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I love how Sam said, “You can stop.”

Not, “You have to stop,” “Stop right now, or so help me God, I will punch you.” or even, “You’re a monster, Dean.”

He made it a choice, not an order. A, “you have the ability to do this, Dean” unlike everything Dean ever told him.

It was a,“You have the ability to stop, Dean, and I have faith that you will make the right choice.”

It was another, “People can change. There is reason for hope.”

Hair Pulling with Micheal Mell


- A few months after you and Mikey start dating, you two are getting into it, heavily making out, in your room with Michael hovering above you
- As you make out with your incredibly attractive, geeky boyfriend, your hands fly everywhere
- Like, seriously, EVERYWHERE
- One hand tangles itself in Michael’s hair and the other fidgets with the hem of his iconic hoodie
- Michael hums into your kiss and takes the hand fidgeting with his hoodie and entangles your fingers together, turning the mood from downright needy to needy AND sweet
- The hand in his hair trails down to his cheek and as you both pull away for air (damn oxygen you think to yourself), you both just take a minute to stare into each other’s eyes
- Wanting to be funny, you take Michael’s glasses and put them on, gasping at how strange the world looked
- While you are marveling at how distorted the world is, Michael is now straddling you and is marveling at how sexy you look with his glasses on, accompanied by the dishevelment of your top and lack of pants (as it was hot and you say fuck pants in 100 degree weather); gLaSsEs KiNk UnLoCkEd???
- “She’s so fucking sexy” he thinks to himself
- Still with his glasses on, you wave your hand in front of his face, calling out his name
- This fucking sexy geek doesn’t fucking snap out of it, he’s just imagining all the dirty things he’s going to do to you now you woke the beast inside him
- No, literally this geeky perv is thinking of all the ways he’ll make you moan, hell even scream, his name as he does any and everything to you—of course with some glasses on (he can’t get enough now)
- Thinking of a way to snap him out of his thoughts, you reach up and once again tangle a hand in his soft, dark locks
- Asking yourself if you really want to do what you were thinking about doing, you take in a deep breath and pull. Hard
- His reaction is immediate: he groans loudly and deeply (and holy fuck did it get you going, like shit man), his jaw clenches and his eyes snap to yours
- The look in his eyes made you lose your breath. Like, it was just gone. You have never seen that look in Michael’s eyes before—the look of pure “I’m going to fuck you into this bed” radiated with such fervor that it sent a strong heat through your body
- The next few moments were a blur of searing kisses and teasing; suddenly you are on top and decided to tease your geeky boyfriend
- As you mercilessly tease Michael, his breath is erratic and he tries to calm himself down but with the way you were touching him—twas not helping
- Agonizingly, you removed his boxers just to tease him even more; after a good minute teasing him, you finally take him into your mouth and STILL insist on teasing
- Having enough of your teasing, Michael grabs a fistful of your hair and pulls not too hard, but hard enough for you
- You moan loudly against him, still in your mouth, and it causes him to moan (oh the moans); the effects are the same for you as they are for him—"fuck me into the bed, Mikey" your eyes say
- And least to say, Mikey-boy is perfectly fine with obliging and indulging you in your silent plea
- Let’s just say for the next few days afterwards, you had a hard time walking

Oh yes, I’m def writing a story with a jealous Michael who turns out to have a hair-pulling kink! Oh it’s fun

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>:3c punk janne for the art meme?

Sorry I took a while, I wasn’t home for a couple of days haHA

I tried fixing his god damned face like 500 times and I’m just leaving it like that. I don’t think it looks so bad now that it’s finished haha. Also. Rip his fucking forehead that shit is g o n e

Dark Secrets - Part 3

Context: You are a Slytherin who enjoys long walks in the Forbidden Forest, keeping dark secrets, and falling for a guy you never thought you’d fall for.

Warnings: None, just slight fluff

Part Two

Hagrid took you both back to his little shack on the school grounds and settled you both down with a nice hot cup of tea. You were still visibly shaking and Draco sat next to you, his arm draped over your shoulders trying to comfort you.

Hagrid cleared his throat and you both look at him. He was waiting for his explanation.

You swallowed, taking a deep breath before you began. “I like to go out to the forest to clear my head, especially after a long week of hectic work. And Draco followed me outside to make sure I was okay. And while we were talking,” You looked over at him. “We heard voices and knew that if we got caught, we would be dead.”

