One ring that nobody should want
  • a schokochip:odd observation maybe but
  • a schokochip:where in the world does gollum keep the ring when he's not wearing it in the hobbit
  • a schokochip:his loincloth doesn't have pockets
  • ClosetExtrovert:..........
  • ClosetExtrovert:Oh... oh god
  • ClosetExtrovert:Maybe it was on a piece of string?
  • ClosetExtrovert:And it broke somehow?
  • a schokochip:but wher..e
  • a schokochip:...i mean we could just go with what we're all thinking
  • ClosetExtrovert:I DON'TWANT TO
  • a schokochip:Frodo and Bilbo have vicariously put their fingers in gollum's butt-

I just figured that Chamo’s a difficult person to rp with. Most of the time she’s just an anticsocial brat, who’s into killig things which makes it difficult to start an rp because well…she just isn’t the person to approach someone without murderous intent.

So if you rp with me, I’m sorry that it can be a little difficult because I try to be as IC as possible and I really hope that it doesn’t look like it don’twant to rp :/ 

Well…I just wanted to say that because I realised it could look like that and I’m awfully paranoid sometimes. 

anonymous asked:

So are you choosing Nep over your other two mates because they're not good enough for you anymore, or is it just your flagrant racism against humans?

humnans are almost all piece sof trash and nepet a is th eonly one that gets m ebesdies king

and also the onyl one i don’t ghav e to force myself to b es omeone i’m not around