #4.)

5.) Scott dies in 5A, everything goes to hell. After Beacon Hills becomes a corpse-ridden ghost town, Lydia and the Nemeton arranges for Allison, Scott, and Stiles (and/or herself) to wake up that first morning all the way back in the pilot/101, with all their memories up until their death. Pro: It’s the ultimate fix-it fic, with a greater emphasis on the real cost and stakes of the supernatural drama (and the value in protecting them). Con: Like zero plot whatsoever, just an idea and some vague, disconnected scenes.

Detailed explanations below cut.

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TEEN WOLF BIG BANG EXCHANGE: Even Through This All, I See You byveritasst.

The Hale family have lived in Beacon Hills for generations. They’ve always been here, they always looked after the town.  But with them came hunters and then the people of Beacon Hills started to fear the Hale’s, forgot what good they did.  They’ve always had a… seer, if you will.  A person with special gifts to look out for them, a human who would see when things were heading in the wrong direction.  It won’t always be just them though, sometimes it might be other people in trouble, maybe even other… creatures.

Sign Ups Still Open!

Because it seems like we have a little bit of confusion Author sign ups are in fact still open (this means Track Two as well). So if you thought you missed your chance to sign up we would love to have you!

So it’s a bit clearer sign ups for Authors close September 1st, 2013 (we know this makes for a long sign up period but we want to make sure everyone who wants to take part gets the chance). 

Also, a reminder that all pairings and story types are welcome! 

Alright. I know it came out in like 2008 or something but can we go back in time and give There Will Be Blood all the awards.

it was breathtaking. perfect. there wasn’t a single thing wrong with it. i have so many thoughts right now. SO MANY FEELINGS. it was just perfect.

the cinematography. the acting. the script. the everything. i honestly, can’t describe how utterly perfect that movie was. and the story that it is telling. this is why movies are so important to me. its movies like this, movies that make you think, make you feel. make you look at life and really question things. that is why i am so in love with this field of art, why i want to pursue it so badly. 

and paul dano. jesus christ why has that man not gotten more recognition? he was perfect in little miss sunshine. he was beyond perfect in this. 

and daniel day lewis. spectacular. 

and the little boy that i just found out they found and he isn’t an actor. holy shitballs. 


i’ll give them to them. i’ll be a time traveler. whatever. and i am not making any sense.