“So we ran.” Draco said. “We didn’t really know where we were going.”

You nodded. “When we finally stopped, he turned his light on and that’s when we saw…”You paused, not able to finish what you were trying to explain. The thought of that giant thing was terrorizing you and you were sure to have nightmares about it.

Hagrid sat there for a moment before sighing. “Well, I won’t say anything to Dumbledore, but I do need you two to find a different spot to hang out at. Maybe the Black lake? I heard it gets pretty nice there during the spring.” He moved to retrieve more hot water for your teas, and you gratefully accepted.

“So you aren’t mad at us?” You asked.

Hagrid shook his head. “Not mad, just worried. I thought I saw someone heading off into the forest so I decided to go look and had Fang with me. I told him to stay put and maybe that’s what you heard.” Fang looked over at you two with his droopy eyes.

You both nodded before taking sips of your teas simultaneously. You felt a shiver run through your body as the panic attack subsided and you felt comfortable under Draco’s arm.

After sitting with Hagrid a while longer, he walked you both back up to the castle to make sure nothing else happened. You and Draco walked into the Slytherin common room and collapsed by the fire.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep well for months after seeing what we just did.” You said, letting out a slight laugh.

He smiled at you but saw hints of pain in it. He knew you were being serious.

After getting up you started for the stairs, only to feel your anxiety rise again. Stopping, you looked over at Draco, who was watching the fire.

“Do you mind if i…” You started. His icy blue eyes darted over to you, making you gasp. He was gorgeous.

“Y/N?” He asked, standing up and walking over to you. He stood a step below you and you felt the heat radiating from his body.

“..sleep with you..”You mumbled out. Anxiety was seeping out of your fingertips.

“You want to sleep in my room tonight?” He asked.

“I mean, it’s silly. Nevermind.” You said, turning around to make your way to your room.

He grabbed hold of your hand, pulling you to face him. “I wouldn’t mind that at all actually. Tonight has my nerves rolling and I’d feel a lot more comfortable with someone there.”

You were both locked in each other’s eyes before you nodded to him. Holding onto your hand, he led you to the boys dorm and into his room, making sure you were comfortable in his bed before climbing in next to you. You turned to face him, getting as close as possible to him without being too intimate.

“Thank you.” You said as you felt sleep invade your mind. His warm breath washed over your face as his words slipped into your mind before you let the darkness consume you.

You awoke, breathing heavy from the vivid nightmare you just had. Looking around you, you realized you were sitting up in Draco’s bed. Turning to look at him, he was sleeping soundly and you couldn’t help but watch his sound features. He rolled over and started to wake when he realized you weren’t lying down.

“You okay?” He asked groggily. His deep voice penetrated your core and you felt butterflies in your stomach.

“Not really but I’ll be fine.” You said, lying back down next to him. “’Twas a bad dream is all.” He unconsciously laid his hand over your side, pulling you closer to him as he closed his eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” He said sleepily before he was sound asleep again. You felt your heart tighten as you lay in his arms. He smelled sweetly of honey and caramel and you couldn’t help but snuggle closer, feeling warmth and safety in his arms. You felt darkness over come you and soon you were back in your dreams.

I have an awful migraine. But i really wanted to get this up for you guys so i made modifications to it and now here it is. I hope you guys like it. I’ll post more soon. 

Part 4

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Please get me toilet paper (RFA/complete)

The prompt is: You ran out of toilet paper, there is none nearby, and your s/o is out and about. You swallow your pride and text them to please get you toilet paper. Here’s how they all react

•She’s good company and she isn’t going to give you a hard time
• Probably buys a bunch extra to stash all over the bathrooms to avoid future issues.
•Probably used gloves to reach in and give it to you though
•Breaks down doors to nearest WellArt.
• Jk but he totally dropped everything to help.
• He loves you, you’re his everything
•probably doesn’t see the text message until it’s too late
•aka you shamefully waddled across the house to get more
•apologizes tons
•buys a bunch to avoid future incidents but you probably totally hid all the rolls in revenge next time he had to go to the bathroom
•probably laughed but got you some anyways
•gives you some trouble for not checking before you went to the bathroom
•probably files this away as an incident good for blackmailing you into getting her something
Jihyun Kim/V
•drops everything and leaves everything to get toliet paper for you
•buys like 6 different brands and 1 bulk package of paper towels
•apologizes profusely for the inconvenience
•protect this sunshine boy he loves you
•makes a scandalized gasp but is probably lowkey amused
•probably gets a maid or Jaehee to get you some toilet paper.
•probably doesn’t even know where the toilet paper is kept
God!! 707!!!!! (Saeyoung)
•maniacal laughter
•for it twas him
•who doomed you to this!!
•probably laughs until you threaten him and then gets you toilet paper
•teases you until the inevitable
•you don’t offer sympathy when he has the same issue

