After going to Paris for my 21st birthday, I still have a giant stash of photographs from where I’ve been madly in love with everything there.

SO I decided that I might as well draw some of the photos ready for my portfolio, from then I can still admire how beautiful Paris is and also add more work into my portfolio #twobirdsonestone 

I made a blog post about it too :3

To show that I actually do work at University -

I haven’t been on Tumblr as much as I’d like as University is taking over my life slowly and I’ve also bought Hitman Absolution (IMO don’t buy it at full price unless you haven’t played it before, the old ones are better) as it is my duty as I study Game Art and Animation to play games for inspiration. So to say sorry here’s a rare photograph of Adolf Hitler by Heinrich Hoffmann posing from the words "Apocalyptic, visionary and persuasive" in 1925, enjoy.