U is for Sam Uley

I’ve always felt bad for Sam.  No one seems to like him, but really he got screwed over by this whole thing almost worse than anyone.  He was the first to phase when the Cullens came back and was so freaked out he couldn’t calm down enough to turn back into a human for like, two weeks.  He had no one to help him through the whole being a wolf thing. He had a nice life planned: college, a steady girlfriend in Leah, and than BAM he’s a wolf and all that is flushed down the toilet.  And even though he’s not the hereditary Alpha, he ends up leading the group because he was the first.  Then he imprints, breaking Leah’s heart and having his own free-will taken away.  Accidentally mauls Emily and has to live with that and see the scars on her face every day.  Has a deadbeat dad that abandoned him and his mother.

But hey, it’s all good, because Bella got to have a baby and be the bestest vamp of all time.