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This might be dumb, but I had a question on the relationship between Burr and Monroe. Did they have a falling out? Because it seemed like they were friends at one point, being stationed together and Burr stopping Monroe from dueling Hamilton, but I remember reading a letter that Burr sent to his step son when Monroe was running for president basically saying Monroe was the WORST possible choice and that everything he ever did sucked.

The first thing ever found of a mention from Aaron Burr about James Monroe is that at parties at Valley Forge, James Monroe–who was an aide de camp for general Stirling–the primary duty of Monroe was to “fill his lordship’s tankard.” Stationed together, both Burr and Monroe became two of Theodosia Prevost’s “youthful admirers” (Isenburg 66); Theodosia was ten years Burr’s senior and twelve years Monroe’s. Monroe even wrote letters to Theodosia. The tone of the two men’s letters to the older woman were both echoing the same thoughts. 

Both Monroe and Burr held equally respectable positions in the Continental army–Burr was an aide to both Montgomery and Putnam and Monroe an aide to Lord Stirling. Both sported battle scars. 1776, Monroe received a severe wound during Washington’s raid of Trenton on Christmas day that went close to costing him his life. Burr’s health suffered when he succumbed to heat exhaustion at the Battle of Monmouth. 

During the 1790s, Burr was the “eyes and ears” to Jefferson, Madison and Monroe of the recently rising Democratic-Republican party. Burr ended up a large shareholder of the Pennsylvania Population Company and leader Nicholson relied on Monroe (who was involved) in his land deals. When Aaron Burr greatly lost the presidential election of 1796 to George Clinton (another Democratic-Republican) Monroe cautiously assured him that it was Burr’s youth that was costing him the elections. Though the Virginian had supported George Clinton, he still considered Burr an “attractive possibility”, adding to a letter to Madison, “I should not hesitate to aid Burr in opposition to Adams. If he could succeed, it might have its good effects and could not possibly do any mischief.”

They were both fellow Republican senators and they both made a point of befriending one another. Monroe’s respect for Aaron Burr also stemmed from his admiration of Theodosia and his respect for her. In 1791, Burr encouraged Theodosia to travel from New York to Philadelphia with Monroe, who like Burr, had to commute  if he was going to see his wife (Elizabeth Monroe lived there with her family). Burr, in turn, did favors for the Virginian. After Elizabeth’s father died, Burr represented Monroe and his wife in a case before the New York Chancery that concerned her father’s estate. 

After attacking Gouverneur Morris as ambassador to France, the senator from New York was now under consideration for a possible appointment as the next minister to France. Allies with both Monroe and Madison, it ‘twas them who proposed him for the job, though Monroe did raise concern when he learned that Burr’s old Princeton confidant, Federalist William Paterson, had expressed support for Burr in this instance. In the end, Washington selected Monroe. The two also led a campaign against Jay’s nomination to Europe. With Monroe abroad, Burr assumed a more visible leadership role among Republicans in the Senate. Both Monroe and Burr were in constant communication with one another, Burr forwarded newspapers and gossip, keeping the Virginian updated on the lasted developments on the national political scene. 

The two had strengthened their ties to each to each and  shared any mutual friends especially Albert Gallatin an immigrant rising star in American politics on the Democratic-Republican side. Burr had even suggested that his stepson, John Bartow Prevost, should act as Monroe’s personal secretary in France. Burr also worked closely many of Monroe’s other closest personal friends like Tazewell. Burr was introduced through Monroe to many others including Beckley’s agent James Swam, a Boston merchant who had met the Southerner in Paris and Monroe immediately introduced to Burr.  

