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Stiles as a professional cuddler, where he offers a range of services, from spooning to hand holding to quiet murmuring. Also, there are a lot of health benefits from being cuddled regularly and Derek happens to be in need of said benefits ;__;

counting sheep don’t help me sleep

(a little fic i wrote for my friends around the holidays)

Kira is probably the closest thing to a friend Derek has at work, a relationship that has its positives and negatives. Derek doesn’t really go out of his way to make friends with his coworkers, preferring to keep his head down and get his work done, but it’s nice to eat lunch with someone, to have someone say “Have a good weekend!” even if all Derek’s doing that weekend is what he does every weekend: workout, go to the library, watch a new foreign film (last weekend’s was De grønne slagtere, and he hasn’t been able bring himself to eat meat since).

The bad thing about being friends with Kira is that the longer they know each other, the more comfortable they are in each other’s presence, the more Kira seems to feel like she’s got to look after Derek for some reason. Kira’s a pretty empathetic person anyway; all the ladies in the office like telling her their horror stories about dating because Kira makes the best horrified faces in reaction to their sordid tales, but she takes it a step further with Derek. And, to a certain extent, Derek doesn’t mind that much; Kira reminds him of Laura in some ways, the way she gently teases him about his diet, and leaves little notes on his desk about inconsequential things - but then she takes an interest in his well being: his mental  wellbeing.

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blacktofade sent me this list and I told her that if she picked one, I’d write it for her. Here’s #17 for you, bb. 

“Hey,” someone’swhispering, jabbing Derek in the side with what’s either a knife or a very bony finger. “You awake, man?”

“Mm,” Derek says noncommittally, his face shoved into a pillow. He doesn’t feel particularly inclined to lift his head or even open his eyes, his head pounding painfully.

“Hey,” the whisperer repeats, jabbing him again. “You’re not seeing anyone, are you?”

Derek makes a startled noise, and the whisperer continues, “I’m only asking because there’s a woman out in the hall calling your name and she sounds pissed. Do I need to leave through the window?”

“Huh?” Derek lifts his head, wincing at the flare of pain that bursts behind his eyes. He can hear it too; someone’s knocking on the door, and then they call his name and he groans. Fucking Laura. He pries himself out of bed, grabbing at a towel to wrap around his waist before he goes to answer the door. Laura’s pacing out in the hotel hallway, her eyebrows drawn down in a heavy frown.

“You missed breakfast,” Laura snaps the moment he opens the door.

“Good morning to you too,” Derek says, sleepily dragging a hand through his hair.

Laura stops pacing and raises her eyebrows at him. “You look like shit,” she says helpfully. “How late did you stay out? I turned around and you were gone.”

Derek shrugs ambiguously, his memory of the night before not all that solid.

Laura stares at him for a moment, and then she grins, reaching out and flicking her finger against his collarbone. Derek winces, then glares at her. She’s still grinning. “Hickey,” she says. “Looks like you were having fun.”

Derek grunts, irritated. “Can I go back to bed now?”

“The ceremony’s in two hours,” Laura says pointedly. “Don’t be late.”

“Noted,” Derek says dryly, and shuts the door in her face. He staggers back across the room and sinks into bed with a sigh, nearly forgetting he’s not alone until the guy next to him says, “So not an angry wife-slash-girlfriend?”

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imagine this: season five opens with all our main characters starting their day as happy music plays in the background. scott wakes to texts from kira wishing him a good night’s sleep and smiles. derek is sleeping on his side when he receives a call, waking him. kira falls out of bed in an attempt to turn off her alarm. malia is practising normal human interactions in her bathroom mirror. liam is doing pushups on his bedroom floor.

then we cut back to derek, who’s hanging up. a head appears next to derek’s broad shoulders: a bleary-eyed stiles with hair an absolute mess mumbles “who'sit?”

“no one. go back to sleep.” derek replies with a fond smile. stiles returns it and plops his head back down onto his pillow.