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Don't you think that it's horrifying that Palestines are still giving birth to children to see them burn and die? Zionist beasts are torturing every single child they lay hands on. What did these children do to deserve this fucking life

Indeed, it is horrifying. But, do you think we should stop because of these filthy beasts? I don’t think so. The irony, though, Zionists claim they suffered from Nazism and holocaust, yet they do even worse to Palestinians. And you know what.. every single Israeli zionist consider the Palestinian children as threat to their illegal existence on the Palestinians’ land so killing a Palestinian child and burn him to death is kind of a duty and something that makes them feel proud that they kill to protect “their country” from a future terrorist attack. They torture, kill, burn alive to death, detain, destroy belongings and suffocate the life of Palestinians in order to force us to leave the occupied country. And that will happen only over our dead bodies. Long Live Palestine.

On Discrimination against Pashtuns: Reflections from Peshawar

By Sanaa Alimia

In hegemonic Pakistani discourse, the conflation of “Pashtuns” with violence is particularly notable. For example, non-Pakistani Pashtun discourse frequently ignores the complexities of “Pashtun-ness” I just outlined and lumps Pashtuns, Afghans, and the “Mujahideen” in the 1980s or the “Taliban” from the 1990s onward – both Afghan and Pakistani – as being the same, or variations of each other. This acts as a mechanism that justifies the ways in which the Pakistani military has, particularly since the 1980s, used the areas bordering Afghanistan – Balochistan, KPK, and most intensely FATA, which sits outside of the Pakistani Constitution – and Afghanistan itself, as a playground for its own geopolitical agenda, which often dovetail with US imperial interests. This was seen first, during the Cold War context of the Soviet Afghan War, second, during the rise of the Afghan Taliban, and, third, post-2001 in the so-called Global War on Terror (GWOT).

In all these periods, there has been a predilection on the part of non-Pashtun Pakistanis and other actors to look at the problem of terrorism as, somehow, a Pashtun problem. Crudely put, the logic runs: “It’s their (“tribal”) people, and their (“tribal”) region, they understand this violence”. This helps to justify and reinforce a system whereby Pashtun regions and the lives in these areas are more expendable because, again, to put it crudely, “they are used to it”. The issue of armed religious militancy is reduced to a “cultural” one. This, however, is a fallacy and powerfully hides from view the material drivers and interests the military and civilian state has historically held in these areas.

Read this extremely important and well-written article about the representation of Pashtuns in Pakistani political and cultural landscape, especially after rise in militancy and American intervention in Afghanistan.
Dealing with Terrorism

Of all the kinds of violence, particularly religion-motivated terrorism is the most dangerous kind. You can speak reason to a man who is fighting for anything else, but when a man believes he is fighting for his God, there is no reasoning with him. When people are fighting for money, property, or something else, it is possible to negotiate with them because they are life-oriented; but those who think they are fighting for God, or working for God or doing God’s work are only too eager to die and take all of us with them.

“Recognize the KluKluxKlan as a domestic terrorist organization & make their eradication a Homeland Security priority.” There are 24,980 signatures by far and 75,020 is needed.

The link is in my bio! #KuKluxKlan #Terrorism #Terrorists #BlackLivesMatter


Mohammed Abu Khdeir
“He will forever live on in our memories and our hearts!”

The Israeli terrorist settlers forced him to swallow gasoline and lit him on fire, slowly and painfully burning him from the inside out,
Today July 2, 2015 marks one year since the Palestinian youngster Mohammed Abu Khdeir was kidnapped and murdered by Israeli terrorist settlers.
He was kidnapped from his hometown of Shuafat, East Jerusalem early in the morning while on his way to pray at a local mosque. After torturing the boy, the settlers forced him to swallow gasoline and lit him on fire, slowly and painfully burning him from the inside out.
There were 3 main suspects in the case. Two were not charged with the actual murder. The main suspect, as we all knew he would, claimed insanity. Mohamad still has not received the justice he deserves.
He will forever live on in our memories and our hearts!

May Allah grant him the highest rank in Jannah.

France sees 23.5% rise in Islamophobic attacks post Charlie Hebdo: Report

July 7 2015

Less than 10 minutes after a delivery driver, apparently inspired by al-Qaeda or the Islamic State, last month decapitated a man and rammed a company van into a gas factory in Isere near Lyon, tweets started coming in.

Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice and a close associate of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, was one of the first to respond, branding in 140 characters an entire community: “…this dramatic attack in Isere reminds us of the presence of a fifth column in FR [France].”