Aaron Burr’s relationship with Democratic-Republicans was still growing stronger in 1797 and in June when James Monroe returned from his diplomatic position in France, Burr, in the company of Jefferson and Gallatin, came aboard ship to welcome him home. After his dismissal and ultimate embarrassment at being recalled by George Washington–then president–his political party held two dinners in his honor in Philadelphia and New York; Burr was present at both. 

In 1797, Alexander Hamilton in a fit of anger challenged James Monroe to a duel and Monroe was quick to agree with, “I am ready, get you pistols”. Burr was caught in the thick of it when Monroe asked him to serve as his second. At Hamilton’s confrontation and challenge, John Barker Church brother-in-law to the challenger was present. Burr had never been in a duel until the fall of 1799 when during a duel with Church, he survived when a bullet passed through his coat after the first fire (Hamilton had triggered the event by supplying Church with fake gossip concerning land syndicate purportedly offering a bribe). For whatever reason, while preparing for the second round, Church apologized, ending the duel. 

Burr, not wishing to have a duel of any kind, urged Monroe, “If you and Mulenburgh really believe, as I do, and think you must, that J. is innocent of the charge of any concern in speculation with Reynolds, it is my opinion that it will be an act of magnanimity and justice to say so in a joint certificate. To this, he also added, “Resentment is more dignified when justice is rendered.” Celebrating his reasonableness and generosity, Burr expressed a sensibility in him. To him, a gentleman had to be willing to admit publicly when he had wronged someone else. This was something Monroe and Hamilton alike refused to do (due to the fact that both believed they had done nothing wrong). The Hamilton-Monroe duel died a rather undignified death. From July 1797, when Hamilton appeared on Monroe’s doorstep until December of that year, letters changed hands. Burr refused to deliver several of Monroe’s angry letters, trying to keep it from escalating and was appalled by what he described as the “childish” behavior of both men. 

The challenge took a comical turn when neither men would take responsibility for their actions. This way, both Monroe and Hamilton convinced themselves they had not backed down; but it was a ruse, and everyone knew it. (After Hamilton published the infamous Reynolds Pamphlet, Monroe made Madison read the entire thing to make sure there was nothing insulting about him in it; but by this time Madison had grown tired of Monroe’s quarrel with Hamilton as well). In November, Jefferson and Madison organized a meeting of Republicans in Philadelphia to discuss what could be done. They consulted Burr, who concurred with the party consensus that the Hamilton-Monroe affair should end as quickly and as quietly as possible. The two men never dueled. This would not be the last time that Burr was involved in Hamilton’s “drama”. 

In a letter to Aaron Burr to James Monroe, Burr praised a man he had taken in as a prodigy, Burk. He even asked the Virginian to take the young man under his wing and protect him from any further prosecution after he had been sent to jail from writing in the press. Thomas Jefferson, frequently wrote of Burr to his own prodigy, Monroe. 

Over the many years, after the Democratic-Republicans turned on him and he was thrown from the Vice-Presidency and put on trial for treason, Burr wrote little of James Madison during his presidency though he certainly did not remain silent when he learned that James Monroe was next in line for the “throne”. In a November 1815 letter to his son-in-law, Burr launched into a wordful battle against Monroe, calling the man and his nomination “equally exceptional and odious.” Though Burr had equal hatred at this point for Madison and Jefferson, his real venom was bitten at James Monroe. He called the last president in the Virginian dynasty “naturally dull and stupid–extremely illiterate… indecisive… pusillanimous and of course hypocritical.” He was unsparing in his criticism of Monroe’s military career, observing that he had never “commanded a platoon nor was ever fit to command one.” He said Monroe was a sycophant. As the aide de camp to Lord Stirling who was “regularly drunk from Morning to Morning, Monroe’s whole duty was to fill “his lordship’s tankard and hear with indications of admiration his Lordship’s stories about himself.” This was damning stuff–and Burr was not even close to finishing. As a lawyer, Monroe was “far mediocrity” never rising to the “honor of trying a cause of the value of a hundred pounds.” But Monroe’s elevation, despite his lack of ability, was not anomalous, according to Burr. Rather his was a “character exactly suited to the View of the Virginian Junto,” which maintained itself on sycophancy, instead of recruiting men of “Talent and Independence.”

Burr hoped Andrew Jackson would beat Monroe to the presidency. This was the last account of something written on James Monroe by Aaron Burr. Monroe in his later years, never spoke of Burr, Burr had fallen out of his dialect and words around 1810 and he never spoke of him again.