Karaoke HC

This has probably been done before but whatever.

-So Holster obviously dominates this. Like every other song turns into Holster singing to Ransom

-Bitty does a couple Beyoncé songs

-But Dex. Oh Dex. He sings some really deep love song in his smooth baritone voice to Nursey and like walks up to him.
-Nursey completely loses his chill
-By the end of it he is dancing and singing on the table Nursey is sitting at and when the song is done he is just in Nursey’s lap and they are making out

-Tango is confused by the whole situation but ends up singing a duet with Whiskey where they can’t stop looking into each others eyes and when the song is over they just disappear.
-Dex finds them making out in the next room over while Holster is singing to Ransom again

-The whole team sings Bohemian Rhapsody together.
-Holster does all the high parts. All of them.
-Nursey is rocking out next to Dex and trying to out sing him.
-Whiskey is super into it and just shakes Tango on “thunderbolts and lightning”

Everyone is super drunk and passes out once they get back to the Haus. Whiskey and Tango end up entwined on the floor (Bitty wouldn’t let them near the hazmat couch) of the living room while Ransom and Holster share a bed in the attic and Nursey and Dex wake up on the floor of the basement in a pile of blankets but no clothes (Dex turns bright red upon waking).

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tango and whiskey get the attic their senior year and tango kind of fell asleep and woke up to really weird noises and? turns out whiskey was just taking off his binder but that's really not what it sounded like and tango is a little turned on

I didn’t ask for twango (new hesitant ship name work with me) but i honestly should have this is so fucking cute omg… idk how the hell tango and whiskey would feasibly get the attic in their senior year but they DO so just WORK WITH IT handwaving is my speciality :) This is just a TINY bit nsfw because you know… tango gets turned on. Also @bubblegumbeachbabe i hope you don’t mind me tagging you in this but we were LITERALLY just discussing their ship name so…. im dragging you down with me.

Tango likes the attic. Sure it’s small, always too hot or too cold, and smells even more of frat boy than the rest of the Haus, but it’s cozy. And he gets to share it with his best friend. What more could he ask for, honestly?

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Tango/Whiskey or Twango or DrunkDancing fic that can be found on ao3 here! Tango and Whiskey raise a cat in secret, and things go better than expected when they’re found out. Based on this! Also this is what their kitten looks like, in case anyone was wondering.  @jacquesandterror helped me develop the idea, but I’m tagging @bubblegumbeachbabe and @unchillnursey too after our discussion on a Tango/Whiskey shipname so we can all suffer in this fluff hell together.

It all started with a cat call. No, not like someone whistling at him like jerks do to random women in the street. An actual, literal catcall, the softest meow that, had it not been repeated, Whiskey would have been certain he never heard it.

He was supposed to be getting to class, to his American History class. He was already beginning to run dangerously close to being late, and being late was just not something Whiskey did. To him, early was on time, on time was late, and late was unacceptable. But, as much as some wouldn’t think so, he had his attention grabbed easily enough, and now that he heard the meowing, he couldn’t ignore it. He wouldn’t have felt right if he just kept walking.

So, Whiskey stepped off the sidewalk, following the noise, and peered into a thick bush, only to blink when a pair of big hazel eyes stared up at him before another high-pitched, insistent meow came from the tiny mouth before him. The ball of striped gray, brown, and white fur hobbled towards him, and Whiskey felt his heart melt a bit. A kitten. There was a kitten under the bush, and it was struggling a bit to climb out from under the bush, so Whiskey knelt on the grass and pulled the kitten out with a gentle hand. Immediately, it nuzzled against his palm, curling up in his hand, small enough to do so comfortably, and Whiskey was left kneeling there with a ball of fluffy kitten in his hand.

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An AU, where Bitty, Ransom, Holster and Lardo matchmakers that created a company. Chowder, Farmer and Dex help investigating the candidates and in the process of vetoing. Tango is Bitty’s PA that still asks many questions.

Holster and Ransom are engaged and planning their wedding. EVERYONE in the company was assigned a task to help them.

