Bee Fact #603

Bumble bees fly by manipulating the laws of physics. Their wings are thin and fast enough to slip through the gaps of this dimension into the Upside Down dimension. The bees are then subject to gravity from two dimensions, and they fall both upwards and downwards simultaneously. It is a delicate balance to master.

Occasionally a bee will slip too far into the Upside Down, causing a temporary hole in this dimension. This is where wasps come from.


Testosterone Thursday

Elliot Daly Is A Hot Athlete. By Hot, Yes I Mean That Elliot Daly Is A Handsome Man, And He Has A Sexy Body. By Hot, I Also Celebrate Daly’s Athletic Abilities As A Top-Notch Winger For Wasps, England, And The Lions. Rugby Is An Incredibly Exciting Sport. Athletes Challenge Themselves And Work Together To Achieve A Try Or To Prevent Their Opponents From Gaining Ground For A Try. It Is About Individual Ability And Teamwork. I Celebrate That Here!

I Am Also An Openly Gay Man Who Revels In His Sexuality. That Means That I Revel In The Male Body. In Doing So, I Am Not Reducing Any Athlete To The Sum Of His Parts. Yes, I Highlight The Sexiness Of Various Athletes, But I Also View Them As Muses To Inspire Me To Strive For My Best. 

Woof, Baby!

Close up of an unidentified species of wasp.A wasp is any insect of the order Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita that is neither a bee nor an ant. The Apocrita have a common evolutionary ancestor and form a clade; wasps as a group do not form a clade, but are paraphyletic with respect to bees and ants.


From dying in figs to cockroach mind control, wasps go to great lengths to ensure the survival of their species.

after todays brave wilderness video i looked up the warrior wasp on the schmidt pain index to see what its all about and i couldn’t help but laugh at the description of pain

that is a man that feels intense regret, probably more than all the insects he’s been stung by