It’s Not That Simple (Bucky x Reader)

Request: Could you do a Bucky one shot where the reader is scared of commitment so she sleeps around with guys like one night stands but never actually goes on dates or wants to date a guy. And Bucky has a crush on her and wants a relationship and Steve notices and she reminds him of. Bucky back in the forties. She eventually finds out and doesn’t know what to do because the idea of a relationship freaks her out. ( no smut has to be included, maybe just mentions of it. I don'twant tomakeyouuncomfortable)

Words: 2,154

Warnings: Mentions of smut and it’s up to you all if you want a part two 

It was the night of yet another one of Tony Stark’s famous parties. There was loud music, tons of people, flashing lights and the smell of alcohol ran thick in the air. Steve sat awkwardly at the bar next to Bucky, Tony had insisted that all of the Avengers attend his party, including Bucky. Of course, even though you weren’t an Avenger, you were invited to go as well. Not only because the Avengers were like family to you but because Tony loved the way you partied. 

You loved the dancing, the craziness, the drinks and lights, it was all what made you happy. Not to mention the men, that was a huge part as to why you went to parties. Although you liked falling asleep next to someone, you would never waste anytime doing your walk of shame the next morning. 

Tonight was no different, you were dressed in a little black dress with your hair curled past your shoulders and down your back. You wore your favorite red heels and spent no longer than five minutes on your smokey eye. 

“Steve!” You squealed, you clearly were a tad bit tipsy. “Bucky! Oh my god, you guys are great. So how do you like the party? Pretty amazing, huh?” 

“The parties…nice,” Steve hesitated, truth be told he wasn’t enjoying this party. Parties just weren’t his thing, even back in the day when Bucky would drag him to parties, Steve would simply sit at the bar and wait to go home. Steve chuckled as you clumsily sat down in a chair next to him and Bucky, your right hand still grasping your drink.

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