Jack got involved in it thanks to Tater and Snowy meddling (they discussed it with Georgia and she isn’t convinced but thought it wouldn’t hurt if they try). He meets the one in charge and at the beginning he has trouble talking with Bitty but little by little they find common ground.

It’s all fine for the first few weeks, they even found him possible candidates that he dated once or twice but the feelings they have for each other keep growing and that’s when things start to get complicated.

Meanwhile, Whiskey, Shitty and Nursey got quite drunk and in their state managed to set Nursey up for a meeting and even made a first payment. They went to clear things up in person but before they could actually explain, Whiskey became smitten with Tango, prompting him to hire the service for himself before thinking it through and Nursey managed to get into a heated debate with one red-haired employee and decided to keep the service just to prove a point.


silverliningslurk said: I really love your writing! And especially Tango/Whiskey, I love that pairing for some reason… So could I request them, and dancing on a deserted beach? Doesn’t have to be a beach, and could be another pairing if you’d like, I just liked that image, and I don’t think I can write it myself…

“Where we are we going?” Whiskey says.

He can’t see anything, but he can still hear Tango chuckle from his spot in the driver’s seat. “Shouldn’t I be the one asking questions here?”

Whiskey hates (read: loves) that he gets a huge smile on his face just from hearing Tango laugh. He’s so far gone.

This would have ruined him back home, letting himself fall into this all-encompassing, overwhelming love. But not here—here at Samwell, here with Tango, everything feels better. He doesn’t have to put up so many walls.

“Well, I’m usually not blindfolded and forced into a car by my boyfriend,” Whiskey replies. “If I wasn’t in this position, I wouldn’t be asking questions.”

Tango laughs again. “I told you to just wait and be surprised! I promise, you’ll like it.”

“Will I?” Whiskey says, angling his one eyebrow up because it amuses Tango when he does it—before wondering if the blindfold covers his eyebrows, or if Tango is too busy driving to see it.

“I hope so! And stop doing that thing with your eyebrow, you know I’m jealous I can’t replicate it.”

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I need more whiskey and tango. Together, not together, talking, sitting in amicable silence, literally anything.

Like someone give me the two of them curled up on the Haus couch Tango chattering away about all the things he learned that day being like “Didja know that Kent Parson and Jack Zimmermann used to be best friends and maybe even more?” And just yammering on with Whiskey just staring in awe or answering with nods and pretending to look disinterested in order to hide how much affection he feels for this guy.

Or the two of them stargazing with Whiskey using his Space Gay TM knowledge to point out the constellations in the sky above them from Orion to Scorpio to Libra, before moving on to the bright red Mars and finding the Pleiades. They have to lie head to head feet facing opposite directions so that if they just turn their heads they are kissing but are actually that way cuz it’s the best way for Whiskey to answer Tangos questions of course.

Honestly I would settle for another “Yo Tony” at this point. But I could really use them being friends at least or some info on Whiskey’s mysterious LAX bro. Just Whiskey and Tango

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I've seen Tango x Whiskey called DrunkDancing in a few blogs' tags. Cos whiskey the drink, and tango the dance. Idk, its not a very popular ship yet, but i love that name for them

yeah omg i’ve seen this too! honestly beautiful

i still can’t decide on a name i’m gonna go hesitantly with twango or DrunkDancing until we find out THEIR FULL NAMES UGH

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we really do need a whiskey/tango ship name, and it's a lot harder than I thought thinking of one =.= I came up with twango which is cool it makes me think of like guitars twanging and stuff but also sounds too similar to wang like a dong so im like dang...

I KNOW i could only think of wango which is just…. even more dicks…. twango is pretty rad though tbh i could probably get past the phallic connotations for a ship name as neat as that :)

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I know that everyone considers "twango" as the tango x whiskey ship, but consider: WHANGO. get it get it get it it's actually a dick reference

^holster to ransom, at some point this year.

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I've seen a few people call the whiskey/tango ship twango



(and thank you for filling me in haha)

edit: I have just been informed that another ship name for whiskey/tango is “wango tango” which is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING BLESS