tw:werewolf boyfriends

K SO im pretty sure this is just the scisaac shipper in me having hope but you know the scene where Scott is looking at all his buds and being happy about them?

I noticed something. See how they’re all in the smack dab center? Making it look like they’re the only people in a crowded place, very romantic yadda yadda…

THEN we get to Allison and Isaac…

At first it looks like the rest of the couples

but then it pants a little farther, and the focus seems to be A LOT closer to Isaac rather then the both of them (like it’s supposed to be). Allison starts to kind of drift away to the side while Issac is still completely in the frame



I mean i know they were walking down the stairs which is why Allison was not in the complete shot but why such distance? We have Lydia and Danny with their lovers close together and in the center, indicating that these people are indeed a couple. Yet we have Isaac and Allison and there’s this HUGE gap between them.

I know they’re not together YET but even so, why not pan out? So they could be more centered? Why have Isaac in full view like that and Allison  disappearing from the frame?


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YES, please, do it a series, omg yes. I would like to know the same (the werewolf boyfriend) with Baek ^^ You are so awesome :3

Awesome, me? Yeah, not likely. But thank you so much. I am actually planning a surprise for having over a hundred followers (wow, when did that happen!!!??) but it’s well, a surprise. And yes, I’ll make this a series after I’ve seen who all I have done and who I have left. 

I think in all honesty, Baekhyun would be a really chill boyfriend.  Video games, teasing each other, I have a feeling it would be friends first and then love. You’ll need a bit of a thick skin with him, because he likes to tease and mock, though he’s certainly not mean with it. He’s just…a little bit of a troll. I think he would like a mix of going out and staying in as far as dates going, probably more going out at the beginning to impress you then staying in more when he’s got you ‘trapped’. 

I think he would be fairly affectionate. He would want to hug you in public, and lay his hands on your waist or hold your hands. I don’t think he’s a big one of PDA, although I can see him sometimes whispering dirty stuff in your ear public, laughing at you trying to hide your blush. As far as aegyo goes, sometimes he might get charmed by it, especially if it’s really natural, but if it goes over the top, he’s going to tease you back instead.

As far as the werewolf stuff goes, he’ll open up to you about it, in a normal amount of time. I think he would introduce you to his packmates as his friends first, and then it will be revealed later on who they are. I can see him helping you understand what the different roles and aspects are of the culture and if he thinks about it, probably some problems with it. He’s not the type to bring trouble home, preferring to keep the mood light, but he’s talkative so things might slip. 

He would be a little bit possessive with you. He would want to know your friends and he might whine about how you have too many guy friends or something. Also, I can see him whining a bit if your shirt was too low cute or something, but then he would just give you his coat in turn, warning you not to spill on it. I could see if you really insisted on wearing out something he thought was too sexy is when he teases you with dirty whispers while you’re out, and then saying “what do you expect? You dress up like that, my mind’s going to wander.“ I think all in all, he can keep the jealousy in check, making it more of a teasing joke then a serious problem.

As for sex, he’s a tease, let’s be real, and also a bit of flirt with you.  Alot of times, it’s fairly sweet stuff, with him indulging in alot of foreplay with you, and talking dirty with a cheeky grin. Closer to the full moon, it becomes more of him pouncing on you and being more dominant. I don’t see him particularly caring who’s physically on top because he can just be demanding for you to ride him or whatever. And while he do both, I think he knows his fingers are really going to get you off.

Fast Facts

Nicknames/sweet things: jagiya, sweetheart, babe, also, he’s one I could see really liking to be called oppa.

Showing affection: quick kisses, telling you he loves you, compliments, and holding your hand. In private, he would want to pull you in for a long hug, or cuddle together to watch a scary movie.

Sexual kinks/quirks: Teasing, dirty talk, light bondage/dominate (both ways)

How would Luhan be as a werewolf boyfriend? (pretty much the same question asked for Minseok and Chanyeol, with all the in depth things.) Thank you for all your hard work; I enjoy reading your posts everyday! :)

Should I just make this a series? lol
He would be a really playful boyfriend. Like just popping up beside you, making a cute face and making you smile. I see him wanting to do casual dates alot, like going to the park or the movies. At the same time, he would also be proving that he’s manly (although I don’t think he needs to as much), so he would pick you up out of the blue, literally, or do stuff like the strong man challenges at fairs, to be a little cheeky.
He would be affectionate with you, like kissing your cheek in public, or hugging you from the side. I think he would keep it more cutesy in public, while in private, he shows that he’s more then a boy with you with deeper kisses and the like.I think he would adore a girl who did aegyo, even if it was a little over the top. At the same time, he doesn’t want hello kitty’s princess, but someone who can get serious when he does.
As far as the werewolf thing goes, he’s one of the ones to open up quickly about it, and you would know his packmates quickly and even a good amount of their business. He’s not the type to hide things away. In return, he would want to know alot about what’s going in your life, and get to know who your friends are. I could see him planning surprise parties with them for you and getting to be friends with them himself, while encouraging you to do the same. I think he would even be open about the rivalries, because knowledge would keep you safe from them.
He wouldn’t be super possessive, though I could see him asking you to not wear that short of a skirt or something. Unlike Chanyeol, he doesn’t get off on showing off his girlfriend, preferring she keep some stuff to the bedroom. He wouldn’t like it if guys flirted with you and he would clamor to get your attention somehow, but he would be cool if you had guy friends. He probably tease you if you hung around your friends too much, playfully whining that you are leaving him for them.
As for sex, he’s a teaser and a playful lover. Most of the time, it would be this sweet, kind of play wrestling, who cares who tops, kind of affair, although i see him getting more aggressive towards the full moon. I think he would love to do in the morning especially, when you both can have a lazy morning in and he can just tickle you onto your back and then kiss the sleepiness out of you. I think he would give oral if you asked, but it would be a teasing affair until he had you crying.
Fast Facts
Nicknames/sweet things: bǎo bǎo, bǎo bèi, jagiya, sweetie, là mèi if he’s feeling frisky.
Showing affection:Some presents and such, mostly alot of cute affection like quick kisses and soft touches, mixed with privately deeper kisses.
Sexual kinks/quirks: Play wrestling, teasing, sex toys