Teen Wolf Season 3b Finale

So the season finale, episode 24, is titled “The Divine Move”.

LEt’s TalK abOUt thIS SHALl wE?

The Divine Move refers to 神の一手 - Kami no Itte - meaning ‘hand of God’, referring to 'godly move’ or 'move of god’.

It is a type of move you can play in a game of Go. 囲碁 igo in Japanese.

Go is a board game originally developed in China, and it is a game of strategy. It is a two player game, played with both white and black pieces, called 'stones’.  

The object of Go is to control a larger total area of the board than your opponent. This is done by surrounding the area with your stones. Stones can be captured by surrounding them, and once captured, are removed from the board. 

That’s the basic background. 

The Divine Move refers to a 'perfect move’ in Go. Unlike specific moves in Chess, which you can replay again and again, The Divine Move is context specific, and very rare. It is a ’non-obvious’ move, that is to say, it is one in which the opponent does not see coming, and is unable to either predict or guard against. It is a move that is singularly without fault, able to turn what was a losing game into a victory. Professionals can play Go for all their lives, and yet will be lucky to only play one move that can be labeled as 'kami no itte’. 

I will move now back to s03e09 'The Girl Who Knew Too Much’, In which Stiles says his father has been playing a 'losing game’ and that he hasn’t 'been able to see the whole board’.

I’m sure that right now, we the audience are not able to see the whole board, and that someone is playing a very deep game. 

I’m also interested to note that while we’ve been told that one of the main characters will die this season, the final ep is titled 'The Divine Move’ - because a move that requires sacrifice or results in loss, would not be flawless, and would not be labeled a ’kami no itte’.  

Who is going to die, and why? - FANDOM DILEMMA THIS SEASON TBH damn u Jeff, damn u Teen Wolf

and now

Who is going to play 'the divine move’? - Will it be Stiles? throwing over the nogitsune (if that’s even what’s really happening to him) Scott, pulling off another plan that no one saw coming? Derek, with the information he received from his Mother? The Sheriff? Chris? Kira? Allison?