Nadine Morano, a former minister, quickly followed suit, also denouncing the presence of a “fifth column".  

The reference to France’s “enemy within” is not new: during World War II, the same charge was brought against communists who were described as the “eye” of Moscow. It was also used by anti-Semites to designate French Jews as those who did not assimilate and allegedly plotted against society.

It was far right-wing politician Aymeric Chauprade who, after the Charlie Hebdo massacres in January, first applied the term to French Muslims, a million of whom he described as “sympathetic to terrorism”.

In France, the lure of Islamophobia is strong and can be set off by something as trivial as a culinary recipe: last month the Le Marmiton restaurant in Dunkirk received a barrage of hateful and racist comments after publishing “oriental recipes” on its website.

But France’s mounting hostility towards Muslims goes beyond words. A report published last week by the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF), documents a 23.5 percent rise in “Islamophobic acts” - physical assaults, verbal abuse, and damage to property - since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January.

CCIF’s chairman, Samy Debah, sees the spike in attacks as a sign of a new malaise in France:

“We have never experienced such a large increase in Islamophobic acts in such a short period of time… Mosques have been attacked and very few have been convicted,” he said.

The report contains numerous cases of Islamophobia: a security guard at a Paris airport who was denied work because “his behaviour and morality” did not meet “necessary safety requirements”; a young woman working in a shop in a Paris suburb who was told by her boss, after her contract was abruptly terminated, “I cannot put my team at risk”; a Muslim schoolgirl who was lectured in front of her class by her teacher on the “principles of secularism and France’s wars of religion” because she was wearing a long skirt.

The report also points to another worrying trend: an increase in violence against women.

“Women are more easily identifiable as Muslims because of their veil,” said Debah. “The attacks tend to target the most vulnerable sections of society.”

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From United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer on the shooting that killed 4 United States Marines today.

“Just a few hours ago Chattanooga, TN was struck with tragedy as four United States Marines were shot and killed and one Law Enforcement Office was wounded in attacks on a Navy/Marine Corps recruiting office and Navy Reserve center. First and foremost my thoughts and prayers go out to the families those four Marines left behind. This incident IS an act of domestic terrorism, regardless of how Washington spins it, regardless of what nationality, color, creed, or otherwise the shooter was. This was a planned attack on the United Stated Military on United States soil. Now is not the time to come out waiving photos of bullet holes in the glass calling for more gun control and spinning the story to yield a further separation of peoples in the Unites States. Now is the time for a call on the American people to finally realize the state of the world we are living in and the enemy that we face. Now is the time to call on the on the American people to ignore the propaganda that special interest groups have been shoving in our faces and unite as a country so that we may become our neighbor’s keeper. Evil is not just over seas, but also here at home. Moments after this tragedy had occurred ISIS sent out via Twitter that they were responsible for the attacks and that the shooter, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez was one of theirs. ISIS said recently that they were coming to American soil to kill members of the United States Military and now that threat has come to fruition.

I, for one, do not plan to give away by ability to defend myself and those I care about. I carry a firearm with me at all times legally under the conceal and carry laws in the area that I am in. I do not call for a disarming of American but instead a full institution of the 2nd Amendment so that we may defend ourselves as a country from all threats, both foreign and domestic. The threat is here, this is real, and this will not be the end of it.”

This joyful and amazing boy is Muhammed Abu Khadier … A year has passed since Abu Khdeir was snatched from the street outside his house while he was going for Fajr prayer. The 16-year-old Palestinian was kidnapped, beaten and driven to a forest in Jerusalem, where he was forced to drink benzine and burned alive by Israeli settlers!

ISIS – the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – is one of the least funny organizations on the planet. From child trafficking to attempted genocide, everything they touch turns into a big steaming pile of tragedy. Things seem to be going pretty well for them, too. The West’s new boogeymen captured the city of Ramadi, Iraq, last month, and they appear to be drawing in new recruits slightly faster than American airstrikes can kill them.

But, the truly scary thing is that they seem to have just popped into existence overnight. How many of you had never even heard the term “ISIS” before last year? How is such a spontaneous mass of organized terror even possible? We were wondering that, too, so we sat down with a few people who were on the ground in Iraq during ISIS’s real-life supervillain origin story. We learned that, if we’re not the father of ISIS, the United States is at least some sort of uncle.

We Built Their Death Squads: ISIS’s Bizarre Origin Story